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  • jimmyq

    Hello, I’m new to the forum and long haul travel so this may seem a little basic.
    I was booked DUB-LHR- ORD in club world (cash ticket) with a tight connection at LHR of 1hr 5 mins, the DUB -LHR flight was delayed by 45 minutes. I tried to make the connection but was refused entry to the connecting security ( red light om scanning the boarding card). I waited in what was Bedlam at the BA connections desk and eventually after calling for a manager to explain why there was only one staff member at the club world area got to speak to someone after 45 minutes. I was put on a United flight the following day and had to spend the night in the IBIS hotel on Bath Road. I was offered no explanation as to the reason for the delay although I overheard a crew member telling another passenger on the DUB -LHR flight that it was related to bag loading O/B at LHR. I have since returned and checked my account and no Avios or tier points have been credited for the LHR-ORD leg. is this right? Also am I entitled to any compensation, I missed a day of my trip and had to adjust other aspects of it, I received nothing by way of apology from BA. I have yet to contact them as I expect to be fobbed off!


    You will need to ask BA for original routing credit to receive the Avios + TP you would have received on the BA flight; it’s not automatic.

    BA should pay for your hotel and any reasonable food costs in any event and you should also be eligible for £520 compensation for the delay unless BA can magic up any ‘extraordinary circumstances’ which sounds unlikely from what you say. BA will not compensate you for any losses you incurred owing to arriving in the US a day late – eg hotel no show/cancellation costs but that might be claimable on travel insurance. You don’t get anything beyond the above statutory sum for loss of a day’s holiday, disappointment etc.

    You apply to BA online to get the above compensation/reimbursement.


    Incidentally you can get the United miles too.

    Lady London

    I’d suggest sending 1 claim for reimbursement of your duty of care expenses due to forced overnight in LHR. Enclose photos of your receipts for hotel, any meals occurring during your extra wait time (sounds like dinner and breakfast at least), transport to and from the hotel, plus any internet charges, eg at the hotel, or alternatively to internet, claim 2 phone calls if there was a cost to you to make them.

    The second, separate, claim for £520 compensation due to extremely late arrival over 5 hours at the end of your DUB-ORD journey.

    Quite often the expenses would be paid without question as regardless of the reason the airline is liable for duty of care. Compensation claims may take longer so best to make 2 separate claims even though they were both caused by the same incident – it gives BA a chance to reimburse your out of pocket expenses sooner.


    Many thanks all for the advice, I will now approach BA.


    After weeks of waiting BA gave me ths FOB off I was expecting stating the delay was not their fault it was down to baggage handling company. Re missing avios and tier points –we dont deal with that, call *******.

    Totally useless!

    BA Flyer IHG Stayer

    For issues regarding avios and tier points you need to contact executive club and not customer relations.

    Not sure of the online retro claim form works for ORC but a phone call will suffice.

    Lady London

    Hey @JDB what do you think on this?

    I hope the OP is pursuing each of the following separately.

    1. original routing credit – call Executive Club. Document the call, chase if not received in 2-3 weeks. Fill out any form they tell you to, if needed, to claim. You flew it, so you’re entitled regardless of whether any other issues connected with the travel are resolved.

    2. Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses for hotel, all meals falling due during the longer gap between your flights, and transport to and from the hotel, if BA did not already provide all of these to you claim any you paid that you had to pay out for (with receipts, of course). Again chase every 3 weeks or so.

    3. Compensation for delay.

    if BA could get out of compensation every time there are baggage problems in Heathrow Terminal 5 they’d get away with not paying many more claims. Because baggage problems at Terminal 5 have been constantly recurring since it opened. The stated reason changes, but it keeps happening longterm. This is however the first time I hear of baggage delay being an excuse used by BA, on this forum. I hope this pathetic excuse to try to evade paying £520 compensation, is not now part of BA’s list of things they will regularly try on people.

    IMV baggage handlers are a service BA pays for, pretty much as a subcontractor. IMV BA remains responsible for this service therefore it is their fault if they claim their issues with it delayed a flight. I would strongly recommend you to persist with your claim for compensation however it may take MCOL or CEDR (pref. MCOL in my view) to get your money out of them. However if you read the threads on here in Flight Cancellations section you will see it does take persistence to avoid BA’s ingenuity in coming up with incorrect excuses and other attempts to stonewall valid claims. Do you have that persistence ?


    Thanks for giving me the encouragement to persist, I perhaps should have made it clear in the original post- they did pay for the hotel and food. Is there a glossary anywhere for ‘acronyms’ used by the experts on here eg MCOL, CEDR OCR etc? Thanks again.


    MCOL – Money Claim Online.
    ORC – Original routing credit.
    CEDR – Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution.
    IMV – In my view.
    BA – Bl**dy Awful.

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