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  • JBC786 4 posts

    Can I get 2x 160 tier points for Club Europe to Bucharest and Sofia in one booking?
    So if I were to say fly to/return (say after 1 week) from Bucharest back to London and flight back out (3hrs later same day) to Sofia than return (a week later), does this still mean I would get 80 tier points each per flight (320 points) ?
    Would be great if anyone can help/advise please 🙏

    ClubSmed 204 posts

    You would get 80x2x2=320 for the flights you suggest if you flew Club Europe (Business Class).
    As you are spending more than 5 days at each destination, if you made it 2 bookings via BA Holidays (by including either car hire or hotel via the original BA booking) then you would get even more (80x2x2x2=640)
    Hope that helps

    James C 7 posts

    And as @ClubSmed says it must be two bookings to get double tier points via BA Holidays. Putting both flights on the same BA Holiday would mean neither accrued double points.

    Hogdiesel 21 posts

    Splitting into two bookings and adding a hotel/car hire in Sofia would allow you to get double points on one booking. But the second booking would surely then be for a return from Sofia to London – which technically does not qualify under the T&Cs?

    NorthernLass 8,480 posts

    2nd booking would be LHR-SOF-LHR, no?

    AndrewT 174 posts

    It’s unclear what the question is. Four cash flights in CE, LHR – OTP, OTP – LHR, LHR – SOF & SOF – LHR will always be 320TP regardless of how you book them.

    If the question is actually ‘can I get BA Holidays double TP’ and get an extra 320TP, then it needs to be two separate bookings starting from the UK (and of course meeting the various other criteria).

    BA Flyer IHG Stayer 2,385 posts

    OP needs to come back to tell us exactly what it is they want to do and why.

    Even as two separate BA hols I wouldn’t do the LHR-SOF the same day as the LHR-OTP as they are two separate contracts and if the OTP arrived late into LHR and they miss the SOF flight BA won’t necessarily just rebook them for free.

    JBC786 4 posts

    Thank you all for your responses. I don’t plan on driving and will booking an Airbnb for accommodation. I just needed that clarification if I had a connection whether I would be penalised/given less points but that’s clear now.

    @BA Flyer IHG Stayer, thanks for raising this concern as this was also my thought. The arrival time for OTP-LHR is 10.10am, marked as often 30min+ delay and LHR-SOF flight at 14.55pm, which allows around 3hrs 45mins gap.
    If I do 2 separate bookings I increase the risk missing LHR-SOF flight should there be a considerable delay and losing money if i missing the flight, therefore I guess the better decision would be to do ALL as one booking LHR-OTP, OTP-LHR, LHR-SOF & SOF-LHR (London/Bucharest/Sofia/London), that way at least 2nd and 3rd flight will be regarded as a connection? I.e. avoiding checking in luggage/security right?

    AndrewT 174 posts

    I think we were all working on the basis that the BAH double TP offer was in the equation.

    As it isn’t, then yes if you can put all four flights on the same booking, should flight 2 go pear shaped then they would rebook you on the next available flight to SOF. 80TP per flight regardless of when or indeed in what order you take them.

    JBC786 4 posts

    Awesome, thanks so much for the reassurance !!

    ClubSmed 204 posts

    Is the purpose of this just to get tier points, or are they trips you want to take and the tier points are a bonus?
    If it is the former, it could be cheaper to just do one of them as a BA holiday and you would get the same amount of tier points as if you did both of the trips as flights only.

    pappap647 70 posts

    Would it not be the same plane?

    So if delayed going out, it will be delayed coming back as it needs to refuel and do the change over.

    Same thing happened on a TP run to Manchester, so we were not worried.

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