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Why you should use AwardWallet to track your frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty points

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There is only one miles and points tool that I use every day – and have done for a number of years – and that is AwardWallet.

It turns out, however, that I haven’t done a single article in 2021 which talked about AwardWallet.  With a few days of the year left, I want to remedy that.

AwardWallet allows you to store the log-in and password details for pretty much all of the loyalty programmes you are in. It isn’t just travel, either – Nectar, Boots Advantage, Tesco Clubcard, Harrods Rewards …. they cover almost 700 programmes from across the world.

AwardWallet review

Across their entire membership, it is tracking over 197,000,000,000 miles and points for 695,000 users.

You can store programmes for various different people inside one AwardWallet account. When I log in, I see over over 25 different accounts across my family. A clever part of AwardWallet is the ability to sideline schemes which are dormant or rarely used.

Not all programmes are supported, unfortunately.  There are two sorts of exclusions – those that require 2FA or Captcha authentication such as American Express (AwardWallet does work with these programmes but you won’t want to type in multiple 2FA codes or do multiple Captchas each time you run it) and a few that block it deliberately, such as American Airlines and Delta.

You can sit and back and do nothing with AwardWallet if that is how you want to play it. Once a week, AwardWallet will automatically log in to each of your programmes and update your balance. It will then send you a weekly email with all of your balance changes.

For the more obsessive, like myself, you can log in to AwardWallet and simply click ‘Update’. AwardWallet goes off and updates all of your ‘active’ balances immediately (it takes 3-4 minutes to check my active ones). On a PC you can leave it running in another window.  There is also an impressive app which lets you check all your miles and points balances on the move.

If you are not already a member of AwardWallet, you can sign up for free here.

What is AwardWallet Plus?

Whilst AwardWallet is free, you can pay $30 per year to upgrade to ‘Plus’ status.  This comes with a number of extra benefits:

  • Balances update in parallel rather than one at a time (claims a 5x increase in updating speed)
  • The expiry dates of your miles are shown, based on what AwardWallet knows about the expiry rules of the programme, your status and your recent activity
  • You receive email warnings if miles are heading towards expiry
  • You can see historical transactions for some programmes and a graph of changes in your total balance for all programmes
  • You can update your balances multiple times per day (although the free version lets you do it twice per day, which is more than enough for most people!)

What is AwardWallet?

A note on security

Some people, understandably, are worried about the security of their account details. (AW is owned privately by a couple of guys in the US albeit they have quite a big team now.) If you are, you can choose to have AwardWallet store all of your log-in and password data locally on your PC, not on their server. The only impact of this is that you are limited to checking your balances on that one device.

My personal view is that using AwardWallet improves your security.  When my Tesco Clubcard vouchers were stolen, it was AwardWallet that notified me.  If I hadn’t seen my balance change, I may not have noticed for months.  AwardWallet has been in business for 15 years now without any serious issues.

I am a big fan of AwardWallet, and if you have never used it I recommend taking a look.  It doesn’t take long to set up, and once you have all your data there it becomes quite addictive checking your balances a couple of times a day.  You can sign up here and there is no charge unless you decide to upgrade to Plus at some point.

Comments (38)

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  • SydneySwan says:

    Unfortunately you can no longer track AA miles with AW. I wonder how many other programs will deny AW access.

  • lev441 says:

    Best $10 a year I spend (on the old grandfathered rate)..!

    It’s a shame captcha/text codes now stops a lot of schemes from working as well as it used to. But to have pretty much everything points related in one place does make it so much easier to keep track

  • Dubious says:

    I find it a useful place to track the expiry of regular gift cards and the like too.

  • Ian says:

    They did track AA until last week when it was blocked.

    Of course Hilton uses Captcha as do several others

    It is becoming harder all the time to auto update.

    Mind you it did tell me that I have 12,500 points expiring from Lufthansa in 4 days time. And 500 from Emirates and 1271 from the Nordic Choice Hotels.

    • flyforfun says:

      I only joined a few weeks ago and it was a bit of an unexpected sour note to get that email saying AA would no longer be supported. Not sure I want to spend the time adding my other accounts in case the same thing happens.

      • Louie says:

        For me, Awardwallet lost a lot of its value when AA was withdrawn without notice. The major purpose of Awardwallet for me is to keep my passwords and by giving no notice (not even a “we are in discussions with AA so you might want to make sure you have a note of your login information”) I now have to go through the process of resetting them and in one case, will probably lose the lot in that account as the associated email address is no longer accessible.

  • Jonathans says:

    How do the paid for ‘balance watch credits’ work?

  • supergraeme says:

    I’ve used and loved the app for some time, but I’ve gone from regularly updating my balances to nearly never because it fails on so many. It’s at the point that it’s bordering on pointless.

    I could really just write all of my logins down and check them myself once in a blue moon instead. I’m also on the grandfathered rate but there must be plenty of free options that are just as poor.

  • The Original Nick says:

    My Dad’s Hilton points are showing as expiring in the next few days but to my knowledge I thought Hilton had suspended all points from expiring until the end of 2021. Please can someone confirm

  • dougzz99 says:

    I like the ‘Trips’ tab. Good to see the flights, cars, hotels laid out date/time like that.

    • BlueThroughCrimp says:

      Yes, find it quite good for printing an itinerary for the family

      • Louie says:

        Again, fine until AA was withdrawn and all flights booked through them disappeared, just like that. Just as well I had duplicated them in

        • BlueThroughCrimp says:

          For an itinerary, can you not just manually add the segment?

          • Louie says:

            Yes you can. My point was more that if an airline (or any other) account and the associated points and flights can just disappear permanently without warning, you need some form of back up and having to do that diminishes the usefulness of the product.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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