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Avios bookings can now be cancelled online, BUT ….

  • NorthernLass

    It now seems possible for avios bookings post Sep 30th to be cancelled online on I had booked RFS seats from ORD in January but later booked different ones from MIA when these unexpectedly became available. This wasn’t possible as BA disabled the function some time ago, but it now appears to have been reinstated.

    However – I paid 30k avios plus £50pp for the seats. The refund has come back as all the avios but no cash. I thought the cancellation fee was £35 pp – has this changed?


    I don’t think there has been any change but, for most of my reward cancellations, I have had the avios pretty much straight away and the cash has taken anywhere from ‘a bit’ longer to ‘quite a bit’ longer.


    Sorry, I wasn’t clear – it was actually specified that the refund would be £0.00. Not the end of the world as I was only expecting £15 x 3 back but I don’t know what the case would have been if it was a CW booking with £000’s of surcharges.


    Edited – now I understand the problem! Still think it should only be £35pp canx fee.


    Hi Anna I cancelled a rfs last week over the phone and it was £35pp to cancel. They advised the £15pp would be refunded back to the card paid -but would take a few weeks. Not sure why you appear to have been charged £50


    I’ll wait and see if the £45 turns up then. At least the cancellation facility seems to have been reinstated now we’re beyond Sep 30th, it was such a pain not having it!
    Rob might want to highlight this as it might save a few people thinking they still need to call BA to do this.


    If this is the case it would certainly make the £1 + Avios flights very attractive again.


    If this is the case it would certainly make the £1 + Avios flights very attractive again.

    Only if you intend to cancel. Most expensive option to fly


    I thought online cancellations are free? Sure I screenshot T&Cs that stated that for a US (AA) domestic flight.


    Never been free, always the standard £35 pp. With AA it might be slightly different as you’re paying very little tax on domestic flights.


    Just tried to cancel an avios CE RFS booking online.

    It tells me I’m owed £0.00 + the avios and a 241 voucher, despite having paid 2 x £50 for the booking.

    So they are trying to charge £50 per person cancellation.

    I’ll call tomorrow instead and hopefully get it sorted quickly.

    It’s only £30, but it’s the principle of the matter.


    I cancelled 2 x 2 legs about 2 weeks and was told I lose the £50 per ticket. I got routed to an Indian call centre which clearly didn’t help. Another call beckons.


    I called the exec club this morning.

    Cancelled for £35 per person.

    E-mail received confirming the £30 refund I will get. Usual messaging around “upto 14 days” to receive the cash back.

    Avios have appeared already.

    It’s not like BAs IT to be incapable of working properly 😂


    My confirmation email only showed the avios refund. Sounds like there’s something amiss with BA’s IT (shock horror). Hopefully someone will try to cancel a booking with the full monty of BA surcharges soon and be able to report what they were charged!

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