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Edinburgh Airport sold to London Gatwick’s owner

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A majority stake (50.01% to be precise) in Edinburgh Airport has been sold to French group VINCI Airports for £1.27 billion.

The current owner, Global Infrastructure Partners, will continue to hold the remaining minority stake.

Edinburgh Airport sold to VINCI Airports

The two companies have a similar arrangement at London Gatwick where VINCI also has 50.01% and GIP has the remainder.

Edinburgh will become the third UK airport to be controlled by VINCI, which also owns Belfast International as well as London Gatwick. VINCI operates over 70 airports globally across 13 countries.

Edinburgh is currently the sixth busiest airport in the United Kingdom, offering flights to more than 150 destinations across 40 airlines. An agreement has been reached on the future investment in, and development of, the airport. The existing management team is remaining in place.

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  • Richard says:

    EDI is an embarrassment. All the belt queue barriers at check in leaving minimal walkway area. The cheap check in podiums then dragging your case to the belt system. Then after security being forced on a tour of the booze, smellies and sunglasses.

    My friend flew in from Stockholm recently and asked when the “temporary” customs hall would be finished. He couldn’t believe it when I said that was it! What a naff welcome to Scotland!

    Oh and don’t forget the £5 pick up charge or you can get fleeced the extra £5.50 for getting the tram to/from the airport on top of the regular £2 fare. (Return is better value at £9.50).

    • CJD says:

      Yeah when we visit Edinburgh we sometimes park at Ingleston and get the tram into the city. It’s always amused me that it’s £1.80 to get from Ingleston all the way to the end of the line (prior to the extension), but it’s £7.50 to go one stop in the opposite direction to the airport.

      • tw33ty says:

        They also got greedy and have a £5 barrier fee for the taxis that come in pick up passengers at the rank, not that they are real taxis, they are private hire taxis, not governed by all the same rules and regulations as proper taxis.

        It’s now a monopoly at the airport with the one private hire taxi firm running all the taxis.

        Plus, it’s a lucky dip of what car you get for the fare, even turning up as two passengers with a suitcase each can often cause issues as the taxi that gets the fare can be too small and already have their boot full of their own rubbish.

        • Richard says:

          They also force tqxindeovers to use the drop off for the £5 fee then if they have another fare to collect they have to drive out and around to the pick up area and pay another fee. They ticket taxis/private hire seen on camera doing drop off and pick up in the drop off zone. Council should force the pick up/drop off fee to be used to subsidise the tram so it’s flat fare to the airport too.

          • TGLoyalty says:

            You want cheaper and cheaper fares and airport fees are forced down by the airlines … this is what you get

            Human kind is in a race to the bottom

  • supergers49 says:

    WELCOME TO SCOTLAND the airport proclaims. Based on the arrivals experience alone, I’m genuinely surprised if anyone ever bothers coming back (unless you live here).

    Three flights of stairs immediately following disembarking the plane. Then the long walk to the immigration shed, which was only recently built but is designed in such away that it already struggles to manage the quantum of pax EDI regularly sees. That’s if you can get into immigration shed, there have been a few occasions where I’ve been queuing on the tarmac for 10 minutes just to get inside.

    Once through immigration (which usually takes a while) you are still left waiting for your bags in the baggage shed (which for clarity is just a different section of the same shed).

    Then onto the taxi rank, where you no longer have the choice of a black cab but join the lottery of private-hire versus black-cab… If there happens to be a taxi there!

    But take a bus I hear you say… Except taking a direct bus to my part of central Edinburgh takes about 1h20m, as opposed to what should be 30m in a taxi.

    Incredibly it is cheaper to park in the multistorey next to the terminal than to take a taxi to and from the airport for most trips 🤦.

    A complete shambles. So hopefully once the new owners realise the shambles they’ve bought, they’ll dump the management team.

    • tw33ty says:

      Yeah I no longer get taxis to or from edi, I leave my car in the car park ay the terminal, it’s cheaper to park while working in Europe for the week, than it is to get taxis.

      All that prime real estate at the front of f the terminal building that they could easily use to expand, but no, make it a car park.

    • CJD says:

      Edinburgh has expanded in capacity to a degree far beyond what the terminal can handle.

      • tw33ty says:

        The airport is running above the capacity it was designed for.

        Rather than trying to get more flights, they should shift capacity to Glasgow airport, it has quite a lot of excess capacity.

        I flew back into Edinburgh this evening, four flights arriving within 20 min of each other, all using Swiss port as the ground agents, as usual, a disaster, waited over an hour at luggage belts.

        • Erico1875 says:

          Why would they shift flights to Glasgow? It’s run by a competitor

        • CJD says:

          20 years ago the idea of going through to Edinburgh to travel anywhere would have been laughable. Glasgow and Prestwick had all the flights you needed.

  • Colin MacKinnon says:

    My big saver is free parking at Harthill motorway services – and use the Citylink bus with my bus pass!

  • Vit says:

    Don’t think I have to add anything as how bad management in EDI is. We once get off from BKK via DOH in the morning and no trolley to be found. When asking around, was told they are all outside but no idea when and who will bring them back! All passenger dragged out the luggage, oversize items through the security gate. We had 1 stroller, 1 oversize bag (box) and 3 luggage and a toddler! It was just horrible as how this kind of thing is allowed to happen in an airport, let’s alone an airport representing the Scottish Capital!

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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