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Austria bans unvaccinated (inc children 12+) and those vaccinated 9+ months ago from hotels

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If you have a ski holiday booked in Austria this Winter, you may have a problem.

The Austrian Government has announced sweeping new coronavirus restrictions which will come into force on 5th December. There is no let-off for children over 12 under the initial plans.

Austria is currently seeing a sharp rise in covid cases due to low levels of vaccination.

Hotel Aurelio Lech Austria

This is what will happen from 5th December, as I read it:

  • adults will not be allowed into Austria without quarantine if their second dose of coronavirus vaccine was received more than 9 months ago (the current rule is 12 months) – booster vaccinations will not count as these do not show in the scannable NHS covid app
  • anyone who cannot show full vaccination (two doses, the latter delivered less than 9 months ago) or proof of recovery will not be allowed into hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, leisure centres, gyms, cinemas, museums or theatres – children over 12 are not exempt

As the rules are written, children from the UK aged 12+ will be banned from entering hotels and restaurants in Austria because they will not have received two doses of coronavirus vaccination. They are still allowed to enter the country as long as they are travelling with a vaccinated adult.

The official Government tourist website says that ‘a solution is being worked on’ for children aged 12+ but there is no indication of what this may be. It would be difficult to give children of tourists a waiver to allow them to stay in a hotel when unvaccinated children of Austrian citizens would be banned.

The UK Government is also planning to update the NHS app so that booster jabs show, although there is no time line for this.

Note that has not been updated to reflect these changes and still says that a covid vaccination within 360 days of arrival is accepted.

You can find out more on here.

Comments (154)

  • Steve says:

    The world has gone unnecessarily crazy over this and that’s all I have to say on the matter. Looks like Austria is off my winter and likely summer travel list now. Guess I’ll go to another MotoGP race next year instead.

  • SNB7X says:

    Booster jabs for 60+ start imminently in Austria – so I guess they will have to alter the wording to suit that cohort and maybe “boosted” U.K. travellers will have pressure from airlines and Austria travel stakeholders within a week or two also. I travel 5th Dec and both myself and my wife are boosted / but her vaccinations were almost a year ago so technically she will qualify day or travel but day after won’t make this new standard!

  • Judge says:

    The NHS COVID app has to be fixed. On the scale of things, not many Brits go to Austria, but it’s very likely that other countries will follow this rule as initial vaccine immunity wanes. It is inexplicable that the app doesn’t show boosters.

    • Roy says:

      France is to change the rules so that for over-65s vaccinations will only be recognised for the purposes of the domestic health pass if they they took place no more than 6 months and 5 weeks ago. Probably the age groups that this applies to will broaden over time as France continues to roll out boosters.

      At least they allow the alternative of a test, though.

  • Roy says:

    Apparently there’s a proposal that if the number of intensive care beds occupied by COVID patients reaches 30% (projected to be imminent) then they’ll institute a lockdown for the unvaccinated. i.e. unvaccinated people will not be able to leave their homes except for essential purposes such as work, shopping for essentials, and exercise!!!

    Not clear to me if the 270 limit will apply to this, too….

  • Matarredondaaa says:

    People who refuse vaccination are either downright stupid or lazy.
    Statistics show unvaccinated people are far far more likely to need hospitalisation.
    Every country is entitled to set rules do if we want to visit we either accept them or don’t go.

    • Steve says:

      Freedom of choice. We don’t tell people with lung dancer to stop smoking. Discuss…

      • Dilbert says:

        I can’t catch lung cancer from them?

        • Char Char says:

          You can if they are still smoking.

        • Mo says:

          You can catch covid from a vaccinated person also so that point is moot. Studies show that the vaccinated are less likely to infect people for only a few weeks until it wanes off. This after a few weeks a vaccinated person can infect people the same as a non vac. We’ve been sold a lie!

          P.s. I’m double vaccinated

      • Alex Sm says:

        You are free to choose whether you want to be barred from non-essential activities or not – simples, as they say in the adverts

    • Char Char says:

      The current hospitalisation rates are very low per 100k, the difference between unvaccinated and vaccinated in real numbers is also very low. Even looking at the numbers for the over 70s they numbers and rates are low. The current hospitalisation rate is a quarter of that of January but people welcome more restrictions!

  • Toby Stan says:

    Are Secret Squirrel and Savage Squirrel related to each other?

  • Tania says:

    Hi, just been shown by someone that the booster IS in the NHS app, but not in the main QR area. You need to look in the medical history / medicines section and it should be listed there. I’ve not had the booster yet to check this, but hopefully this will meet the Austrian requirements.

    • Rob says:

      You prove your status by scanning a QR code into scanner that the shop / cafe has. The scanner gives you a yes or no. This won’t help.

  • GenX says:

    The rules are simple, scan a QR code. If it doesn’t say yes then it’s a no.
    Austrians won’t be examining a foreign app in a foreign language for some booster clues. NHS need to fix it and make the booster info readable on QR scanners.

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