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  • tillyedwards1 7 posts

    Flew LGW-DOH today cash ticket BA holidays on BA flight number but Qr , landed on time however flight from DOH-BKK is delayed by 3hr10 (qr834) not sure why … just said tech issue , can I claim comp depending on issue , if so who do I raise a claim too ? BA holidays / BA or QR when returning back to U.K.

    Advice appreciated

    BA Flyer IHG Stayer 2,252 posts

    You would claim against the operating carrier so QR.

    BUT you don’t have a claim yet as it depends on the eventual delay between the scheduled and actual arrival time at BKK which is your final destination not DOH.

    nike85 33 posts

    Do you get compo even though it’s a non EU/UK airline and the delayed sector doesn’t originate in EU/UK? Or for the purposes of compo is the route LGW-BKK? Just interested!

    JDB 4,643 posts

    @nike85 – yes, the pax would be eligible for compensation if the DOH-BKK is part of a connecting journey originating in the UK even though it’s on a third country airline and between two third country airports. The reverse journey would not be covered. Equally, if you make a stopover in Doha, the second flight would no longer be covered under UK261. The compensation for a delay between three and four hours on long haul is 50% of the full £520. QR isn’t renowned for paying up easily and doesn’t participate in any ADR scheme.

    Matt 352 posts

    I had a slightly longer than 4hr delay on QR earlier this year in similar circumstances (though it was an avios booking rather than a BAH), and put in a claim after my trip.

    I was pleasantly surprised that they paid up very quickly, without any argument. Quite a lot of forms to fill in, but no issues at all.

    tillyedwards1 7 posts

    The flight was over 3 hr delay however landed 2hr 58 min late

    Guess no comp then , was a tech issue got names of people who confirmed and the lounge allowed me to take photo from the screen showing delay reason

    Worth submitting or flogging a dead horse

    Also seat was broken both sectors , once reclined wouldn’t go back … would BA give anything or again a claim with QR , I’m a gold BA member rather have points then cash

    Was flying economy Y class as booked on day

    BA Flyer IHG Stayer 2,252 posts

    It’s a claim to QR for issues on a QR flight.

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