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  • Mikeact 234 posts

    Like many, I’m probably a bit out of touch with Covid test requirements.

    My wife and I are booked on BA long haul leaving from T5 for the US at around lunchtime mid week.

    And particular recommendations for tests that are required prior to check in ? Or do’s or dont’s?

    marks7389 425 posts

    Breathe Assured video witnessed lateral flow tests were great (and inexpensive).

    tiriavpo 316 posts

    More info required really, like where you are, how you are getting to the airport, are you staying the night before etc.

    You need to test no earlier than the day before your flight. If you can do it the day before at least you know where you stand before leaving for the airport. And you can check in online before you leave.

    Home tests need to be supervised, but you often need to buy the tests then try to get a video slot once you have the test. A friend recently bought a test, then found there were no slots, so if you go that route do it well in advance.

    There are plenty of test options at T5 but you would need to wait for the result to come through (about 30 mins) before checking in. If driving, there is a drive-through ExpressTest site in the old T4 longs stay car park, so you would probably have the result by the time you were parked up and at T5.

    Notwithstanding the useful advice on forums such as these, ensure you are familiar with the actual requirements on the CDC website (and check that links like this are current):

    Mikeact 234 posts

    Thanks, reasonably early taxi from the South Coast. I reckon a home type test the day before seems the best bet for us.

    ianwardz 43 posts
    ianwardz 43 posts

    Oops prossed submit too soon.
    The tests came at £20 each and we already have the tests. They came in the post a few days after booking.
    We have the actual video test booked for the morning, the day before we travel mid May.

    marks7389 425 posts

    It might be helpful to refer to the current BA list which includes any BA negotiated discounts:

    As I said yesterday we have first-hand experience of Breathe Assured for a video supervised test. We booked slots at the time of ordering so there was no issue around availability.

    Looks like Medicspot and Qured are currently the cheapest, though we have no direct experience of those.

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    Ladyshopper 121 posts

    We’ve got DOCHQ booked as well for the day before our flight next week. I did book a few weeks ago, as didn’t want to miss out on availability (you can check on the site and it tells you how many appointments are available for the day, so gives you a good idea of what there is). Tests came within a couple of days.

    Shazza12 51 posts

    Can recommend dochq also, easy process, lovely lady on the video call and cost £38.50 for 2 with discount.

    ChrisC 956 posts

    Plenty of recommendation here

    You can use any approved test not just the ones BA might list on their website.

    Graham-Walsh 63 posts

    Another vote for DocHQ. Used many times and all ok.

    Scottpat78 237 posts

    +1 for DocHQ. Hit them on their regular site and use RETURN30 to get a video supervised test for £19.50.

    Used them for solo trips and a family of 4 in 1 appointment recently and they have been great. Only downside is that the certificate doesn’t seem to be recognised with the QR code for Verifly. So you need to wait on a manual review but that takes 30-60 mins at worst.

    We also bought a pack of 5 tests for £20 and took them on our holiday – used them for the 3 day test for the kids and just took a pic of the result.

    Mick S 280 posts

    I’ve used SimplyTestMe twice now in the last few weeks.

    £12.00 for test, 10% discount for 2 mor more.
    £15 PP supervised.

    I highly recommend them.

    SBIre 170 posts

    +1 for DocHQ. I’ve used them five times recently and they have been great.

    NHS_Slave 22 posts

    Used Chronomics a few times for travelling to the US. Quick, efficient and affordable. No need to fanny around with video tests etc.

    Mick S 280 posts

    Used Chronomics a few times for travelling to the US. Quick, efficient and affordable. No need to fanny around with video tests etc.

    so is the US satisfied that you’ve not just waved the swap around in the fresh air in order to get a negative test? 🙂

    marks7389 425 posts

    Used Chronomics a few times for travelling to the US. Quick, efficient and affordable. No need to fanny around with video tests etc.

    It doesn’t comply with the entry requirements if it is not monitored though. You may get away with it, but is it really worth the risk of being denied boarding / refused entry?

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