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  • Jimbob 29 posts

    Looks as though HSBC are doing another unannounced 25% bonus when transferring to Avios.

    Just transferred 25200 HSBC Reward points for 10100 Avios and received an immediate 2525 extra Avios.
    These bonuses generally last a month, but suggest doing a test transfer first

    rams 223 posts

    Cancelled my card so not of use to me but a great share, thank you.

    louie 96 posts

    Just logged into my HSBC account and there is a banner at the top announcing 25% bonus to BA until 3 August.

    louie 96 posts

    Having reread the OP, 25,200 HSBC to 10,100 Avios? Shouldn’t that be 25,200 / 2 = 12,600 (+ 3,150 bonus)?

    louie 96 posts

    Or did you mean 20,200 to 10,100?

    OldFashioned 46 posts

    Thanks for the heads up, might be time to convert some of my 750k of points!

    09R 47 posts

    Is this instead of the usual 30% then?

    PIL 97 posts

    I did a small transfer with HSBC World Elite, no bonus received

    09R 47 posts

    Are HSBC reward points different to WE points?

    0 post

    I also have a 25% bonus banner for Avios. HSBC Terms:

    British Airways
    Executive Club bonus
    Avios offer
    • This offer is available from 3 July 2023 until 3 August 2023 inclusive.
    • To redeem Points for the Avios promotion, you must be the primary
    cardholder of an HSBC Premier Credit Card or HSBC Premier World
    Elite™ Mastercard® issued by HSBC UK Bank. You must also have a
    British Airways Executive Club account in the same name at the time
    you request to redeem your Points. In this document, “Points” are points
    earned and credited in connection with the HSBC Premier Credit Card
    or HSBC Premier World Elite™ Mastercard® and “Avios” are points in
    connection with the British Airways Executive Club.
    • To be eligible for this offer you must be registered for online banking as
    redemption can only be made through online banking. To redeem, you
    must login to online banking and select ‘Points Balance’ and follow the
    instructions onscreen.
    • 25% extra Avios will be awarded 14 days after you redeem your Points in
    exchange for Avios. These extra Avios will be reflected as ‘Bonus Avios’
    separately in your Avios statement.
    • Points will be immediately deducted once you complete the redemption.
    Once you request to redeem, you cannot withdraw your request or
    receive a return or refund. There is no cash substitute for this offer and it
    cannot be combined with any other existing offer.
    • All terms and conditions of the applicable HSBC Reward Programme
    apply to the redemption of Points for Avios. For more details on how to
    redeem your Points visit
    • British Airways is responsible for the British Airways Executive Club.
    Avios are redeemed in accordance with the Executive Club terms and
    conditions which can be found at
    Rewards flights and cabin upgrades are subject to availability; taxes, fees
    and carrier charges apply

    PIL 97 posts

    Update: 25% bonus credit after an hour or so. Thank you for the heads up, time to transfer my balance!

    Froggee 826 posts

    And then I’ll feel compelled to boost them also.

    0 post

    All points transferred.

    10 minutes later 25% bonus posted.

    nn 13 posts

    is this the first time this offer has been properly advertised?

    comeocome 43 posts

    Once you transferred them to Avios, the Avios won’t expire right?

    sm 170 posts

    Used to be able to type in the name when specifying the BAEC number but no option to do that now? My maiden name on my bank AC doesn’t match my married name on BAEC. Has anyone had this recently and it’s gone through ok? Thanks.

    scandiflyer 9 posts

    I made my transfer last night, but none of the points have arrived in my account. Should I be worried since everyone says it’s instant?

    PIL 97 posts

    Was it your first transfer? My first one took a while for the bonus to credit

    scandiflyer 9 posts

    Yes was my first one. But the base also hasn’t transferred.

    PIL 97 posts

    It takes a while for verification on the first transaction.

    ben10 20 posts

    Do they check the bank account and BAEC account match? My partner transferred from her HSBC account to my BAEC last week but nothing has arrived yet (base or bonus).

    JDB 4,130 posts

    Do they check the bank account and BAEC account match? My partner transferred from her HSBC account to my BAEC last week but nothing has arrived yet (base or bonus).

    Have a look in your HSBC Rewards account under ‘spend’ to see if your transaction has gone through and/or see if your balance has reduced. It seems that quite a lot of transactions last week cancelled immediately and you can see this on the Rewsrds statement. You can try again or call them to fix it.

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