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Gibraltar adds new restrictions on UK visitors

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With Portugal now off the UK Green List, Gibraltar is the only realistic travel option for anyone looking for a few days in the sun.

I am meant to be down there myself next week for a couple of days, to take a look at some of the options open to you.

With minimal notice, however, Gibraltar has placed added restrictions on visitors from the UK.

What has changed for visitors to Gibraltar?

At present, it is a very easy system.

You do not need any sort of test in the UK before you fly to Gibraltar. Instead, you take a free lateral flow test at the airport with the results texted to you within 60 minutes.

If you plan to return home within 72 hours, you can pay £30 to have the results of the free lateral flow test presented in a form that the UK Government will accept for your ‘fit to fly’ return test.

This means that the only tests required for a stay of 72 hours are:

  • the lateral flow test you take on arrival
  • the ‘Day 2’ PCR test you take back in the UK, which can actually be taken on Day 0, Day 1 or Day 2 and can potentially be taken in the Arrivals Hall of your returning airport if you are lucky

This changes on Sunday

From Sunday 13th June, unvaccinated travellers aged 12 or over (defined as anyone who has had fewer than two doses of the Pfizer or AZ vaccines) must show a negative test at the airport before they fly. The test result must also be uploaded into the Passenger Locator Form used by Gibraltar.

Any of the key tests are accepted – PCR, LAMP or high specification lateral flow – but it must be taken within 48 hours of departure.

If you have had both vaccinations, you do not need to do this. Instead, you must upload a ‘vaccination certificate’ into the Passenger Locator Form.

It is not yet clear if a screenshot from the NHS app will be acceptable proof of vaccination, as the Passenger Locator Form had not been updated at the time of writing. You may need to download the PDF certificate which is available via the app.

No time gap is required after your second vaccination. This is good news for me, because if I do travel as planned next week it will only be 9 days after my second jab. My second vaccination is already showing correctly in the NHS app so I should be good to go.

(For anyone who had the one-shot J&J vaccine, you do need to wait two weeks after vaccination before you will be allowed in without a test.)

This is getting a bit silly ….

If you are double vaccinated, this is not a lot of extra work, assuming that the NHS app is accepted as proof.

For everyone else, you may want to reconsider your trip.

After all, you will require:

  • a PCR, LAMP or high specification lateral flow test taken in the UK
  • a lateral flow test taken at Gibraltar airport
  • a 2nd lateral flow test taken at Gibraltar airport (assuming you are staying over 72 hours)
  • a PCR test taken on Day 0/1/2 of your return to the UK

…. in order to visit somewhere where the entire adult population has been offered vaccination.

I am still hoping that my trip goes ahead. There was virtually no hotel accommodation left when I booked a few days ago – my options are likely to have opened up, I think ….

You can find out more about the new restrictions on the Visit Gibraltar website here. Please double-check what I wrote above with the official wording, especially as it is liable to change, and change, and change ….

Comments (208)

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  • Yuff says:

    It’s been getting silly for a while.
    I wonder how long the British public will pit up with this shower.
    As the evidence continues to come in it is showing the vaccinations work, it buys them time to build a booster vaccine against other variants and travel should be opened up.
    Other countries manage it, the delay in red listing India flights and closing the Turkey loophole should cost Shapps his job.
    At least Gibraltar have taken a sensible option albeit but why should vaccinated travellers do any tests.

    • Chris Heyes says:

      Yeff Yes I agree very silly almost lemming like, people are traveling because they can “not” because they want to !
      See Robs comment in article almost no accommodation in Hotels
      They couldn’t make me spend my 3 week break there for any amount of money I’d have had enough after 4 days if that ?

      • Nick says:


      • Alan says:

        I had my 2nd AZ jab eight days ago. When 1 log onto the NHS app it asks for additional ID eg download your drivers license. Is this additional ID needed to get my Covid vaccine status, or does it take a few more days
        for the information to come through?

        • Peter says:

          It will give you access to your NHS records including vaccination status

        • Mike says:

          The NHS app requires ID to get access to various functions, remember it’s existed long before COVID. Just go through the process, you’ll need your ID plus following through the rest of the ID process (I can’t remember if it was a selfie or selfie vid).

          • Rob says:

            Took a few days for the app to approve my video. Do not try to activate the NHS app at the last minute.

          • Alan says:

            Thanks, just done it. It was approved in an hour and I can now see my vaccination status.

          • Lady London says:

            …And the government gets to link lots of lovely data on you.

            Remember when the government decided you had to get a special code issued by the DVLA in order to hire a car? Guess what data the DVLA wanted you to give them… your National Insurance number. Which doubtless has now linked more of your data.

        • John says:

          You don’t need ID if you ask your GP to send you your password (it comes as 3 alphanumeric codes which are called different things but effectively it’s just a long password)

          If you can’t get in touch with your GP then submitting ID is an alternative … It is needed so that anyone with your name and DOB can’t just register the app and view your medical records.

          The vaccine status is usually updated overnight after you get it

        • Sukes says:

          FYI if using Safari – I couldn’t get the website to work to record the video selfie on macOS no matter what access permissions I allowed but no problem on iOS.

      • Anna says:

        You say that Chris, but have you ever looked what there is to do in Gibraltar? There are numerous historical sites, caves, scuba diving and other watersports, dolphin watching trips (guaranteed sightings), unique Neanderthal remains, sunshine (for us northerners), a dramatically situated lighthouse, spectacular 18th century siege and World War II tunnels through the Rock, walking trails, duty free shopping – and you can stand on one continent and see another!

        • Yorkieflyer says:

          Mmm yes I recall visiting Gib 30 years ago, fine for a day trip I thought.

        • Chris Heyes says:

          Anna yes been there twice ok 40 odd years ago once just Gibraltar, once Gibraltar and Spain. I don’t bother with pools or sitting in sun get enough sun in Bognor believe it or not lol
          Never really wanted to go back after 2nd time, same Jersey/ Guernsey/Sark stopped at them all a few times, nice but not to go back now

          • Rob says:

            Your logical holiday, Chris, is 10 days somewhere except GIB and then 10 days in GIB to avoid quarantine.

          • Chris Heyes says:

            Rob I like it lol, Only 7 days Boulder 7 days Sedona 7 days Lake Powell sounds better to me Then next year 10 days Hilton Lake Como 10 day Sorrento Then Aug 7 night Hilton Yugoslavia 8 nights Sun Gardens restricted Daughters time off Gr lol
            All sounds way better than Gibraltar, but each to is own lol

          • Anna says:

            But you’ll have to quarantine after all those, Chris, plus I don’t understand how you’ve got travel insurance to cover you for the US just now?

          • Darren says:

            Battleface insurance would cover it, not sure who else will go against FCO Advisories.

        • Chris Heyes says:

          Anna Quarantine Doesn’t bother me Anna, as long as it’s only in UK and not abroad
          Wouldn’t even mind if in a Hotel, as long as I can pick a Hilton, the one near Arundel would be perfect good Chief plus bonus points lol
          Yes I know won’t be able to choose !

          • Chris Heyes says:

            Anna Staysure insurance took it out before FO do not travel advice came about 3 year deal, most people only take 1 year insurance out
            I even take a disabled railcard out for 3 years lol
            But anything to save dosh lol

        • Alex Sm says:

          HfP ran a great travel review back in December which partly inspired me to book a short break for my partner’s 40th birthday. If I only didn’t forget to pay the remaining balance…

    • George1976 says:

      “ I wonder how long the British public will pit up with this shower”

      What are they going to do though? Sqweam and sqweam on the internet?

      • Paul pogba says:

        Screaming on the internet to be restricted in new Online Treason Bill. Oppressive law to remain until morale improves.

        • George1976 says:

          In all seriousness though? What are people going to do eg if a country asks for a test? Not get tested? Er no, you won’t be let in.

          It’s been obvious for months that rules would keep changing yet people keep being shocked by rule changes. Bizarre. Whether they’re silly rules or not is irrelevant as that’s what’s happening and will continue happening for a few more months at least.

          I’ll be holidaying in England. No tests or quarantine or silly queues at the airport and I’ll be supporting our domestic industry. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

          • Paul says:

            I wouldn’t holiday in England if it were free. Just spent 2 nights away at half term. Hotels that don’t function, eateries that have no food or drink, appalling service and my god, the prices! Forget it, if I can’t leave plague island I will stay at home and drink to forget in my back garden.

            I don’t really care about the UK amber or red. Track and trace couldn’t find Heathrow with a GPS let alone thousands of returning holiday makers.

            It is a shambles !

          • HBommie says:

            Sounds like you need a holiday Paul.

          • Mark says:

            Reminds me of a BA flight back from Tokyo. One hour out from Heathrow the First Officer proudly announces “Good news! We’ve found Heathrow!”.

            As my mother would say “It’s probably where you left it.”……

      • Yorkieflyer says:

        Trouble is that Brexit has infected the body politic such that plucky vaccinated Blighty standing alone with the plague ridden continent cut off is a popular narrative

    • James says:

      Vaccinated people can still carry and transmit the virus, hence the requirement for tests.

    • Frances Morris says:

      Why silly? Being vaccinated doesn’t stop you having or transmitting the virus. The tests are for the protection of the country you are visiting.
      Vaccination works to prevent YOU getting seriously ill.

      • Rob says:

        Everyone has been vaccinated or been offered it.
        It’s time to get on with life.
        Risk is everywhere and all around us in everything in life.
        This is silly and completely over the top.

        • George1976 says:

          The simple solution is to go somewhere else then. If Gibraltar isn’t an option then maybe the Spanish mainland or other islands will be later this summer?

          • David S says:

            We are in Portugal and it is full of French, Dutch, Spanish and Germans. All countries with far lower vaccination rates than the U.K.

      • Yuff says:

        Of course it’s silly the majority of the Uk and Europe have vaccinated the age groups that are most likely to get ill.
        Transmission is becoming irrelevant if people don’t get sick.
        More people die each day of pneumonia and flu now don’t see any country insisting on a test to see if you have flu…….

  • Peter Hodson says:

    The NHS app is only England. In Wales you need to phone for a paper certificate which takes 10 days to arrive. It will only be issued for essential travel and not for a leisure visit because the Welsh government says we should not travel for leisure outside the UK

    • Andrew says:

      It’s what the people of Wales voted for.

    • WaynedP says:

      Interested to see that 2,000 (apparently) Welsh fans have somehow successfully negotiated the vaccination-status-evidence/insurance-against-FCDO-Advice/Tests-and-self-Isolation maze to travel to Baku for the Euro2020 game.

      Wonder how much pressure (if any) the love for the national game and the desire to attend overseas matches will bring to bear on the UK govt regarding foreign travel restrictions.

      • Andrew says:

        You don’t have to live in Wales to be a Welsh fan.

        Reading is full of Welsh people.

      • WaynedP says:

        Oops, as a reformed former nationalist, the last thing I intended was to start a debate on national UK identities.

        My musing is about whether ardent football support will sway govt opinion on European travel restrictions. We seem to have seen policy influenced by similarly not-strictly-data-related events (chelsea v man city in Porto for example).

        The fact that all three national teams are playing in Euro2020 elevates the discussion above UK national identities, thankfully.

        I only mentioned Welsh fans as they seem to have oversome stiffer hurdles to their foreign travel plans imposed by their devolved govt.

        • MattB says:

          They haven’t really, only 200 (not 2000 as you stated) have gone and they didn’t need any sort of vaccination passport, as the match tickets make them exempt. Just the standard tests are needed.

          It’s not easy getting there but it never usual is. Someone I know has gone out for the game and said the travelling was a pain but not much different from when he went there for the Europa League final a few years back.

          • WaynedP says:

            Yes, I was sceptical about the 2k figure myself, hence my “apparently” caveat.

            It is being claimed in writing by leaderlive and repeated elsewhere, but I am fully aware you can’t take everything you read as fact.

            I didn’t know the match tickets exempted them from some restrictions. I assume that must have been a concession extended by the Azerbaijani hosts, because I believe that the Welsh FA has advised against attending the game in person, so doubtful they’d endorse travel concessions.

            And unless fans flew directly from UK to Baku, presumably they would have had to comply with some restrictions imposed by transit countries en route who aren’t bound by any Azerbaijani largesse on concessions.

  • Ian says:

    Any decent hotels on Gibraltar?

    • Alex Sm says:

      Sunborn yacht looked v good! I had a great break for 2 ppl for 3 nights booked with BA holidays for £550 but was foolish enough to miss the deadline to pay the balance and the holiday was cancelled – but with all this testing rigmarole it now looks like a blessing in disguise. Will go next year instead for the same deal

      • Chelseafi says:

        Did you get your deposit back automatically as a FTV from BA as you didn’t pay balance? Or would you have needed to cancel before final payment due?

        • Alex Sm says:

          The latter… they forfeited the deposit and declined to convert it into a FTV… for some reason I thought they would charge my Amex automatically, and they didn’t. To their credit, they tried to call me, but from an unknown number…Anyway, I got over it for now and will try again next year

          • WaynedP says:

            Sorry to hear that @Alex Sm, and hope it wasn’t too much.

            I understand the last thing you want to hear is from a know-it-all, but I have found it very helpful to set a daily recurring calendar reminder two weeks before payment due date, and invite all my major email addresses.

            I do that on the day of booking, and x months later I’m bombarded with daily reminders for a fortnight, otherwise far from being a know-it-all, I too would be a regular victim of the otherwise busy lives we all lead.

    • roberto says:

      No really, I like the Elliott – its the best of the bunch but nothing on the Rock really could be coincided as a “great” hotel. There is not exactly a lot of choice and nothing new except the Holiday Inn which is a typical cookie cuter HI 10 mins from the Airport.

      Gib is nice enough for a visit but hardly a destination holiday. Scuba is OK if you’re into wreck diving but the vis is medium at best. However its 30+ degrees, there are some nice (small) beaches and it’s less busy than Bournemouth. Come , but don’t expect too much.

  • Sue says:

    Silly question but which nhs app hols vaccination record in England

    • tony says:

      The “NHS App” – not the COVID tracing one.

      • Sue says:

        Thanks. I did figure although it’s a shame. What I’m trying to find out is which one is it

  • RH says:

    Any recommendations for test providers?

    I’m due to go for 6 nights from the 6th July but I’m worried we won’t get the test results back in the “48 hour before departure”?

    • Alex Sm says:

      The one Rhys recently recommended? At Gatwick

    • Anna says:

      I need to arrange this as well as we’ll need to get our son and his cousin tested before we go. Fortunately antigen tests are quicker and cheaper than PCR. I had a brief look last night and it seems you can get an appointment to have it done at Boots, don’t know which branches though.

    • Rich says:

      Not an issue. Lateral flow test gives a result in 10-30 minutes, then they issue a certificate pretty much instantly. You do it either in person at a facility, or at home and upload a photo of the result.

      There’s no courier time and no lab time.

      • Anna says:

        It has to be a particular specification for lateral flow, though.

    • Yorkieflyer says:

      In person is the way

  • Ls says:

    The Indian variant is spreading significantly in the UK, and is going to delay ‘opening up’ by at least two weeks if not more (the times is now reporting 4 week). It was the failure to have more significant travel restrictions from India that allowed it to spread.
    To those complaining about new restrictions: we will be in lockdown at Christmas again if we just go for it (Prof Whitty has said this). There are variants that are more spreadable and more deadly, and there are variants that 60% escape the vaccine. It is almost certain there will be others, and they may 100% escape the vaccine. They can only be slowed by these restrictions.

    • Alex Sm says:

      People cannot live in the state of permanent doom and gloom. Look at other countries and how they manage. I’m in Russia at the moment and people seem to have found a good balance here between precautions and normal life

      • George1976 says:

        “ I’m in Russia at the moment and people seem to have found a good balance here between precautions and normal life”

        So have we. Pretty much everything is open now the last time I checked? It’s 25 degrees, pubs are open and people are still crying on the internet about “lockdown” even though it ended weeks ago. Sad.

        There were also 18000 at the cricket yesterday

    • Mike says:

      The India variant is now 91% of cases according to the government….

      • Rob says:

        Which surely leads to the question of where all the other variants went?

        It is worth looking at how Spanish Flu ended. Put simply (perhaps too simply) IIRC a variant appeared which was both highly transmissable and not fatal. It whizzed around the world quickly and that was that.

        • George1976 says:

          Spanish flu didn’t end.

        • Paul Pogba says:

          but the Spanish flu was highly unlikely to be have been a product of gain of function research in a lab. If you’re willing to entertain Trumpian conspiracy theories this one *might* be. The governmental reaction *could* be because they either know or fear that this be different.

    • Bagoly says:

      60% escape in terms of giving you something similar to ‘flu.
      But something much closer to 0% in terms of making you so ill that you need to go to hospital let alone die.
      It may well make sense to delay by a few weeks – a sensible time point looks to be three weeks after everybody down to 18 (or perhaps 12) has had an opportunity for first jab.
      After that, it joins the background risks, so life reverts to normal, and the focus should be on helping poorer countries get to the same stage.
      And estimating whether and when boosters are required.

    • Andrew says:

      There will always be variants and I mean that literally: ALWAYS. The disease isn’t going away. Fortunately we have vaccines which work against every single variant discovered so far. The vaccines target the spike protein which is fundamental to how sars-cov-2 attacks us so the chance of a variant emerging which evades vaccines is very small. All of the elderly and vulnerable have long since been double vaccinated. The only people who haven’t yet are in groups who are at extremely low risk of serious illness and even they will be double jabbed in the next few weeks.

      I’ll say it one more time: If we need restrictions as long as their are potential variants around then there will be restrictions until the end of time and you will never ever be allowed to go abroad on holiday again. It’s time to end this. There’ll always be some level of risk but that is now very, very low.

      • Yuff says:

        Well said Andrew, it’s time to move on and get on with life.
        Delayed slight because of government incompetence regarding banning flights too late in April but it’s a small delay.
        Vaccines can be adjusted in 100 days for variants, look at Israel virtually zero cases.
        Double dosed AZ recipients can have a booster dose of Pfizer for even greater protection if necessary.
        There is always out of this and it isntvprolongingbrestrictions travel or otherwise…..enough is enough

      • Stuart says:

        Not just “…never ever be allowed to go abroad on holiday again…” but never see loved ones who are overseas. I’m in the UK and my girlfirend is in her home country and we’ve not been togther since December 2019, as our Easter 2020 holiday together (and all subsequent time together) was cancelled.

        The focus in the media/internet is that people/families only want to go overseas for a holiday on a Mediterranean beach. There are those of us that just want to return to our loved ones, I don’t care about sitting on a beach etc. – just want to be with my girlfirend but there’s no end in sight to this madness for that. No doubt, all (most) of those calling for restriction extensions have their families/loved ones with or nearby them.

  • roberto says:

    Also don’t even think about wandering over the border into Spain as your passport will get stamped both ways.

    I have a chum who lives in Spain and works in Gib for one of the betting companies and he is fast running out empty pages.

  • Vicky says:

    Instead of bothering with Gibraltar which quite frankly isn’t even that nice you can spend your hard earned on the beautiful island of Jersey. You get tested when you arrive, for free. And second test on day five, again for free. No passenger locator form is required on the return and no security either.

    • Alex Sm says:

      Same re Guernsey – this is what I got the other day:

      From 1st July there will be restriction free travel between Guernsey and the UK, with no need to isolate or test on arrival. For those customers looking to visit Guernsey, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are currently no pandemic restrictions in place, so you can enjoy a break without the need to wear masks or social distance.

      • John says:

        So they don’t care about this variant stuff at all?

        • Guernsey Globetrotter says:

          Ref Guernsey and the 1st July relaxation of restrictions, there is to be a government update at 2pm today. Given how conservatively we have handled our border controls to date, I expect that this restriction free travel that Alex Sm refers to will be pushed back… again.

          • Yuff says:

            Guernsey allowing double vaccinated travellers in with no restrictions from July 1st
            Might have to travel there next month as I’m not doing the ridiculous day 2/8 testing forced upon my wife and daughter, this week, with rt diagnostics, bunch of imbeciles. It’s day 5 no sign of test results.

          • Alex Sm says:

            Did it happen in the end?

    • Anna says:

      Doesn’t Jersey have a red/amber/green list for the UK though?!

    • Greenpen says:

      I am in Jersey now. Arrived yesterday evening and the free test on arrival was quick, hardly any delay. Trip bonus was being evict from the Business lounge at 3.30 and being forced to continue drinking in the downstairs lounge!

    • Simon says:

      Any recommendations for dining in Jersey please? We are staying at the Atlantic for 3 nights in July. Menu there looks a little bit old fashioned. Prefer something a bit more modern….. Have seen Mark Jordan at the beach. Or anywhere else more casual?

      • Guernsey Globetrotter says:

        We always enjoy the Oyster Box at St Brelades ( when we hop over to ‘the other rock’ 🙂

      • Vicky says:

        There are so many good restaurants on Jersey, you will have to book though as they are very busy and popular.

        My recommendations would be the Salty Dog, the Muddy Duck or the Somerville hotel which are all in St Aubins. The Oyster Box which is in St Brelade. Any of the 3 Crabshack’s on the island. Bohemia in Helier, Feast in Gorey.

      • Guernsey Globetrotter says:

        Or if in St Helier, Quayside is central and does good seafood (

        • Simon says:

          Thankyou everyone. That looks plenty to get our teeth in to….. I saw Quayside on Real Housewives of Jersey (watched for research purposes only!), and have booked Bohemia for a Saturday night out out.

          • chabuddy geezy says:

            I echo the Bohemia recommendations. I also enjoyed Mark Jordan at the Beach and the restaurant in the Atlantic Hotel.

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