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Duplicate reply that isn’t

  • memesweeper


    I’m trying to post a new message on the end of the roaming mobile thread, but keep getting duplicate reply error. Message text below:-

    My daughter has a year in the USA planned. She needs a US number as well as a reasonable data package. She also wants to keep her UK number. She has an eSIM compatible iPhone. As I see it she has these options:

    1) port UK number to a network that supports eSIM, eSIM her UK number, buy a PAYG SIM on arrival

    2) port UK number to a network that supports VOIP, use a VOIP client for UK number, buy a PAYG SIM on arrival

    3) get a US PAYG plan on an eSIM

    ‘1’ requires porting in the UK to a network which will charge a minimum of £10/month; ‘2’ might be cheapest but requires faffing for her which she won’t want; ‘3’ is least effort, and should be cheap enough, but I can’t find a provider that actually supports a phone number, rather than data only — any recommendations?

    Any idea why?

    Lady London

    It means it accepted your reply and it is indeed there but held in a queue for manual approval

    Just posted on another thread where a non controversial non nested reply of mine just submitted to nowhere. 4th or 5th one this week and finally got fed up and posted a grump.

    If only we were spammers in Bulgaria, China or Uzbekistan. Then we wouldn’t have any trouble posting and could even Create Topics 🙂

    HfP Staff

    Apologies for this.

    You will realise that our recent spam posts have all been on the same topic. We have therefore blocked certain words relating to that topic – one of which is in your post.


    Ah. If you could improve the ‘error message’ that would help. Good luck with the spam-fight.


    My posts keep disappearing. Just posted one on todays chat about student loans. Submitted but not posted.

    I also get an error message “slow down you move too fast”


    Wrong thread sorry


    I still can’t post to the thread in question. Anyone mind if I hijacker this one with a question about eSIMs? 🤣


    Am using your proposed option 3 and was very easy to install. Download “T-mobile prepaid eSIM” app on iOS, and it checks your phone for compatibility. Then app gives you 3 packages to pick from and provides a US number straight away. I went for the cheapest $35 package valid for 30 days and gives you 10 or 12 GB data (sorry cannot remember as mainly after the phone calls) & unlimited calls/texts.

    I am not sure this is the cheapest but went for it as I couldn’t find an alternative provider.


    Thanks @Gary

    If I ever meet you at a HfP event that will have earned a post-party pint 🙂

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