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  • Aston100

    …are the motorways letting you drive away as quickly as possible.
    Confirm / Deny?


    Bit of a silly thread to start…


    Bit of a silly section to begin with don’t you think?


    Denied. There’s plenty of great things and places in London in addition to the motorways, from Head For Points through to great hotels, fantastic history,architecture, hotels,theatre, restaurants and shopping, among others.

    I’d say the motorways are the one of the worst things but at least they let you leave the capital quickly since you plainly don’t like it.


    Leaving London after more than twenty five years was one of the best things I’ve ever done.
    You don’t realise how bad a place is until you revisit after moving away.


    I moved up from Sussex-by-the-sea about 8 years ago and can’t imagine leaving yet. Having a London-centric board is a bit alienating though. I spend a fair amount of time up in Glasgow and there’s loads of fab things to see, do and eat up there. I’d rather see a UK board, maybe with regional sub sections.


    Thing is, Rob says the majority of the site readership is silent and London-based (and possibly millionaires?) but acknowledges that the commentary is mostly from those who are not from London.
    If that is indeed the case, then why have a section dedicated to the minority who do not comment much (or at all), and no sections for those who DO leave comments on the site?
    Seems very odd to me.


    I imagine that majority of the membership are ardent AVIOS collectors, which basically means they are most likely to fly from Heathrow (or City), which means they are most likely to live in, or near (as I do) to London. So good idea IMHO.

    I think its an excellent topic especially for ‘out of towners’ like myself who used to live in London and now live outside but come into London overnight fairly frequently. So, I’d be interested to learn about any great hotels/ hotel offers, restaurants etc


    Gotta be joking haven’t you? Leaving London during busy periods on the main roads (at least west) is absolute murder! I used to park at Perivale or similar and get the tube instead of driving in/out.

    RE: London. I don’t get what all the fuss is about, I don’t want to live there, and I don’t particularly like it there… but I do have to work there and if I can make my life better with tips and recommendations on the forum for things in London then all the better I say. I’m in favour of the subforum!


    News just in: Some people like London, other people don’t like London


    OK, a bit of a change from my Omnimo steak restaurant suggestion, but I am a big Honest Burger fan and it so happens my office is very close to their Bank branch which has re-opened a few weeks ago!

    Anyone else?


    Yes, Honest Burger is good, a winning formula.


    If you’re east of Trafalgar square, perhaps not too far from an Elizabeth line station.


    I do feel like there would be more life in this subforum if it was U.K. life rather than London centric.

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    I agree with Tgi. Maybe a sub forum for “all things to do with the uk” would be a sensible suggestion. I’m enjoy the forums but more sub forums are most certainly needed.

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