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Unfortunately, this EXACT thing just happened to me also.

First time Amex customer, very excited to use the points collected on my Amex British Airways premium card… only to have the card suspended and having to wait to find out why, only to then receive the most unnecessarily harsh and drastic letter I’ve ever had levelled at me (the exact same letter it seems @Reximus and @shahidemran received).

Like @Reximus, I am also self-employed (sole trader, soon to become a limited company). When submitting bank statements from my main personal and business accounts as requested by Amex, it did occur to me that the various transfers between my accounts appear messy. But easily understood and explained. I also submitted my annual salary, when asked during the application, based on my latest tax return.

It’s possible that my last two month’s income doesn’t reflect that exactly… but it’s a business, not a wage from an employer.

It seems from some posters here that there have been some people in the past who have had this happen but were somehow trying to game the system (?). I’m not even sure what that means and can assure you that I really just wanted to use my card for my legitimate business expenses and enjoy the rewards for myself and my family.

My business has quite high outgoings each month (Facebook ads being the highest) and it was pointed out to me that I could be putting that all through an Amex and racking up points.

All very exciting as I’ve been ignorant about these things until recently, and like many people, avoided credit cards like the plague, thinking this was the wise thing to do in life.

I too wondered if it was from putting too much too soon through the card.

I also wondered, I’m sad to say, if there isn’t some profiling going on…

Let’s just say that if @shahidaemran’s username is based on a real first and last name, then my real name is from the same part of the world. I don’t know… I’d hope that’s inconsequential, but a part of me does wonder based on some experiences I’ve had when travelling to the USA.

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