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  • barracuda 33 posts

    Just booked a rtn LHR->LCA in 12 days from now.

    Usually select the window exit seats on these flights but the busy travel period and late booking has meant that all that is left in the exit row seats on both outbound and inbound is the middle seat.

    Can’t decide what is better exit row sandwiched between two people or selecting a window seat and hoping that as a GCH the seat next to me gets blocked.


    Froggee 985 posts

    What is your height, weight, inside leg measurement and general preference for leg room vs a window?

    I would take the window every time but then I like leaning against it, looking out of it and having control of the blind. And as I’m slim it means I have a semblance of personal space.

    NorthernLass 8,222 posts

    If I can’t get an exit row (and even then, the leg room on most BA planes isn’t amazing, and I’m only 5 foot 3), I’d rather have an aisle seat. You can at least expand sideways slightly when there’s no one in the aisle and don’t need to ask anyone to move if you need the loo. You can also get to your hand luggage reasonably quickly if that’s important to you.

    barracuda 33 posts

    @Froggee sounds like you may also have a tailor to recommend to me as looking for a new one

    @NorthernLass so you can imagine my fun at 6’2″ – though tbh I’d rather be the PITA making people move for me than caring about not disturbing them!

    Question is how likely is BA to block the seat next to me :’/

    Peter K 579 posts

    Considering that BA has used the middle seat in CE before when it’s been super busy due to cancellations/weather etc, I wouldn’t pin your hope on them blocking the chair next to you in economy when it’s a busy flight.

    Gosia44 71 posts

    I always go for an aisle seat, club/economy/exit/whatever, always an aisle. I guess it is a personal preference. I just like having an option to stand up and stretch.

    Froggee 985 posts

    This was my guy when I lived in Hong Kong:

    I’m pleased to see he’s still going as times are tough in tailoring. My extra long cashmere overcoat was oft admired as was my Prince Charles check Friday suit or as everybody else called it, my Bobby Robson suit. Okay maybe that was ridiculed but I seriously didn’t care. As my father once said to a group of scruffy scientists suggesting he took his tie off so as to feel more comfortable, “I’m sorry if my being much more smartly attired than you makes you feel uncomfortable”.

    Of course BA will block a middle seat next to you. Until the plane gets too full.

    Speaking as a 6’ 1”, 34” leg, 145lb fellow I’d avoid following the fashion for too slim fit trousers. But , hey, go with what you like. I ignored all convention and got my suit jackets made with single vents. Crazy, I know.

    jamie 31 posts

    At 6’2″ also I would take the leg room of the emergency exit seat, no way my knees would tolerate nearly 5 hours in a regular seat. There is also a chance the others in the row are a couple who are trying to game the system (it’s the ‘hack’ that always seems to end up in the newspapers) and hoping no one will pick the seat between them, in which case you will probably be offered either the aisle or window seat.

    CJD 71 posts

    Having done an easyJet out in the exit row and BA home in Club Europe, the easyJet flight was actually the more comfortable in terms of legroom.

    BA flight was only London-Glasgow, reckon it would have been a bit more uncomfortable on a longer flight.

    NorthernLass 8,222 posts

    Ryanair has far and away the most legroom in the exit row, and you can reserve these for £11 if you’re quick enough!

    yonasl 976 posts

    It is very possible all those emergency exit seats are couples booking the window and aisle hoping nobody picks the middle.

    NorthernLass 8,222 posts

    I’ve never dared to do that! I’m sure most people would pick the exit row middle over a non-exit row seat. Then as soon as they realised they’d be offering to swap so you could sit together, which I’d then feel obliged to agree to because it would be obvious we’d picked the window and middle 🤦‍♀️

    Scott 257 posts

    My wife has just come home from the cheese-monger with a foul smelling, but delicious tasting Gorgonzola.

    Normally on a Tuesday I have a smoked salmon salad for lunch, but this blue cheese has really got my juices going.

    Problem is I can’t decide if I’d prefer the cheese with my salad, or would I end up disappointed on missing out on my usual smoked salmon.


    Ihar 182 posts

    I’ve never dared to do that! I’m sure most people would pick the exit row middle over a non-exit row seat.

    I’ve booked A/C,D/F before in the hope the middle seat isn’t assigned. Usually never happens (esp on an exit row), but most people are super happy to swap a middle for an aisle on the same row!

    As to the OP, check it’s not an A321(neo). We fell foul of this recently, where there are 2 exit rows together, but only ONE has extra legroom (one row ABCDEF, row in front only BCDE). And it was different between the front exit and over-wing exit rows. (Seatguru is wrong on this)

    NorthernLass 8,222 posts

    @Scott, what did you decide in the end? Personally I love the combination of smoked salmon and blue cheese (especially when accompanied by a glass of fizz), so I’d have had both.

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