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What has changed on the new-look Head for Points?

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Yesterday afternoon we unveiled our new look.  We hope you like it.

If you see any technical issues (broken links, formatting issues etc) then please post them in this ‘noise free’ thread.  We can hopefully get a quick fix in place.

For more general comments or ideas for improvements we could make in the medium term, please post them under this article you’re reading now.

In this article, I want to do a quick run-through of site elements which have changed.  This list is purely about functionality – I think the changes to image sizes, font sizes etc are obvious!

As I said in our launch article yesterday, there are no plans to change the ‘three articles per day, published by 6am’ model although this has always been somewhat flexible.

Site search – The search function is now at the top of the page.  We have upgraded the search function behind the scenes with some new software.  The quality of results should improve.

Comments – We have removed images (gravatars) from comments.  Only a small percentage of readers used them and, technically, it was a drag on the site as the images are fetched remotely every time a page is loaded.  This required over 1 million ‘calls’ per month to the Gravatar website.

Comments – Comments should look a lot better on mobile phones, because the indentation is more modest and third and fourth level comments are no longer squeezed up.

Email list – Alongside our daily emails, which send each article in full to your inbox, we have launched a new Saturday summary email.  You can subscribe by clicking the ‘Subscribe’ box at the top of the page.  This will contain links to all the articles published during the previous week.  It will hopefully appeal to people for whom daily emails were simply too much information.  The weekly summary will also run as an article on the site on Saturday mornings.

Sidebar – If you read the site on desktop, we have dropped a few things from the sidebar.  ‘Recent Comments’ has gone, as has the ability to pull up all articles from a particular month, as has the ‘Corrections’ page.  None of these were heavily used.

Amazon link – The Amazon link, and other affiliate links which were in the sidebar, have gone.  If you’d still like to support us by using our Amazon link, you can find it by clicking the link in the affiliate disclaimer at the top of every article.  Recent cuts to the commission rates paid by Amazon meant that this link no longer justified the space taken.

Ads – We have reduced the number of ads across the site.  The heavily reduced revenue from advertising at the moment means that the trade off between distraction, site speed and money is not currently worth it.

Menu options – We have changed the contents of the menu bar at the top of the page.  Most of the old pages still exist:

‘About’ is now in the very top right on desktop

‘Contact’ has been renamed ‘Media & Advertising’ and is now in the very top right on desktop

‘New to Avios?’ is now under the ‘Avios’ tab and has been renamed ‘The beginner’s guide to collecting Avios’

‘Quick Avios’ is now under the ‘Avios’ tab as ‘Top Avios earning offers (August 2020)’

‘Hotel Promos’ is now under the ‘Hotel Offers’ tab as ‘Top hotel points earning offers (August 2020)’

‘Booking’ is now under the ‘Hotel Offers’ tab as ‘Get exclusive benefits on luxury hotel bookings via HfP’

‘August Credit Cards Update’ is now under the ‘Credit Cards’ tab as ‘Top credit card offers (August 2020)’

‘Favourites’ has been split up.  If you click on the ‘Reviews’ tab you will see separate pages for our flight reviews, hotel reviews, credit card reviews and airport lounge reviews.  The credit card articles on the old ‘Favourites’ page are now under the ‘Credit Cards’ tab.

One bit of feedback we had yesterday is that people were missing the ‘next post / previous post’ navigation.  The ‘Today’s Top Stories’ box replaces this (and is far more useful for anyone visiting from Google who used to land on an old article with irrelevant ‘Next / Previous’ links) but we will see what we can do.

We are also thinking about ways of tweaking the comments layout to separate individual comments more clearly and highlight staff replies.  Let us know if you have any thoughts.

I think this is everything.  If I’ve missed anything out, please ask in the comments below.  Thank you for your continued support.

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  • Lady London says:

    Can we please have a button to click at the top of any search results to order them by “Most Recent”

  • Lady London says:

    I think only the HfP staff should have an avatar. That would make them stand out.

  • Lady London says:

    Ok here’s an example of something that’s not helping HfP.

    I have just given up trying to find the very recent article on the “2 nights for 1” IHG promotion. A wealth of old search results comes up….. including very prominently, several Accelerate articles. Accelerate was renamed to something else and practically killed off by IHG, about 18 or so months ago.

    I have tried IHG
    I have tried IHG 2for1
    I have tried 2for1 (the article is very recent, probably within the last 5-7 days), so it just might some up with all the other 2for1’s
    IHG 2for1 Intercontinental, because you usually say “IHG, the hotel group that owns Intercontinental… [brand list]
    No sense to the order of the results but the top ones coming up are old.

    There’s too many.
    I know, having been a fan a long time ago of another site that let Google default to having all the searching within the site, that actually probably I would get a better result by going into and doing a [site: ” [search string] “. Weirdly, that would probably work better.

    However I was on the IHG site 2 days ago checking prices, I know this promotion is fully listed there, plus one other (less interesting), so I am just going to go now to the IHG site and access it directly there.

    I really wanted to click on your link, Rob

    A button at the top of any search result letting us click for “most recent” is one way to do it. Most of us are mostly searching for something we saw very recently and just want to get back to.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, it’s been annoying me too 🙂 There are a lot of settings behind the scenes to play with.

      The easiest option would have been to pull up the IHG articles via the Category menu which would have found it and is 100% in date order.

      I got it on top by just searching “two for one” (the article doesn’t actually use 241 or 2-4-1 but I will amend that).

    • Rhys says:

      Thanks LL – I’ll look into it. Regarding sorting by most recent, that’s definitely something we’re hoping to add in the next week or two!

  • Lady London says:

    thanks Rob. with recency sort even my not correctly spelled search would have brought up the promotion just under IHG anyway.

    The print size defaults to a lot larger now and on my phone, doesnt always accept the pinch gesture to reduce. It’s Android 6.3in diagonal screen. Things like category search that I should have tried (thank you!) are harder to find now on a mobile.

    • Rob says:

      We have just fixed this issue. It turns out that certain words are ignored in searches because they are too ‘general’. These included two, for and one! You were only actually searching for IHG!

      We have now removed two, for and one from the list of ignored words so similar searches in future should be more accurate.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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