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  • Ash 588 posts

    Hi, I need to book some internal Aeromexico flights (Mexico City-Oaxaca) and some Mexico City to Guatemala.

    Is it true that they can be booked with Virgin points?

    Do I need to open an Aeromexico frequent flyers club account and transfer my virgin points across?

    Any pointers appreciated.

    memesweeper 1,117 posts

    Aeromexico flights should be bookable, however, you do not transfer miles. You call Virgin and ask them to book using your Virgin points.

    To search for available flights I’d use the KLM site.

    AL 466 posts

    AM is a little confusing in the world of VS at the moment. Redemptions made under AM as a SkyTeam alliance member are “coming soon” (, but VS and AM have had a codeshare operation for quite some time.

    To use the codeshare operation, you can call – or you can look for flights between LHR and MEX on (and pay with points on the website, should you wish). You can also book domestic Mexican services with VS numbers on, too, either individually or as part of a longer itinerary. You will also find that tries routes involving VS, DL, AF and KL, too, and those may be preferable.

    You earn TPs and VS Points per

    Do remember that AM departs LHR T4, not T3, so no Clubhouse etc.

    Ash 588 posts

    Thank you both.

    mrgraham 7 posts

    One correction, AM flies from LHR T3 these days. I travelled to Mexico City in March, just after the Skyteam changes, and I had Clubhouse access as I was flying business/”premier” class. They couldn’t add my FC number to the booking as the IT changes hadn’t been implemented (I retro claimed), but in theory Gold members should be able to get Clubhouse access when flying in any class on Aeromexico.

    JDB 3,515 posts

    I would also add that AM offers incredibly cheap cash fares if you book ahead and flexibility isn’t much extra. Avoid Viva Aerobus.

    PeteM 513 posts

    Volaris are a great cheap option too.

    Ash 588 posts

    I have BA business to/from Mexico, T5 I assume.

    Wanted to get to Oaxaca and Guatemala from mexico city with AM using virgin points.

    Flew Viva Aerobus. Never again.

    The_Hanif 10 posts

    I am also looking for internal Mexico flights with Virgin Points, I have called a few times, but it seems the flights have not been loaded onto their system ( regardless of what date I’ve given), so I have been unable to book. the date 9th May has been mentioned once as when the flights may be loaded.

    zapato1060 416 posts

    Flew Viva Aerobus. Never again.

    What was wrong with Aerobus? Its a Ryanair/Wizz flight in effect is it not? I flew 3hours, yes its basic but what did you expect?

    Ash 588 posts

    Huge delays. Zero communication. Staff not present , those that were knew nothing.

    JDB 3,515 posts

    Flew Viva Aerobus. Never again.

    What was wrong with Aerobus? Its a Ryanair/Wizz flight in effect is it not? I flew 3hours, yes its basic but what did you expect?

    It’s Ryanair/Wizz but with none of their operational capabilities. The first two pages of the arrivals/deaprture boards at MEX are usually very heavily delayed Viva flights and that’s without any particular issues affecting airlines. If anything goes wrong, Viva and Volaris are a fiasco.

    Alex 37 posts

    Is there any update on the availability of Aeromexico bookings with Virgin points? Please could you keep us informed, I am sure I am not the only one watching this thread.

    RTS 90 posts

    Could just call VS. probably be quicker?

    Alex 37 posts

    Well I did it around the time of this thread, took 30+min, and it turned they had exactly the same problem as described above with no flights loaded and they did not know when will this be fixed. If I call again and be lucky I will surely update this thread, and will appreciate if other could do.

    marks7389 362 posts

    Does anyone know whether Aeromexico redemptions include checked luggage, and what the taxes and fees are like?

    Alex 37 posts

    Just called and Aeromexico still unavailable for reward bookings.

    dahokolomoki 84 posts

    Just checked today and it looks like Aeromexico domestic flights in Mexico are fully available on Virgin Atlantic’s website for searching and booking. Pretty decent value to, especially for Economy, what with the low taxes. Business looks fair prices too (but not sure how much of a business experience you get on domestic flights in Mexico).

    Adding to this thread in case anyone stumbles upon it!

    NorthernLass 5,842 posts

    Many thanks – this is very helpful!

    Lula 197 posts

    I’ve booked Aeromexico domestic flights and it won’t let me add my virgin number, for some reason. Doesn’t offer virgin as an option in the app at all, and on the website it offers the option, but despite saying the number has been added, it hasn’t.

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