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  • Professor Calculus 34 posts


    I have the Amex Plat card which comes with Travel insurance does anyone have any experience with how good (or bad ) the Amex travel insurance is ?

    I am think of taking out a separate travel insurance policy as back up but not sure if I need to any feed back would be helpful in helping me decide ?

    Also does the card cover family members ie adult children who live with me ?


    JDB 4,184 posts

    Re children, in the policy cover “means any of Your children (including step-children, fostered or adopted children) under the age of 25, on the first day of a Trip who are legally dependent on You and who are not in full time employment. (The term Child shall have a corresponding meaning).”

    Whether the policy is any good really depends on your specific needs. The medical cover is good save that it excludes a great many common existing conditions; check carefully. The other pitfall of the policy is that the ‘travel inconvenience’ section is incredibly limited in scope vs other policies in the event you suffer flight cancellation/delay and need to book alternative transport and/or accommodation. The inclusion of the car hire excess cover is good and not offered within many other travel policies. Cover limits for baggage are relatively low. Watch out what does/does not need to be paid on the Plat card. People report that claims handling is fairly good.

    HfP Staff
    2,176 posts

    There’s no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The document is on the website and you should read that, including the list of pre-existing conditions.

    Alao outlines the ‘dependents’ rules and the age at which it stops applying.

    In general …. Axa will not deliberately try to get out of paying. In fact, in my experience, they will often pay up even when you didn’t strictly follow the rules of the policy. To the extent that is ‘good’, then it’s good.

    (Let me clarify. MoneySavingExpert has two different recommended insurance provider lists. The cheapest will never pay up without a court threat BUT they do the job if you need to show proof of coverage somewhere. The 2nd MSE list costs a shed-load more but will pay out. This is how the insurance world works.)

    yonasl 930 posts

    To be fair, a good travel insurance will cost £150 per year (for a couple with no kids), including USA and Ski sports and cover cancellations up to £5,000 pp. That will apply to ALL your trips and not just those that you book with Amex.

    I think the Amex insurance is good to have as a backup but you may want to explore the price of a year long multi trip insurance and compare.

    YC 216 posts

    Fairly niche but another good thing about Amex is that it covers trips up to 90 days. Most others do 30 days at a time.

    Professor Calculus 34 posts

    How good is the COVID-19 cover ?

    cats_are_best 98 posts

    I’ve had god and bad experiences with Centurion insurance which is pretty much the same as Platinum I think…

    Good – had to interrupt my holiday to fly home from ACE for a couple of nights due to an emergency (property damage). Called Amex, booked BA CE return as that was the only BA availability that day, over 1000GBP. Thought I’d try claiming for the flights, they paid without quibble.

    Bad – damage to cycle due to debris in road. Claim rejected as “it’s a vehicle”, nothing in the policy says that, all vehicle references are to cars/similar. Axa quoted some text which is not in the policy saying it defined vehicle, saying it was anything with wheels. I asked is a pushchair a vehicle? response from AXA “yes, it’s got wheels”, so has a wheeled suitcase, but not Santa’s sled. Made a formal complaint, Axa rejected it quoting the same non-policy definition. Complained to Amex via email, they simply forwarded it to Axa! I’ve been too busy to follow up, but it’s on my todo list.

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