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Pick up a Randox ‘Day 2’ test at your local PayPoint store – but you are overpaying

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With lateral flow tests now being accepted again for ‘Day 0-2’ testing on your return to the UK, Randox has teamed up with PayPoint to make its ‘click and collect’ service more widely available.

You can now order a Randox lateral flow test test for collection at any local store in the Collect+ network, which currently includes over 5,000 locations. This number is expected to increase to 10,000 locations within a few weeks.

From mid January, you will also be able to buy a Randox ‘Day 0-2’ test in 2,500 small shops across the UK without the need to pre-order. I am assuming that you would need to do this in advance of leaving the UK in order to get the necessary reference number for your Passenger Locator Form.

That said ….

Whilst Randox has very competitive pricing for ‘Day 2’ PCR testing, it is not competitive for ‘Day 2’ ‘test at home’ lateral flow kits.

Because these tests are not being processed in a laboratory, there is simply no need to pay a premium price for them. All you do is take the test and upload a picture of the negative result to the website of your test provider. Job done.

I have used simplytestme twice at £12 per test, posted First Class to my house, and they were fine. This is hardly surprising, since all they needed to do was issue a code for my Passenger Locator Form, post me a test and have a website which can accept a screenshot upload. It’s not exactly rocket science.

Even £12 from simplytestme represents a substantial mark-up on the cost price, given that I was able to find identical tests at £2 if I was willing to buy 10,000 of them. Even after VAT and postage costs they will be doing nicely.

Randox is having a laugh at £21.50 per test, or £18.95 for ‘click and collect’ and you should give them a miss for ‘Day 2’ lateral flow home tests. The pricing is even higher for home delivery (£24) if you don’t have a discount code from your airline. Randox remains a good choice for PCR testing, however – I have used them in the past and Rhys paid £35 for a ‘Day 2’ click and collect PCR test this week.

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  • Shaw West says:

    I had few £1 RT-PCR day 2 tests. Are they still available. I will need to fill the passenger locator form as I am “transiting” after 24 hours

  • Kay Melville says:

    Every supplier of tests in UK is overcharging. Here in Cyprus we pay €5 to have a lateral flow test performed and a text/email/printed result given for travel. The mandatory PCR test is €15 at Larnaca or €19 at Paphos and are carried out at the airport before anyone even collects their baggage. The whole process runs like clockwork and results arrive on your phone…. usually in under 12 hours. Yes fewer passengers arrive here however the numbers are pro rata to the population of the country. There is absolutely no reason, other than profiteering, (and lack of organisation!) for UK not to be doing similar.

    • MikeL says:

      Thought the mandatory PCR upon arrival at Paphos had stopped. Can you clarify

      • PlaneSpeaking says:

        It’s still mandatory at Larnaca Mike so will be at Paphos too. We went in on Dec 23 and the restrictions haven’t relaxed. In fact, they now need a pre-departure test from the UK as well according to the FCO site today (Jan 7).

  • Dr Dr says:

    It is very obvious that now that the opportunity for profiteering from the pandemic has been reduced for uk travellers, the cost of a LFT day 2 will sky rocket! You cannot buy now for later as no one has the correct code yet, which will probably begin LFT2XXXXX…….

    • mzb says:

      Day 2 LFT codes pre-Omicron used the same format as PCR tests (PRVDRxxxxx), don’t see this changing.

  • ScienceTeacher says:

    Out here in China it is £3.30 for a PCR test with results in 4 hours. If there is a local case, the test is free and still done within 4 hours. Quite impressive I found!

    • John says:

      Most of the cost of PCR tests is labour

      LFTs should be cheap too given that they are all made in China and the UK government doesn’t want to support UK LFT manufacturers

  • truthbetold says:

    LFT are almost pointless unless the test is actually monitored or you personally want to test yourself. Simply taking a test and posting a photo is completely open to fraud (and lining pockets). What’s the point now?

    • mradey says:

      There is none.

    • john says:

      I’m not sure what the numbers are, but there is certainly a decent percentage of people who have common decency and are responsible enough to isolate if they get a positive result as they don’t want to infect their family / friends / colleagues etc..

    • Derek Broughton says:

      TBF, monitored tests aren’t necessarily much use either. Our Fit-to-fly tests, performed by a tech at the Malta airport, consisted of a _very_ perfunctory swab just barely inside the nostrils.

    • Alex Sm says:

      The point is to calm down agitated public opinion – if you look at public opinion polls (like YouGov) about 50-60% of UK people support strictest covid restrictions especially for those who travel. I think it’s out of jealousy / envy or whatever name this deadly sin is called. But by doing this “I know that you know” game with testing the govt keeps everyone relatively happy

      • Rob says:

        One of these polls recently added an extra question as a test – should all pubs and nightclubs in the UK be shut for good, permanently, made illegal? Over 20% agreed.

        • Alex Sm says:

          Hehe… people are quite radical from their sofas. And there was another question about how likely you think other people break the rules, and people say 80%, and then how likely you break the rules, people say 5% or so…

  • Sandgrounder says:

    Not a chance in hell I would trust my personal data to a company run by a director with a history of 8 entities since 2013. But, each to their own. It’s a whole £6.95 that stays in your pocket after all.

    • Sarah says:

      Not sure why the fact that they’ve had unsuccessful companies (or actually by looking on companies house companies that never actually traded so just ‘ideas’) means they’re no good here. They have v good reviews on social media and trustpilot, so as you say – each to their own!

      Seems to be trigger happy on registering companies (at worst) but nothing suggesting any kind of impropriety?

      • Sandgrounder says:

        Or they have been phoenixing and wound up the last 4 companies before a return was due and evaded corporation tax (Just one possibility of course, not saying that has happened).
        No VAT number posted on the site although the day 2 lateral flow travel tests are VATable (But, maybe they haven’t sold enough to pass the threshold, although and earlier version of the website said they had the capability to process 2800 orders a day )
        I won’t hand my details over to a company without a track record. But maybe I’m too risk averse. As always, DYOR.

    • Rob says:

      A business charging £12 for a product it is buying for £2, and relying on word of mouth instead of paying for marketing, seems pretty stable to me.

      You could set up an identical business yourself within 2 weeks if you were bothered. £20k gets you 10k of their tests wholesale. Neil, our IT guy, could build you the website on a day or so. We could probably sell the lot for you if you undercut £12.

      The tests are probably identical to the Randox ones too.

    • Derek Broughton says:

      I’m pretty sure that if you picked ANY successful (long-term) company, you’d find most of their directors have been )directors of at least 8 companies since 2013. It’s the way corporate boards work!

      • Sandgrounder says:

        Husband and wife operations that last a year and don’t file returns? Hardly a non-exec role with a blue chip is it!
        Anyway, said my 2p and I’m done.

        • Sandgrounder says:

          Ok, coming back because they have now added a VAT number, and it is correct as per the HMRC search tool.
          I am risk averse but fair 🙂

  • Gavin says:

    I will leave spain on sunday at 6pm to fly to heathrow…..which test do i need to get in order to get the code for my passenger locator form to enter the uk…..can somebody tell me please ?
    Thank you.

    • Rob says:

      A Day 2 lateral flow test, such as the £12 one discussed in the article.

  • novelty-socks says:

    Living in an area where the post has been heavily disrupted by COVID absence, I would definitely favour click and collect over Royal Mail delivered options.

    • Flyer says:

      I guess if you order far enough in advance you’re pretty safe – maybe not if your Day 0 is tomorrow (although if your test doesn’t arrive…. not your fault and no isolation so not a massive risk!)

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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