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Is there a text version of this? A 20 minute video to tell a story that can no doubt be read in two is the very worst of the Internet.

The is roughly what every Youtuber does to generate engagement. That is how they make a living. That and gear up outrage about he said/she said.
That Josh guy is famous for this.
I am baffled that he lasted this long.

He clearly does not have a clue how the ME works and if you shame/blame publicly a staff member (damaging their honor) you better never come back to the country. Sth very unpleasant may wait for you at the security checks.

He is out for the quick bucks, w/o maintaining a business relationship. Any decent business owner knows how the game is played. This guy however, although doing Youtube since 2017, has not not learnt/knows a thing.

His report of the crew was scathing.

He didn’t care about the consequences or the crew welfare when he was making sweeping comments that someone “should be well rested after 24 hours in Sri Lanka and be happy to come to work” and that they were “cold” and “turned their backs” etc

And now all of a sudden, he cares about their welfare?

Surely if the crew was as bad as he said they were, then he shouldn’t be at all bothered about their dismissal.

Disingenuous and it’s all for clicks, views and likes.

His job is to do an honest review. He’s good at it too, Josh also praises people when it’s due which is why I’m a fan.

He also does a good job of presenting the crews side of the story, tough curfews, continued working through covid and much more. Is it a surprise they don’t really want to work their anymore?

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