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chelynnah 41 posts

Have used Amex cards of all types and across countries and never once faced a problem with Apple Pay.

I have on several occasions this past year or do. I knew they accepted Amex but the card Ma one wouldn’t accept either Apple Pay or contactless. As someone as I popped the card in fir Chip and pin it was fine. A couple of restaurants and most recently a food counter at the NEC. It was this last one where she said it’d a known issue that their reader will take all contactless except Amex, but it will take it with chip and pin.

I always have a backup MasterCard in there anyway, because not everywhere takes Amex. But yes, there is a known issue with Amex contactless and some companies of card readers. It’s always been the same type of reader when it’s happened to me.

You (and a few others) are confusing Amex acceptance issues with Apple Pay issues. What we are talking about here is Amex not working through Apple Pay. If neither works, it’s the merchant blocking the card explicitly. That’s a different issue from saying Amex doesn’t work with Apple Pay.
Some merchants block Amex on contactless, but forget to block them on chip and pin, which is why it works in some instances.

No I’m not. All above experiences have happened in restaurants or businesses that have had clear Amex acceptance signs, and where I have used Amex for years (except one). It was only when I started to try using Apple Pay in those same places that it was refused. Yes what you suggest has also happened once, but that is not what we are talking about.

So no, I’m not confused. It is possible for both your experience and mine to exist and be valid.

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