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  • PeteM 778 posts

    When you look at the benefits of Avis’ President’s Club and Preferred Plus, for example here:

    You will see “Free additional driver” on both – no asterisk or obvious qualification.

    You’d need to open the full T&Cs further down on that page to find out, in clause 6.3, that the free additional driver is only available in a fairly small number of, mostly European, countries…

    Not sure if it’s common knowledge, but it would have caught me out on a US booking, if not for a friend mentioning it.

    I gather US Avis includes spouses as free additional drivers, but that’s not my situation unfortunately.

    NorthernLass 8,262 posts

    If you book via BA you get the free additional driver anyway.

    PeteM 778 posts

    You do indeed, but a) you have to prepay in full (Avios booking, not BAH) and b) the cancellation fees are pretty unfavourable (only 80% back).

    Also not clear on whether you still get the President’s Club benefits in terms of upgrades, etc if booking via BA?

    Plus Avis direct is usually 8-10% on TCSHBK…

    aso40 61 posts

    I think that is new, notice it is dated Nov last year. At least they have actually published the details, as it was all very vague before.

    Though I have certainly used the additional driver benefit in countries that are not listed, including as recently as last month. A couple of times I was charged, but the charge was refunded with a quick call to UK customer services.

    PeteM 778 posts

    Thanks for sharing that – interesting! Guess now with the new T&Cs that may be harder to argue.

    Have sent them an email to clarify!

    JDB 4,643 posts

    The issue is that once you are dealing with franchisees or sub-franchisees whether it be with Avis, Hertz or anyone else, many agencies have no respect for any loyalty benefits and do exactly what they want. They have their own country sites, discount codes, loyalty number system. However, whilst you may not get things like an extra driver automatically, the cost of booking on a local site (eg the Hertz/Avasa site in Mexico) is just so much lower that the benefits are something of an irrelevance. The same applies in Argentina – a three week hire with Hertz was one third of the price booking it via WhatsApp locally (and you still get a proper Hertz confirmation). Adding two additional drivers for those three weeks cost £7 in total.

    PeteM 778 posts

    Sure, but as @aso40 says – if the UK website you book on promises a free additional driver, it’s really up for them to then provide it or make you good.

    In the case of the US the prices for locals are significantly cheaper, but do not include any insurance. Once you add even the most basic cover we’re used to (and our excess insurance works with) the price jumps significantly.

    Latin America is a whole different kettle of fish…

    Not Long Now... 98 posts

    Don’t forget that most US states include free second driver if it’s your partner/carer/family.

    JDB 4,643 posts

    @PeteM – I am more than aware of the insurance differences of booking via different sites! I was talking about the difference between underlying international/tourist prices and underlying prices for locals with like for like conditions.

    Personally, when arriving after a long flight or at counter with a queue behind you I don’t want to be arguing about T&Cs which aren’t actually even T&Cs at all – it’s hardly a contract and there are too many top tier cardholders. Nor do I want to arguing to be ‘made good’ after the event with a very uncertain outcome.

    I mentioned two countries but I could have mentioned plenty of others, including in Europe where it’s unrealistic to turn up and expect these benefits every time. One sees so many people at counters arguing about their ‘rights’ and usually getting nowhere.

    Prospects are greatly increased of getting the exact car you want, tight inclusions/exclusions etc. if one communicates with the individual rental office in advance.

    PeteM 778 posts

    You may be aware of it, but others reading this thread may not, @JDB. So when based on that advice they book a car on the US Avis website for $300 that’s £450 on the UK one and they then have an accident, they may discover it wasn’t such a great deal.

    Unfortunately local Avis offices in the US have zero interest in communicating with anyone… And my experience is similar around the world, kudos to you if you manage to.

    PeteM 778 posts

    To confuse things, Avis replied:

    Dear @PeteM,

    In reference to your email, I can confirm you will be able to arrange a free extra driver at the desk, when you collect the car.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other queries.

    Many of your questions can be answered at

    Kind regards,

    Offline Team Northern Region
    Avis Budget Group Contact Centre EMEA, S.A.

    Well I’m happy with that 🤣

    yonasl 976 posts

    To add to confusion. In Japan it is customary to give free extra additional driver. but Avis has no idea what the Presidents club and what not are!

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