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Companion Voucher rules changes?

  • Mark

    Hi All

    Have the ruled changed for Amex Issues companion vouchers?

    I had a voucher that was triggered in September 2022 and should expire in September 2024. I’ve been holding off triggering the next voucher until september this year so I have two to use in the summer of 2024

    However, I’ve just logged on to my BA account and it shows the expiry date of the voucher as the 9th March 2024 not September. What’s strange is that my Amex annivaersay date is also the 9th March?

    Has something changed and vouchers are now being tied to the anniversary date?


    Everyone will be mystified how we are in August 2022 and you are talking about September 2022 in the past tense.

    I’m assuming you have a BAPP Amex and you triggered the last voucher in September 2021. The vouchers have a two year expiry date but when you triggered it BA were giving an additional six months validity on vouchers. Therefore it’s expiry would be March 2024 which appears to be the case and coincidentally ties in with your year end.

    So it looks correct to me. Did you actually see it in your account with a September 2024 expiry date or have you got your wires crossed?



    Ahh yes. I see what you’re saying. I’m a time traveller don’t you know!

    Yes, it should have expired September 2023 but has been extended until March 2024. That’s what threw me.


    That sounds right. I timed my prior voucher perfectly, triggering at the end of December so its expiry was 30 June 2024 which makes it useful for the Scottish school holidays. (Yes, we break up this early!)

    Then like an idiot I accidentally triggered the next one last month by overspending having missed the bit on the statement that pointed out the final several days of activity don’t count.

    As for time travelling, I’m fairly sure that September 2022 will be better than August 2022 on the basis that my kids will be back in school for all of September…

    Joe G

    I was burnt a bit on this too this year putting quite a large spend on my BAPP (mainly due to a statement credit offer) and earned my voucher very early in the membership year when I would have preferred some more time on it.

    I find it quite odd that the voucher is tied to the date the spend amount is triggered as surely in a lot of cases that means people may hold back on spending on the card to maximise the time they have on the voucher. Assuming AMEX actually want you to spend on the card you would think it would be better linked to the end of the membership year you earned it.


    Assuming nothing has changed in rates since the below article, Amex don’t want you to spend on the BA Amex. They likely make a loss on every pound you spend on it.


    Assuming nothing has changed in rates since the below article, Amex don’t want you to spend on the BA Amex. They likely make a loss on every pound you spend on it.

    It’s still going 4.5 years later though… (but the BAPP now has a £250 fee rather than £195 at that time)

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