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  • Tracy 318 posts

    Needing to book internal flights and hotels now for the iguazu part of my trip now. Trip booked for Aug/Sep 2024. Flying into Buenos Aires for 5 nights. 2 nights Iguazu then on to Rio for 5 nights. I’m thinking an early AM flight from EZE to IGR on 31st Aug, then 2.15pm flight IGU to GIG (Latam) on 2nd September. Doesn’t help that I’m flying into Argentina and out of Brazil. Should I change hotels/country after one night to enjoy both sides? Don’t really fancy doing cross border once for a day visit and again to go to the airport on 2nd September…or is it not that hard? Ideally I guess I could do Brazil side on 2nd September but if flight is at 2.15pm would I have time? There is a later flight that day at 6pm but with GOL which reviews do not look good for… Just an FYI the belmond is £620 per night so undecided if its worth it even for one night… Melia is about £375 per night..or just stay somewhere cheaper lol

    Richie 1,077 posts

    There might be an AEP-IGR flight which would save the schelp to EZE.
    Stay both nights at the Gran Melia. I liked the area around the top of the falls.

    HampshireHog 176 posts

    The Brazil side is quite small, a couple of hours will do it, gets busy so early would be good.I’d do 2 nights at the Meliá and have an early start over to the Brazil airport via the falls, driver waiting. We did a separate cross border trip from the Melia to the Brazil side and back then a transfer following day from Melia to Brazil airport. Both through the Melia if I recall correctly, probably was dearer but good and reliable

    HampshireHog 176 posts

    There might be an AEP-IGR flight which would save the schelp to EZE.
    Stay both nights at the Gran Melia. I liked the area around the top of the falls.

    Meliá definitely where to stay, walk into park early before open to general public and train starts to enjoy the top of the falls in solitude

    RV 58 posts

    Re the later flight: GOL is ok, if that’s your only concern… I really can’t see much difference in the service provided by any of the three major airlines in Brazil (Latam, Gol and Azul).

    Also please consider flying into SDU in Rio, rather than GIG. It’s right at the centre at the city and you’ll get some great views of all the major landmarks depending of the time of your flight! Routes can be a bit limited though.

    Taking the boat/raft to get close to the falls is a great experience. I did that on the Brazilian side, but it’s prob also available on the Argentinian side.

    You’ll have an amazing trip – the falls are great!

    Tracy 318 posts

    Looks like the Melia for 2 nights then. @HampshireHog I do like the idea of an early start to Brazil side before the airport…

    is there a direct flight from Iguazu to SDU?

    RV 58 posts

    Hi @Tracy apologies I was giving a generic advice, and wrongly assumed you might have not already checked!

    Yeah just did a quick google flights check and unfortunately no direct flights to SDU.

    SBIre 171 posts

    I’ve stayed in the Belmond and I thought it was worth it, booked via Emyr for all the extras. You are in the national park so you get access to the falls before the park is opened to the public.

    Lula 212 posts

    I’ve just spent 5 nights in Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil). We both had to work one day so had 3 full days.

    We had an excellent driver, who I’d highly recommend and who spoke very good English. He helped us with getting the tickets for the park and with orientation which saved time. I’m happy to share his details if others are interested (he’s OK with this too).

    We stayed in an Airbnb – a great apartment – modern and well equipped – for about £60 per night.

    First day (Sunday) we visited the Brazilian side of the falls, including the boat trip (take a change of clothes, you’ll get wet). We arrived at about 10am. The falls themselves are utterly breathtaking. There were quite a few people on some of the viewing platforms but it didn’t feel crowded or unpleasant. Most of the time it felt very peaceful and it was only towards the end when there seemed to be more people around. We also went to the bird sanctuary, which was very interesting.

    Monday we worked.

    Tuesday we went to the Argentinian side and walked two of the three trails (the devil’s throat was closed due to flooding). We also did the boat trip again (it was basically the same as the one on the Brazilian side but we still really loved it the second time). It felt quieter on the Argentinian side but that might have been because it was a week day. Again, utterly incredible and mesmerising sights and sounds.

    Wednesday we went across the border to Paraguay. We walked across the bridge. You can also go by car. We had a look around the markets and shops and had some lunch. It was interesting but you could easily forego this if you didn’t have enough time. I understand the dam and the tour of the hydroelectric plant is also worthwhile but we were tired and had limited energy for it.

    My main takeaway is that where you stay won’t matter too much. The incredible and beautiful natural wonder that you’re seeing eclipses any hotel experience. And when we went it didn’t feel crowded so I didn’t feel any need for access to the park away from other people. Also, staying in the park doesn’t make it easier to access the “other side” so you’d only have easy access to one side anyway. If you have a good driver you can save lots of time and money. There are also some quite nice local restaurants in Foz do Iguaçu. We did a combination of eating out and cooking for ourselves in the Airbnb.

    But if money is no object by all means spend a lot on a hotel in the park. Personally I don’t think it would have enhanced our experience one bit. In fact I’d probably rather be in a town and have a choice of restaurants and bars rather than be a captive audience in a hotel.

    Amy C 387 posts

    @lula, I’d be interested in your driver details please. Going in May and feeling apprehensive about the whole crossing from one side to another thing and how much it’ll cost by taxi.

    Tom2 113 posts

    There are busses that run hourly from Puerto Iguazú to Foz and cost a few £s. Or with some negotiation from the bus station a taxi will take you, wait for you and bring you back for c.£50. Very easy to get to and from.

    Devil’s throat will likely still be closed in May due to the flooding and the walkways being swept away. From the Brazil side you can still access the platform to view it up close though.

    Recommend the boat tours as long as you don’t mind getting wet!

    Lula 212 posts

    @Amy sure.

    His name is Giovanni. His number is +55 45 9114-7404. He uses WhatsApp. He is very reliable. Picked us up on time every day, gave good advice and helped us out with orientation and ticket purchases etc.

    As regards prices we paid 70BRL each way between the airport and our apartment.

    The day we went to Argentina the round trip was 400BRL.

    I can’t remember the cost of the other 2 days (apartment pick up to the Brazilian park and the Paraguay outing) but can see if my husband remembers if you need to know.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Tracy 318 posts

    Thank you for the great advice @Lula. We are struggling to justify the cost of the Belmond. Just to give us more time we have amended our time in Buenos Aires to 4 nights instead of 5 to give us more time in Iguazu as that is the main reason for the whole trip anyway lol. We now have 3 nights so can relax a bit. Dates are set now as I have just booked the internal flights with LATAM and Aerolinas Argentinas. I like the idea of staying in a town too with a choice of eateries and maybe a shop or two…

    Tracy 318 posts

    @AmyC, please report back after your trip 🙂

    Lula 212 posts

    @Tracy have a wonderful time. I hope you love it as much as we did.

    Amy C 387 posts

    Thanks Lula, that’s really helpful. I’m staying two nights on the Brazilian side and two on the Argentinian side so I guess I’ll have to find two taxi drivers. I’ll definitely message Giovanni to see if he can assist in Brazil.
    I’ll report back too Tracy!

    Hope this is helpful.

    Lula 212 posts

    @AmyC my brother stayed on the Argentinian side and used a Brazilian taxi driver for everything. I don’t know if finding an Argentinian one would have made things any easier/cheaper.

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