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British Airways avoids compulsory cabin crew redundancies at Heathrow and City

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British Airways has confirmed to staff that no cabin crew were made redundant in the recent restructuring.

(EDIT: It seems that this claim may only relate to Heathrow and London City and not Gatwick, which does appear to have some compulsory redundancies.)

BA CityFlyer redundancies

This is, of course, not as rosy as it sounds. Many legacy cabin crew members, hired before the introduction of lower paid Mixed Fleet almost a decade ago, were facing substantial pay cuts if they remained. These crew members are highly likely to have taken voluntary redundancy rather than remain.

Some crew members also chose to switch to part time work. In addition, given that Mixed Fleet staff at British Airways tend not to see their job as one for life, there will have been a number who had been planning to leave and were spurred on by the carrot of a cheque.

With ticket and sales and flight schedules for the Autumn running well below projections, however, there is likely to be another round of job losses to come.

Comments (58)

  • Catalan says:

    I personally know of two Mixed Fleet (LHR) crew who were made Compulsory Redundant, so I’m not sure how BA are claiming this isn’t the case.

    • Rob says:

      Are you sure? I knew two crew members who have been telling people they were made redundant when actually they told me they took voluntary redundancy. They don’t want to lose face by admitting they took the cash.

    • Mikeact says:

      @Catalan. Of course, anybody on here can say what they like, without further investigation. So, it may true or not, and without some sort of proof, I’ll take the comments with a pinch of salt. Be that as it may, do I assume that yourself and others are saying that BA are lying ?

  • James says:

    HfP has just lost some serious credibility in my opinion, there have been a number of compulsory redundancies across all fleets, further more the “VR” is in effect “CR” given the alternative faced by crew who chose to stay. Perhaps the article should read “there were no compulsory redundancies, but 4000 involuntary voluntary redundancies”

    • Rob says:

      You have no credibility yourself if you seriously believe that BA would email Heathrow cabin crew telling them there had been no compulsory redundancies if it was not true.

      • Foxy says:

        I took VR, but there were DEFINITELY compulsory redundancies. Many of them my friends. Get your facts right.

        • Rob says:

          Not at Heathrow. Your friends are not telling the truth – they took VR and don’t want to admit it, or refused a job they were offered and so made themselves voluntarily redundant.

          Feel free to send me the name and email address of a BA cabin crew member at Heathrow who made compulsory redundant without being offered any alternative role. I will get BA, witih their permission, to verify it.

          • Mikeact says:

            Well done Rob… we shall see…maybe. The other problem is people popping in here with the odd comment never to be seen again. And of course, it’s obvious they haven’t read the article as they insist on bringing up Gatwick and as the article makes clear….this is Heathrow and City staff….how many more times, not Gatwick.

      • Lady London says:

        You are correct Rob and it is good news – even if we all know a huge amount of it would really have been as good as effectively CR – it’s still better than what could have happened.

        It’s a bit like constructive dismissal – where a firm effectively makes it impossible for you to stay in the firm, but you are factually forced to leave – although they really dismissed you by their actions and a court would find this “constructive dismissal”. So yes we have VR, basically it was CR, but it technically wasn’t and in the circs is a good result.

        Still it’s a good result and could have been worse (and will still be on next round but not after that).

  • Andy S says:

    Eurostar is today operating only 2 trains from London to Paris and only 1 train to Brussels / Amsterdam.

  • Felicity B. says:

    As a Cabin Crew member who took VR I know of 3 colleagues that tried to stay but were given compulsory redundancy. I understand there had to be redundancies but it’s bizarre that BA would say there wasn’t. It might be an error as I know that the LHR ground staff had no CR but the crew certainly did.

    • Rob says:

      Not at Heathrow. Everyone was offered a job of some sort, albeit some chose not to take what was offered and effectively made themselves redundant.

  • Mikeact says:

    @James. Instead of making rubbish claims, then prove it. Your own credibility is at stake here, likewise if anybody else has ‘proof’.

  • Nick says:

    Rob is correct, there were no CR for LHR cabin crew. LGW yes, not LHR.

    What *did* happen is that some people were offered a job they didn’t want. This included CSM/equivalent being offered Main Crew, and WW/EF main crew being asked to accept the new single fleet terms. If these people didn’t want what they’d been offered, then they effectively took VR (because they were offered a role). They might have thought they didn’t have a choice, but that doesn’t mean BA was wrong to say there was no CR, as there were jobs (at Heathrow) for everyone who wanted one. I see Rob has already corrected the piece to clarify re.Gatwick.

  • Dev says:

    I still maintain that £23k to £32k pay scale for cabin crew is reasonable and in line with other jobs. However, it is shocking that BA expects crew to pay for their own meals whilst on a duty trip! BA should be a stumping up actuals using the HMRC worldwide Subsistence rates! Ideally, they should just pay per diem and crew can do what they want – either splurge or save it and have pot noodles!

    • Lady London says:

      Some of those HMRC allowable per diems are quite large depending on country and city.

      Do you know can staff claim them to be offset directly against tax on a tax return, if BA is not actually paying out? this would make a huge difference to any crew member who is away nights or days – they would pay considerably less tax. (BA ain’t ever gonna give it btw)

      • Dev says:

        I heard that meals away are tax deductible but staff need to keep receipts, etc and do a tax return. The reality is that many are not gonna bother, and even so the meals will be costing them Approx 80% ( based
        On 20% income tax band) in real terms out of their pockets when BA should be stumping up the cost.

        • Lady London says:

          I believe the way to use the HMRC allowances is to buy something really tiny for lunch/dinner (such as milk carton or tiny burger). Defo does not gave to be full meal. Then claim the day at full flat rate. Avoid breakfast purchase as I think there ‘s something about it being presumed to be kinda within overnight cost.

          Not unusual to find Eurioean capitals would give, say, 117 euros per day as an all-in per diem you defo do not have to produce receipts just somethubg like the little one above that proves you were in that location and therefore eligible for the prescribed scale rate under HMRC policy according to that location.

  • Rob says:

    No, these go through