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  • HelenM 25 posts

    I’ve been in a household account with my mum (same address) for several years. Mum has about 20k miles and I have over 210k. I’m the main person collecting points, and as mum can no longer travel she stopped collecting points back in 2019. I was initially keeping her individual account active by transferring the odd Tesco voucher to Avios, but now that they no longer link with Avios I am curious to know if she will lose her points if she has had no activity in 36 months, or does that fact that she is in a household account with other earners mean the 36 month activity period is not relevant on her individual account? Is anyone able to advise?
    If it is then I will have to do something to create some activity on her account – eg set up a new nectar account and link to her account, or even an uber account in her name and link to her account. But I was wondering if this is actually necessary? Thanks

    JDB 4,884 posts

    @HelenM – yes, your mother needs some activity in her own account. The fact she is part of a household account doesn’t assist with keeping her own account in good standing.

    roger 236 posts

    Does redemption with her as traveller and then cancelling (may be forefeit the RFS fees?), not work in such situation?
    Will this not reset expiry since it will generate points debit and recredit transactions?


    Avios expiry rules
    Your Avios won’t expire as long as you collect, spend, buy or share at least one Avios every 36 months.

    If you don’t collect or use your Avios at all for three years, your Avios will expire and be removed, so remember to take action before that time’s up.

    NorthernLass 8,531 posts

    I thought as long as bookings were being made which drew points from all the HHA members, this was classed as “activity”?

    Otherwise you could always link to the BA e-store and make a purchase, as the avios awarded count. If you do a search on here you can probably find recommendations for which retailers tend to post the quickest.

    AndrewT 181 posts

    Yes any HHA redemption which generates a transaction on other members will keep their accounts alive.

    I seem to recall that if one member, or perhaps only the HHA owner, has status then that also keeps the others alive, but can’t swear to it. Mind you if no one in an HHA redeems anything in three years is there really much point in earning the avios in the first place.

    If desperate transfer 250 avios to Nectar for negligible cost.

    HelenM 25 posts

    Thank you. Thats very helpful – I also haven’t travelled recently because of mum’s ill health and have been looking after her. But presumably if I do a redemption then it will also debit her account – as I am planning a short hop trip very soon.
    I will also look into the BA e-store option.

    AJA 1,164 posts

    @AndrewT yes you are correct if any of the household account members have Bronze or higher status then that protects all HHA members Avios from expiring.

    Earning Avios is individual but redeeming Avios will be deducted on a pro-rata basis from everyone in the HHA.

    So a BA e-Store purchase would have to be credited to the mother’s BAEC account to prevent her Avios from expiring.

    HelenM 25 posts

    Thanks All – i’ve solved the problem with no hassle at all – so just posting here for info in case it helps anyone else. I signed up for a BPMe rewards account in my mum’s name – they give you 500 BP points immediately (worth £2.50). You also have to activate the account by spending a min £1 at BP which I did – I then linked this account to my mum’s BA Exec account and transferred 40 BP points to 25 Avios – and it was immediately visible in mum’s BA account. And there is even a 200 point bonus AVIOS if you convert 40 BP points to Avios for the first time before the end of June. The BP points will remain live for 2 years with no activity but in theory I can use the rest of the free 500 point balance again before that in order to keep activity on the account and keep mum’s Avios activity going. Plus I actually do pop into BP from time to time so can actually earn the points on M&S food etc as well.

    HfP Staff
    2,374 posts

    BP is saying publicly that the £1 rule is scrapped and you now need £25 (well, 25 points) – clearly no-one told the IT people!

    phantomchickenz 363 posts

    Quickest and easiest way to get a few Avios to trigger this kind of thing would be

    HelenM 25 posts

    BP is saying publicly that the £1 rule is scrapped and you now need £25 (well, 25 points) – clearly no-one told the IT people!

    Rob – are you sure they don’t mean the 25 minimim Avios – ie the minimum amount of BP points you need in order to transfer to Avios is 40 BPMe points which give you 25 Avios. But perhaps that doesnt take into account the free 500 bonus you get on sign up – as far as i can see these points are not differentiated in any way once you have made a first purchase of £1 or more. In any case I’m pleased there is an additional 200 free Avios this month for first conversion of 40 points or more.

    HelenM 25 posts

    Quickest and easiest way to get a few Avios to trigger this kind of thing would be

    Thank you – I did not know this – but its perfect – just bagged 680 points for a short survey. (100 points just for registration, 80 for the survey and 500 bonus for the first survey)….job done.

    HampshireHog 182 posts

    Yes, any redemption takes points pro rata on each account and is a qualifying activity according to the rules

    HampshireHog 182 posts

    Agreeing with @northernlass
    When will the quote function be fixed please?

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