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(SOLD OUT) Get your Head for Points 10th Birthday Party tickets at noon TODAY

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Now that we have teased you about our upcoming 10th Birthday Party, we thought it was time to give you some concrete details. Tickets will go on sale at noon today.

This is our first reader party in over two years – and our third summer party.

EDIT: Due to the combined tube and rail strikes announced for 21st June, the party has now been rearranged for Wednesday 6th July. All ticket holders have been contacted.

EDIT: We sold this out in 10 minutes. Apologies to those who missed out. It took 3 days to sell out our last pre-pandemic party and, given ‘work from home’ etc, we had no idea how quickly this one would go. We look forward to seeing those who got lucky on the 21st.

Renaissance St Pancras exterior

We will be returning to the Renaissance St Pancras hotel, where we had a very successful Summer party in 2019. This is a beautifully restored property – although you may be most familiar with it from its appearance in the ‘Wannabe’ music video by the Spice Girls ….

Renaissance St Pancras spice girls stairs

We are taking over Hansom Hall, a large room at the rear of the lobby:

Renaissance St Pancras Hansom Hall

…. and connecting to a private outdoor space which, weather permitting, we will also be able to enjoy:

Renaissance St Pancras Hansom Hall garden outdoors

The venue has a capacity for 500. We are hoping this means that everyone who wants to come will be able to.  It will be the UK’s biggest frequent flyer event this year.

Enjoy canapes and cupcakes courtesy of Barclaycard

This year, Barclaycard has stepped up to sponsor the event.

As you have probably heard by now, Barclaycard launched two new Avios-earning credit cards this Spring. They will be providing cupcakes and canapés for everyone on the night – you won’t go hungry – so a big thank you to all the team over at Barclaycard.

As well as canapes and cupcakes, your first beer, wine or non-alcoholic drink will be free. Further drinks will be available from cash bars.

You can win a generous prize, courtesy of Malaysia Airlines and our other partners

We will be holding our popular raffle again. Everyone who attends receives a raffle ticket.

Malaysia Airlines has kindly agreed to donate the headline prize:

  • 2 Business Class flights to Kotu Kinabulu in Malaysian Borneo, via Kuala Lumpur, plus a 2 day package in a premium chalet at the Sutera Mantanani Resort on Mantanani Besar island provided by the Sabah Tourism Board

The winner will be able to arrange their flights to build in time in Kuala Lumpur and possibly even Langkawi, as well a couple of days in Borneo.

Further prizes will be finalised over the coming weeks. As well as the holiday in Malaysia, we expect that you will have the chance to win five to ten high value prizes, including a number of luxury hotel stays provided by our hotel partner Marriott Bonvoy.

How can I get a party ticket?

We hope that you can come along to meet Rob, Sinead and myself and to talk miles, points, credit cards and travel with other readers. Bring a friend or come by yourself – you won’t struggle to find someone to share your stories with.

There will be lots of employees from Barclaycard, Malaysia Airlines and our other travel and credit card partners in the room. We get industry members to wear special name badges to identify themselves, so it is easy to stop them for a chat.

The party will run from 6pm to 9pm on Tuesday 21st June at the Renaissance St Pancras.  We have added an extra hour this year to give you more time to chat and to encourage people not to arrive all at once!  The raffle will be drawn by 8pm at the latest so you don’t need to commit to staying until the end – although hopefully you will.

The bar will remain open for a while after 9pm for anyone who wants to stay longer.  The Renaissance also operates The Booking Office 1869 bar which is open until late.

As usual, to ensure that people who ask for tickets turn up there is a nominal charge. (The cost to stage the event is over £20,000 so it genuinely is a nominal charge.)

Tickets are £10 including VAT and will go on sale TODAY, MONDAY, at noon.  They are limited to four per person.

Click here from noon to head to the Eventbrite page to purchase your tickets.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 21st. 

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  • Doommonger says:

    Unfortunately still closed, named after the late Marylin Chambers I’m reliably informed.


    • Blair Waldorf Salad says:

      She’s alive and well and living in Summer Bay according to the latest eps of Home And Away

    • MisterE says:

      The Club is open from Tuesdays onwards at 16:30. You have to be staying in a high category room, or else be Titanium in the Bonvoy progrsm

      • Tariq says:

        That’s what the hotel info says but I have read that it’s closed, so was looking for real world experience.

        • Tariq says:

          If it helps others, here is the official line from the hotel:

          “I am pleased to say that our wonderful The Chambers club is re-opening at its full capacity from tomorrow (1st June).”

          • Doommonger says:

            They have created a green door entrance in memory of the late Ms Chambers.


  • Marc says:

    May I suggest that it might be time to allocating tickets by ballot.

    • Rob says:

      If I was sure they would sell out quickly, we would have split them into two chunks sold at different times, probably half on a weekend day. However, given it took 3 days to sell Christmas 2019 out and this was pre-‘work from home’ etc, we didn’t think it would sell out quickly.

      I told a reader who asked me at 11am if I could reserve him a ticket as he was going to a meeting that he shouldn’t worry as I expected them to still be there tomorrow, yet alone later today. Sorry about that ….

      I really don’t know where you think we are meant to find the time to deal with, say, 1000 ticket applications, manually draw them (which could be for 1-4 tickets each, which makes it even more complex), email those people, wait for them to pay, track incoming payments, respond when payment received, give them a final demand if they don’t pay, draw more names to fill in for non-payers, rinse and repeat etc. This company has 2.6 people working for it and usually one of those is away at any particular time.

      • memesweeper says:

        If you can’t find a ticketing-platform-as-a-service that can handle ballots, don’t even think about it! As someone who jumps on these things very quickly I’m perfectly happy for first-come-first-served to continue 🙂 Unless things have changed since I last checked neither eventbrite nor could do this.

        Please restrict future sales to applicant +1 maximum.

        I know you are not keen on a non-London event due to fears of a low turnout, but I’m sure you could have announced this event in Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle or Edinburgh and sold it out.

        • memesweeper says:

          Incidentally, I can *walk it* to the venue you’ve chosen this summer, so I am perfectly happy for London to continue…

        • Rhys says:

          500 people in Newcastle? I doubt it!

          • memesweeper says:

            OK, Newcastle might be a stretch. But people are keen — I met someone at the first party who came from Glasgow. Personally I’d happily go to any of those cities if I could work around other commitments (which I almost certainly could for most dates).

            There are people who will fly needlessly, spending thousands of pounds, with dozens of changes of planes, from some obscure corner of Europe to Hawaii, and then not leave the airport, just to secure OW TPs. I’m pretty sure there’s a few hundred people who’ll buy an advance purchase ticket and ‘work from home’ for the afternoon on a train to get to this event.

            Whether or not you should bother given London works so well is up to you — but I’m sure if you did, it would succeed.

        • Rob says:

          If a hotel, keen for some PR, offers us a room, a cheap beer deal and £1k to cover trains and hotel then we’d do it.

          • Tariq says:

            Innside Newcastle! Come on Melia 😉

          • yorkieflyer says:

            I’d suggest the Crowne Plaza Sheffield so that Rob could kill two birds with one stone, but I recall him not been a fan of it!

          • Rob says:


      • Gagravarr says:

        As someone who was online at bang-on 12:00:02 and missed out on tickets due to Eventbrite hanging, I may be slightly biased, but…

        How about next time, only put 3/4 of the tickets on general sale, and secretly post a code in the comments for the rest? Means that those who are hard-core commenters and who are most likely to moan get in whatever, and the occasional reader still has a decent chance at coming

        • Yorkieflyer says:

          It’s really very simple as I and another commentator said up thread, restrict sales to 1 or 2 tickets per order

          • Rob says:

            I am guessing this would have freed up 20 tickets max, perhaps fewer. Can’t check at Rhys is still in Oxford and I’m in MRU.

          • Gagravarr says:

            If Rhys is still in Oxford tonight, happy to buy him a pint or two! Though that won’t help with him checking about ticket purchases… 🙂

  • CheshirePete says:

    Perhaps in future the answer might be not to make so London centric. Have 2 events perhaps one in North also. I’m not really into the queueing for tickets malarkey at a certain dictated time. With technology this shouldn’t be necessary anyhow, and perhaps this entire process isn’t what most HfP readers might expect to go thru. Just my tuppence worth. Perhaps in 30
    Years the HfP annual disco might be at Earls Court for all I know!

    • Rob says:

      We couldn’t shift 100 tickets for an event in Manchester – that’s the bottom line. It is also impossible to organise whilst sitting in London and I’m not sure how the entire company is meant to decamp for 3-4 days given our various kids etc. Ticket revenue wouldn’t even cover our hotel and rail costs.

      • Gagravarr says:

        Organising 5 mates in a pub is easy. Getting 8 friends in a restaurant to correctly split the bill can be tricky. A sports group of 20 in a curry house – forget it. Follow the difficulty curve up to 100 and go mad. Push it through to 250+ and give up!

        (I have a few friends who work in events, and even after watching them I don’t know how they pull it off….)

        That said, maybe a TedX style approach could work? Few ground rules laid out, someone who hasn’t been a complete idiot on the forums volunteers, they find a pub willing to host a small group on a quiet night, H4P posts about it in a bits article, and if 5000 people plus 10 sponsors suddenly sign up then Rob can afford the babysitter? If not, 20ish people from the same city get to meet up and have a fun night, everyone’s happy!

    • georgeH says:

      “Perhaps in future the answer might be not to make so London centric”

      Not sure how you’ve come to that conclusion given how quickly it’s so out. In fact being London centric is obviously the right thing to do.

    • Yorkieflyer says:

      I think we should all be expert at this if you’ve ever nabbed 241 Avios tickets at midnight 355 days out!

  • Will says:

    Doing one abroad would be awesome.

    Get one of the hotel chains to offer a night up exclusively to HfP readers for a reasonable sum of points as a publicity stunt.

    You clashed with Glastonbury festival, I guess that Venn diagram with HfP readers is quite a small overlap. There’s at least one in it I can report 😉

  • Charles Martell says:

    Will there be a returns list?

  • ChrisC says:

    I hope the people who find they can’t go let Rob know so the tickets can be re offered.

    And perhaps limit it to a max of 2 rather than 4 per person in future.

    • Rob says:

      I’ll need to see how many people bought four. Very few, at a guess, given they had only 3-4 hours notice that we’d allow this.

      In retrospect, though, you are correct.

      You need to see it from our point of view though. Barclaycard is putting a LOT of money into this – around £15,000 – and it was vital that we delivered a full room. We genuinely had no idea how ‘work from home’ etc would impact ticket sales, and so we threw in everything in our toolkit to ensure tickets shifted.

      • Brian says:

        Here’s the thing – because the cost of the ticket is nominal, a lot of people will buy even if there is an off-chance that they can go. If they can’t go, they won’t care about losing £10. How about setting the cost of a ticket much higher and then giving people a refund for most of the cost on the day? Would that work??

        • Brian says:

          ‘off-chance that they CAN’T go’.

        • Rhys says:

          We already oversell because we know from experience that a certain % won’t come.

          Here’s the thing – there is more demand than supply. Unless we double capacity we will sell out, so someone will be disappointed.

    • Doommonger says:

      Are you going Chris?

      • Rob says:

        Our maths is based on the average no-shows from the last few years so we need that to continue 🙂

  • ChasP says:

    sorry Rob but as you were so incorrect in your informed estimate on how many would apply for a London party why do you think your estimate for a Manchester one is any better ?

    • Rob says:

      Because we know, post our recent reader survey, exactly what % live in Manchester – and the 6pm weekday start means it’s very unlikely people will commute from Leeds, Sheffield etc.

      That said, as per the other comment, if a hotel offered to package it for us – so minimal work is required from our side apart from selling the tickets – and cover our travel and hotel costs then we’d do it, even for 100.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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