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British Airways avoids compulsory cabin crew redundancies at Heathrow and City

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British Airways has confirmed to staff that no cabin crew were made redundant in the recent restructuring.

(EDIT: It seems that this claim may only relate to Heathrow and London City and not Gatwick, which does appear to have some compulsory redundancies.)

BA CityFlyer redundancies

This is, of course, not as rosy as it sounds. Many legacy cabin crew members, hired before the introduction of lower paid Mixed Fleet almost a decade ago, were facing substantial pay cuts if they remained. These crew members are highly likely to have taken voluntary redundancy rather than remain.

Some crew members also chose to switch to part time work. In addition, given that Mixed Fleet staff at British Airways tend not to see their job as one for life, there will have been a number who had been planning to leave and were spurred on by the carrot of a cheque.

With ticket and sales and flight schedules for the Autumn running well below projections, however, there is likely to be another round of job losses to come.

Comments (58)

  • Adam says:

    My girlfriend left BA CC at Gatwick several years ago. She has friends there still who applied to stay and accept the new contract and were turned down and lost their jobs. They did not voluntary go, so what on earth does that make them?

    Nonsense from BA and frankly I expected better reporting from HfP than just being BA’s mouthpiece.

  • PrinterElf says:

    “BA avoids compulsory cabin crew redundancies” at Heathrow perhaps…
    They’ve still lost nearly a thousand from LGW.

  • Matt says:

    Even at Heathrow this isn’t true! Please do better research. There WERE quite a few compulsory redundancies made for cabin crew at both Heathrow and Gatwick.

  • Susan says:

    “BA avoids compulsory cabin crew redundancies“

    This is not true. I know MANY Cabin Crew that were made Compulsory Redundant at Gatwick. Others were forced out on Voluntary Redundancy being told that they would not get Compulsory Redundancy if they turned down the offer of a job on a completely
    new contract. At the decision time the full T&Cs were unknown.
    Gatwick Senior Cabin Crew were not paid their small amount of performance related pay for 2019 but Mr Walsh has just received his mega huge bonus for 2019.

  • Gwen says:

    Wrong re LHR too……many still made compulsorily redundant, particularly legacy senior grades & also some mixed fleet new joiners. Please don’t believe everything the Waterside press office feeds you.

    • Rob says:

      Why would BA email cabin crew telling them there were no compulsory LHR redundancies if it was not true? They are not that stupid.

  • Will Dyson says:

    We were given a choice of a rock and a hard place, there may not have been compulsory redundancies on paper. But when your choice was to leave with VR or join a fleet that did both long and short haul flying will 40% less pay, less holiday and to effectively sign a 0 hours contact you were basically being forced to take VR. They have treated their staff appallingly in a year where everyone should be helping their fellow man.

    • Rob says:

      Another 25% will lose their jobs before Christmas if Virgin is an example and it is very unlikely that they will receive anything better than statutory redundancy.

      • Lady London says:

        +1. Bad news till next Spring. Then if Covid doesn’t mutate or get worse, governments and the travel industry should have workround/best possible safety methods worked out and lots of ndustries including travel can rebuild.

  • SammyJ says:

    Just a note about the new format… on the main Facebook page fees, the ‘Bits’ header doesn’t appear, it looks like a full article about BA redundancies. I’ve noticed that a lot recently, no ‘Bits’, even though it then says Bits when you click through to the page!
    The previous format of having Bits with a very brief summary of the 3 topics was easier than having to click every article just to see if they happen to be the Bits of the day.

    • Rhys says:

      This is intentional!

      • Rob says:

        Quick explanation: for the first time, we can now control exactly what Facebook posts. Due to character limitations we are trialling just mentioning the top story. I honestly don’t know the right answer here. What we CAN’T do on Facebook is put in the same huge headline that appears on desktop.

        • SammyJ says:

          Ok no worries, if that’s intentional then fair enough, just thought it was worth pointing out in case it was a glitch! Just for those of us that receive FB notifications for every post and tend to click each article from there, there would now be no way of knowing there’s more to the article than the headline, therefore if the headline part of the Bits isn’t anything of interest I’d miss the other news on there. No big deal one way or another.

  • Journeying John says:

    A highly misleading an factually inaccurate piece. HfP appears to be simply a mouthpiece for the corporation that *has* imposed compulsory redundancies.

    • Deryl Gilham says:

      There have been many compulsory redundancies at Heathrow.

      • Rob says:

        Not of cabin crew. Be realistic – would BA be so stupid as to email cabin crew telling them there have been no compulsory redundancies amongst cabin crew at Heathrow if it was not true?

        • Novice says:

          I don’t think anyone is realistic when it comes to BA. Rob, you should know that by now. From what I read in comments, a lot of people seem to be business owners or working in business but honestly it’s like they lose all business sense when discussing BA. BA is doing what it needs to survive and truthfully, it’s not the only company that has had to make staff redundant. 73 Pizza Express shut so are they a national disgrace too. Are all the companies national disgraces who have had to make cuts.

          I guess all I wanna say to those crying over redundancies is; become your own boss so you won’t need to cry.

          This may sound harsh but it’s true, nonetheless. And, there is no point having a go at HfP; they seem to report whatever they know with integrity.