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  • jek

    You want to ask BA to add the MAD-LON leg to your booking so that your luggage is checked through and you don’t have to go through immigration in MAD, plus you will be moved to the next flight if you arrive late. Be aware that the BA agent may be quoting too much (which was the case for me) and you need to try again. I paid (per person in CE) 22,250 Avios, £28 tax increase, £35 change fee, and £15 service fee – I got them to remove the service fee as this is something that cannot be done online. The flight is BA459, about 90min after arrival. It may be a different price if you want to stay longer and fly Iberia on that leg or you want to try a different Avios + cash option. All done via Twitter (except for he last step as they called me for payment).

    For the leg LON-MAD you should book a check one-way and stay one night in Madrid. Madrid is a great city! We will stay in the Crowne Plaza at the airport, so that we can sleep in and get up late. The day flight to SJO will be long and you will arrive late for our BST timezone.


    Thank you, flying IB so yes would like to link the MAD-LON flight so that luggage goes through and no immigration. Happy to fly any airline and stay 1 night in MAD on way out. Just would like to know cheapest way. Return flights on IB are 26,000 +£104.16 but not sure if adding this to my original booking would increase taxes.


    Sorry another question! If I call BAEC to add on the MAD-LON flight would I have to pay £35 change fee each? Thanks


    Sorry another question! If I call BAEC to add on the MAD-LON flight would I have to pay £35 change fee each? Thanks



    Sorry to continue this very long chain! I thought I would try Twitter to get BA to add the MAD-LHR leg to my booking. It took almost 24 hours to get a reply and when they did their response was ‘not possible as it’s a reroute’. I would have to cancel whole booking, could lose Avios availability as it’s not permitted for this type of booking. I did mention 241 and that I wanted to book this flight as part of the booking in case I was delayed and could then get out on another flight but still to no avail. Am I doing something wrong here or the BA agent was incorrect? Thank you


    Try it again or via the phone. I did the same via Twitter and had no problem to add the leg!


    Here is the relevant twitter quote:

    Hello, I have booked MAD-SJO return in business class via a 2-4-1 voucher. Is it possible to add another leg MAD-LON to the same booking so that the luggage is checked through from SJO to LON?

    [some interaction with the automated system…]

    Hi there, is it just a Madrid to London sector you want to add to your booking? And not one going out?

    Yes, only the MAD to LON sector.

    MAD-SJO SJO-LON is not bookable online with a 241 voucher.

    Thanks, Jens. To add the BA459 from Madrid to London on 15 February in Club Europe, the cost will be:

    Increase in Avios – 22,250 Avios
    Increase in Tax – £28.00 per person
    Change Fee – £35.00 per person
    Service Fee – £15.00 per person

    Total = £156.00 + 22,250 Avios

    What do you want to do?


    Hi Jek

    Thank you for that. I wasn’t as successful as you and was told not possible. It maybe as I am flying Iberia?

    I am flying IB MAD-SJO-MAD which is:
    MAD-SJO 42,500 Avios + £114.10*2 =£653.20
    SJO-MAD 42,500 Avios + £242.80*2 =£910.60 (+£653.40 = £1563.80)

    If I was to add MAD-LHR (IB):
    55,250 Avios + £193.30*2: 939.10 (+£653.20=£1592.30)

    So should only be £28.50 more and 12,750 Avios?

    I don’t know why I am being told this can’t be done with my 241 voucher? Has anything changed I am not aware of or shall I call again and try to get through? Thank you


    Completed! 2 hours later and on the telephone after being cut off I have added the MAD-LON flight on. I just need to wait for the new email with ticket information which can take up to 4 weeks. Thanks for all help once again.


    How much more did you pay in cash and points to add the leg in the end?


    It was roughly 7,000 avios and £99 which included the 2 x £35 change fees.


    Are you flying MAD-LHR with BA or IB and in Eco or Biz?


    IB in economy


    That makes sense – it seems to be that it is the 241 cost for the IB Eco ticket (plus the change fee). It was the same for me (BA in Biz).

    Enjoy Costa Rica!

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