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  • SandsofEss 29 posts


    I’ve made a complex reward flight booking for my family of five this summer. I’m keen to understand my options to tweak it, but when I called the Exec Club the person I spoke to didn’t sound too sure of the rules. Can you help?

    We’ve got return flights from LGW to UVF this August, consisting of the following:

    1) 1 adult & 1 child travelling on a 241 companion voucher (old style), CW out, E return.

    2) 1 adult & 1 child travelling on a 241 companion voucher (new style), CW out, E return.

    3) 1 child travelling on a Barclaycard cabin upgrade voucher, PE out, PE return.

    For my child in PE, I’m keen to change their booking to the same cabins as the rest of us if availability opens up. We have additional new style companion vouchers we could use to do this, though they are both in the adults’ names.

    At the moment, there is no availability in Club World using the cabin upgrade voucher. However, there is additional availability unlocked by the new style 241s.

    I called Exec Club customer services to ask if we could use an additional new style companion voucher to book my child a half-Avios redemption alongside the other passengers in the second booking mentioned above, but the agent said she didn’t think we use two companion vouchers for three people – only four.

    Does anybody know if this is correct, or have any other advice on how we might sort our cabins?

    Thanks a lot,

    AJA 1,028 posts

    Unfortunately the person at BA is an only use a maximum.of 2 vouchers at the same time.

    And it doesn’t work.using a 2-4-1 to book for 3 passengers either

    NorthernLass 6,748 posts

    You can use a 241 to book for more than 2 people – you just pay full avios for the others. This only works with the standard availability though, not the extra availability unlocked by the new 241.

    However, the 241 booking has to have the person who earned the voucher as one of the passengers so you couldn’t use it for a sole traveller other than yourself.

    It depends how risk-averse you are, but one option would be to cancel the current bookings. If the standard award seats re-appear, use the BC voucher plus the old 241 to book 3 of them, then use the new 241 to book the other 2 with the extra availability.

    SandsofEss 29 posts

    Thank you both.

    My travel is currently under three separate bookings in order to make the voucher combination work.

    AJA – just to confirm. I understand it’s possible that one person can use two 241s in a single booking, to cover up to four people in their household account. But, it’s not possible to do the same to cover only three people. Is that your understanding?

    NorthernLass – that’s a good suggestion. I can see that would work in theory, and stick within the limitations of each voucher. I suspect I’ll be too risk-averse, but will discuss with my wife…

    NorthernLass 6,748 posts

    You can use 2 x 241s for a single booking for four people as long as a) both vouchers belong to the same account holder and b) they are both old-style OR new-style, you can’t mix the different types.

    davet 101 posts

    I thought I was being clever creditting one 241 voucher to my wifes account and one to mine and booking for 3 that way but now my wife and baby have booked a seat and they want £560 for me and my son to book the seats next to her, where as on one booking we could all sit together

    AJA 1,028 posts

    @SandsofEss you understand correctly that you can’t use 2 2-4-1s for 3 people. This is because the 2nd passenger’s flight doesn’t cost you any Avios, you just pay the taxes and fees. The mistake is to think it’s 1/2 the Avios for each passenger as it’s not. For example if it costs 120k Avios for a return trip in Club World for one person if you use a Companion Voucher you still only pay 120k Avios but for just one passenger, the second gets a seat in the same cabin “for free” – you just pay the taxes and fees for the 2nd passenger.

    The confusion is now with the newer vouchers where a single passenger can now use the voucher to pay 50% of the Avios but this applies only to the voucher holder. As the voucher holder has to travel with the companion on a 2,4-1 you obviously can’t use 2 vouchers for 3 people as the 3rd passenger using the 2nd voucher would not be the voucher holder.

    But there is the exception with the ability to use 2 BAPP 2-4-1s for 4 passengers at the same time.

    So in short you can either use one voucher for 2 passengers or two vouchers for 4 passengers but not two vouchers for 3 passengers.

    AJA 1,028 posts

    And of course 1 voucher for the voucher holder for 50% of the Avios

    SandsofEss 29 posts

    Thanks for confirming.

    There’s no silver bullet this time then, but I know a little more of the ins and outs of the vouchers for next time. Namely, to book the Cabin Upgrade Voucher seat first.

    Appreciate all the help.

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