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UK Government to ban international travel and domestic hotel stays ‘except for work’

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Whilst not mentioned in Boris Johnson’s televised press conference this evening, major media outlets have been briefed that the formal legislation to be presented to Parliament this week will include a ban on international travel.

No further details are known. Is this really a ban or just ‘advice’?

UK Government bans international travel

There will apparently be an exception ‘for work’ but there is no mention of how this will be policed. Clearly a family trying to board an aircraft will have more explaining to do that a solo traveller wearing a suit. It is also unclear if anyone currently visiting the UK for personal reasons will be allowed to leave.

There will also be a ban on UK hotel stays for personal reasons although work stays will be allowed. This could be troublesome for anyone who is not allowed to leave the UK but is also not allowed to stay in a hotel ….

The ban is likely to start on Thursday. The other measures announced today will run to at least Wednesday 2nd December, but this is only a guideline.

The restrictions will be removed on a regional basis after this date. This will lead to further complications as, post 2nd December, your legal right to leave the country for personal reasons will depend on your address.

We will know more later in the week when the legislation is published.

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  • B says:

    Thought experiment, not actual data.
    ~2.2 million vulnerable people to shield. 80% of those actually want to shield.
    1.7 million x £50k per person = £85 billion paid to cover all possible costs incurred by shielding. Then throw 15 billion at NHS capacity (c. 10% increase to the budget) and for £100B we could stop this insanity.

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      The average wage in the UK is a lot less than £50k, and that is per annum. So you could pay 100% wage for less.

      A lot of the vulnerable will already be on pensions so no additional cost to the public purse.

      Total cost would be a lot less than £100bn.

      Not that I am advocating it.

      • B says:

        50k should keep the leftists quiet, and would provide sufficient income for multigenerational households to move if needed. Even without change though 100Bn seems like good value compared to the current mess. I have 40 years before I can retire, I’d rather stump up some cash now than pay for it for the rest of my life..

        Some of the ‘overpayment’ from a scheme such as this will only go back into the economy through discretionary spending anyway

      • mutley says:

        Prior to first lockdown £27k

    • pauldb says:

      There are 9m people over 70 and 3m over 80. And how many young people with asthma and obesity will you include.

      How do you shield the elderly and chronically ill who need regular medical care or support? Are you going to isolate and pay off all their doctors and care workers? Perhaps you should also come up with an incentive for dying quietly?

      • EB says:

        “Perhaps you should also come up with an incentive for dying quietly?” This is a bit harsh, this is not about letting people die so we can collect some travel points this is about proportionality and helping all of society in the best way possible. Aiming for zero covid whilst bankrupting the country is as dangerous as it is naïve. There won’t be much of an NHS left for most of those alive today if there aren’t any tax receipts to pay for it.

        The 2.2 million came from the original list of people that were instructed to shield last time

  • ChrisW says:

    I’ll be interested to see what how this ‘travel ban’ is enforced. For a leisure destination like Tenerife, then flights will probably all be cancelled, but what about somewhere like Athens? I could be going there for work, or it could be a holiday. Will check-in staff ask for proof of a business purpose for the trip? Will single travelers in suits and briefcases go through unquestioned but families not?

    I wonder if airlines will turn people away…

    • Rob says:

      Not unless the airline is fined for carrying them, which it won’t be.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      People actually work in Tenerife too 🙂

      There are lots of non leisure reasons to be flying that don’t involve work either.

    • Paul says:

      British Transport Police at Waterloo checking at platform barriers today and we not even in lockdown yet. If arriving from a tier 3 and cannot prove travel for essential work then they were dishing out fines. This is easily policed so not worth the hassle and expense of trying to beat the system.

      • Paul says:

        I don’t see how they can do that today, it’s not law till it’s passed through parliament on Wednesday

      • TGLoyalty says:

        A fine for what?

        Tier 3 travel restriction was only advice and there’s no actual law banning travel until Thursday

      • Andrew says:

        I call bullsh*t on this one, the details don’t add up.

      • Jack says:

        I think you’re lying, frankly. I had to travel on the Tube even during lockdown in March / April and I didn’t see BTP one single time. I haven’t even seen them enforcing masks once since it began, and my Tube use is back to Pre-Covid levels.

      • mvcvz says:

        Checking for what? If everyone had clean underwear?

  • bill says:

    mark my words, this lockdown will be extended by at least 4 weeks

    • Harry T says:

      I agree. At least 2-4 weeks.

      • Michael C says:

        Would’ve thought the easiest/best option would be to extend it to, say, 4 Jan., to make sure any good work isn’t immediately undone.

    • ChrisW says:

      They will relax it for the week of Christmas.

    • James says:

      Yes, all thanks to BJ and his omnishambles government that can’t follow the science. Done when recommended by Sage would have resulted in a c.3 week lockdown that we’d be coming out of now.

  • Colin MacKinnon says:

    Jet2 just cancelled my Wednesday flight to Fuerteventura from Edinburgh – Scotland not in the Boris Ban ( which doesn’t come in until Thurs anyway) – due to new Govt regulations

    • Colin MacKinnon says:

      Any chance I could claim a re-route on Ryanair on Saturday – which is now twice what Jet2 were charging?

      • Michael C says:

        Hey Colin, I’m guessing you saw the new law that came into the Canary Islands yesterday, requiring a Covid test 72 hours before entering any accommodation there?

        • Harry T says:

          Going to take a while to come into force though!

        • Colin MacKinnon says:

          Looks like it is either 10 or 14 Nov that it comes into force. But no arguments, think it a good idea.

          • Harry T says:

            It’s not in effect yet. Dates seem to be variable about when it’s implemented but certainly not before 10th November. FCDO will no doubt up date their entry restrictions at such time.

  • Oli says:

    So now we understand why the testing on arrival in the UK was delayed; people were questioning why it could not be immediately implemented. I bet the aim now is not to implement it before Jan 2021 to avoid too much travelling over the Christmas holidays. And maintain the lockdown until then too

  • Dick D says:

    This will last into January. One bit of bad news at a time.

    • mr_jetlag says:

      will apparently require another vote to extend beyond dec 2. Parliament combining the best bits of brexit and covid, gotta love it

  • Piotr says:

    I’m scheduled to travel to Brazil (flight to GRU with BA is still going ahead for now) on 27th Nov with my wife who is a Brazilian citizen (but resident in UK). We’re meant to spend over a month there. It’s not a holiday nor work trip (though we will both work remotely from there). It’s simply going to a home country for a while. I wonder how I should classify it and if it is allowed (and how I can argument it to the airline or anyone if need be). Anyone, please give your thoughts!

    • Harry T says:

      You will need to wait to read the full legislation. If it’s not a business trip, I doubt it’s going to be allowed though, based on what we’ve been told thus far.

    • pigeon says:

      Going to care for an old relative? Looking for a new job whilst out there? Essential personal business to take care of in Brazil? Take your pick!

  • Colin MacKinnon says:

    TUI now cancelled all flights from England & Wales from Thursday to December 2nd.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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