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  • Ian 45 posts

    I notice that the forums do not accept any capital letters in the email address when registering.

    I can see that being a problem.

    Not had any site before reject and email due to a capital letter.

    Currently says that it is not a valid email, when of course it is.

    can 506 posts

    I don’t think any email ID is casesensitive. just register with lowercase email id, it must be the same.
    Test by sending yourself an email with lowercase.

    HfP Staff
    189 posts

    Email addresses aren’t case sensitive (neither are URLs for that matter).

    dst87 264 posts

    Email addresses aren’t case sensitive (neither are URLs for that matter).

    It would be nice UX / usability feature to accept mixed-case email addressed and normalise them to lowercase during sign-up and sign-in.

    I don’t think users should have to know that email addresses are case insensitive to sign-up for an account, and for those who don’t know it could easily result in them abandoning the sign-up attempt.

    HfP Staff
    189 posts

    Agreed, it’s been added to the list.

    M 29 posts

    Rhys, just FYI the bit about URLs not being case sensitive in not entirely true 🙂
    The domain name is not case sensitive, but the part after domain name (after first slash) can be case sensitive.

    Example – this works:

    This does not work (notice the upper case ABOUT):

    cinereus 161 posts

    Email addresses aren’t case sensitive (neither are URLs for that matter).

    This is factually incorrect.

    URLs can be case sensitive depending on the webserver software. All levels of the domain (from TLD onwards) are case-insensitive but plenty of URLs are case sensitive.

    Because of this the domain part of an email address is always case-insensitive but, as per RFC 5321 2.4, the local part of an email address can be case sensitive.

    If someone has advised you otherwise I would worry about their technical competence. And given that knowledge of RFC 1035 section 3.1 and RFC 5321 section 2.4 is very well-known, any developer that thinks email addresses are not case sensitive is unlikely to be technically competent enough to write secure public-facing software.

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    Sam 97 posts

    It may be factually incorrect to say that URLs are case sensitive but it doesn’t mean it’s sensible. And claiming “technical competence” and quoting all that stuff suggests a disconnect from non-techies. This is a frequent flyer forum, not stack overflow

    If any of my devs created a website where the urls were case sensitive, it would be rejected straight away in the code review

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