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Forums Housekeeping 90% of my posts don’t show….

90% of my posts don’t show….

  • Justin

    I’ve recently noticed that most the time my posts won’t show which can be quite irritating after writing a decently drafted reply with references. This can be quite infuriating when this happens several times.

    it’ll let me submit, but then the website refreshes and my post won’t be there…

    Can someone please look into my account and see if there’s an issue?

    If it makes a difference, my account was merged with an older account of mine.

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    Peter K

    There’s a limit on the number of links of your are using more than one per reply.

    HfP Staff

    Stop quoting things.

    It’s that simple. 95% of posts which go into Spam are quoting someone else’s post.

    It’s not clear why but it triggers our broader internet security package. What you need to remember is that when you post, you are injecting code into the HfP database. For obvious reasons we have things in place to stop that happening when it is nefarious malware injections but sometimes the system gets confused.

    However, if you stop quoting other posts you’ll be fine – like your post was fine!

    We do, eventually, release all trapped posts though so they will appear at some point. There is a 2ndary problem in that approving blocked forum posts is really tricky whilst approving blocked comments on the main site is a doddle.

    The Savage Squirrel

    From experience as the user end, your “with references” comment may be key in this case. Any post with more than one link to another webpage goes into the moderation/spam bin from where it will most likely never return.


    I see, thank you all for the insight.

    I can confirm that posts that have been blocked have had a combination of quotes and several links (for references).


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