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  • V8gaz 13 posts

    We’re looking for a new bed, and rather than spend 2 minutes lying on top of a showroom bed, we want an overnight test. So what is the best hotel bed you have ever had?

    For us, it was the Mayfair hotel, London, about 20 years ago. I will be trying it again, but I’m assuming they may have changed their bed provider.

    What’s yours?

    memesweeper 1,297 posts

    The Sheraton at Park Lane was exceptional.

    I’m in a Park Hyatt right now and if it was my only bed for the rest of my days I’d be happy enough.

    The beds at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast were absolutely stupendous. No idea how a bed could be so good.

    Aston100 1,445 posts

    Premier Inn Hypnos beds are well regarded.

    NorthernLass 8,227 posts

    Bizarrely the comfiest mattress I ever slept on was in our timeshare apartment in Spain in February but my OH didn’t agree so that must just be me. We were in r the market for a new one recently though, so we went to Dreams where they have a contraption which you lie on and it recommends the mattress suited to you sleeping position etc. They had 50% off on our chosen model and they do let you try it out for a few weeks so you can return it if you don’t like it.

    To dare is to do 133 posts

    Premier inn…Hypnos beds. British made as well and you can visit factory in Princes Risborough.

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    Andrew. 506 posts

    A mattress that doesn’t have layers of latex or “memory foam”!

    My “luxurious” £2,500 mattress is consigned to the spare room. I’m currently sleeping on a classic tufted, firm, pocket sprung, white label mattress that was a £150 distress purchase (with same day delivery) from a local independent wholesaler. Testing it was lying on it, with it still in its plastic wrapper, on the warehouse floor.

    I’d like to say, “you get what you pay for” or “It’ll do for now”, but I’m getting a really good nights sleep. More importantly, I’m not waking up so drenched with sweat from memory foam that it feels like I’ve wee’d myself.

    Lady London 2,139 posts

    I’d like to try out a lot more hotels for this. Following @memesweeper’s recommendation I will look into trying out the Stormont Hotel’s bed if I ever make it to Belfast. Meanwhile I’d take any bed that had my partner in it.

    I have to say I’ve had some of my most comfortable nights on various Thermarests (my hobby being camping) and their Mondoking is worth keeping rolled up in a cupboard at home as a backup for extra guests

    dst87 269 posts

    Like @NorthernLass I recommend the Dreams Sleepmatch machine, and the store in general. I’ve been through a few mattresses purchased online (the trendy DTC companies that have been heavily advertised over the past few years) and always end up with a bad back after a few months.

    Dreams pleasantly surprised me. Really great service and a huge range of mattresses you can actually try. Their Sleepmatch machine will not only give you a list of mattresses that match that you can try, it also explains what type of mattress your body needs so you can look elsewhere too.

    Important thing is to understand what type of mattress your body needs. A revelation for me is that you can have a firm (i.e. supportive) mattress that is still plush. It’s made a world of difference.

    QRA 21 posts

    The Sofitel bed with the duck featherbed topper always makes me want to sing the Steve Harley song- Mr Soft. It’s like sleeping on a marshmallow, not that I have yet succumbed to that level of hedonism.

    V8gaz 13 posts

    Thanks everyone, some good suggestions here.

    dbbs 23 posts

    Always been happy with the Hilton mattresses abroad which I believe are made by Serta. Think they use the same mattress across Hilton/Garden Inn/Doubletree brands.

    I would be interested in buying one if they are available in the UK

    memesweeper 1,297 posts

    For anyone not bothered to travel to the Stormont Hotel in Belfast to check out their astonishing bed, it turns out it’s handmade by Kingkoil in Ireland, and is a bespoke thing called a ‘cloud bed’. They have other models available for regular consumers and the hospitality industry.

    V8gaz 13 posts

    More importantly, I’m not waking up so drenched with sweat from memory foam that it feels like I’ve wee’d myself.

    That’s what I don’t like about memory foam. My wife is really keen to spent loads of money on a Tempur, despite us binning our last memory foam mattress for that very reason. She is absolute proof that advertising works. 😁

    Now tempted to jump on a ferry to Belfast.

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    NorthernLass 8,227 posts

    We got a memory foam mattress once and hated it – after one night it was consigned to the garage then given to a cousin who’d just bought his first house!

    Erico1875 150 posts

    We bought a Leesa and it’s terrible.I suspect all the hybrids will be similar.
    I have read good things about Hard Rock Hotels mattresses

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