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  • martin m 8 posts

    Apologies if this is the wrong place as I’m not good with social media etc. last night I got back from Larnaca to Heathrow with my wife and in the last 8 trips BA have lost/delayed 5 of our suitcases on 3 of the trips including both suitcases on this occasion. We are therefore less than impressed and surely that’s a record!? Or is this more common than we think?
    Anyway, I’ve searched on here and think I’m right in saying 24 hours later we have heard nothing, so can claim some essentials. Last time the going rate was up to 150 Pounds each and if I remember correctly we claimed easily enough. Anyone any experience of this and know exactly what we can claim for and the max amount that’s reasonable as our last time was 2019? Or is it all subjective depending on your personal circs? I imagine if you’re home, you can claim less that if you’re stuck on holiday as you’ll have more stuff like other clothing available? I’m not normally one for compensation but after 3 times in 8 trips, we’re getting as much as we can out of them as it’s a complete joke in my opinion. I wouldnt mind if they seemed to care but last night no one came across as being bothered, so we’re not very happy at all. It was a very holiday though! Lol.
    Thank you for any help offered.

    martin m 8 posts

    Oops! I tried to put it on the Friday chat thread and may have made an error?

    Blair Waldorf Salad 1,166 posts

    Hi Martin, right place. It’s a specific query so best off in its own thread rather than Friday chat. Others who are London based with more direct BA experience will be along to advise. On one occasion when my bag failed to make it from MAN to LHR I put in a claim for 2 £30+ face creams (I have sensitive skin and couldn’t be without) and BA paid up no problem. So my experience is they will be reasonable, especially if you note any specific relevant personal factors that would help justify any unusually large item spend.

    martin m 8 posts

    Ah thank you Blair, very much appreciated and bodes well. We’re in York so can’t see our bags coming back anytime soon. On the last 2 occasions we had no updates and came home one day to find them dumped in our garden after at least a week. Shocking service! May as well go on a mini shopping spree now then.

    BA Flyer IHG Stayer 2,272 posts

    There is no compensation for delayed bags but reimbursement for essential items and eventually a sum of money if the luggage is deemed lost. But the former comes out of the allocation of the latter.

    Nor is there any sort of immediate per person allowance (there may be for travel insurance though)

    But being at home is a limitor in that at home most people will have spare clothes and toiletries whereas when travelling away from home they won’t.

    But if there are specific items you can’t do without then they will be reimbursed by BA. But it’s a question of being reasonable as well. A general rule of thumb would be “if I wasn’t going to get this reimbursed would I spend this much?”

    As to not hearing anything airlines don’t proactively call to update you.

    If you have the PIR (property irregularity report) number from the airport then you need to go to the world tracer website and make sure your details are correct such as address and phone number. If not then call BA to obtain it.

    It’s not a live system so don’t expect regular updates and calling will get you nowhere. The next you’ll hear is likely from the courier with delivery details.

    Swifty 33 posts

    has anyone had any experience with jet2? darling daughter going to sicliy with them, and catania has recently had a fire, then etna erupted…

    martin m 8 posts

    Thanks BA Flyer. We’ve just been out and bought essential items, me 25 Pounds and wife around 50, so I think we will be fine with that. Obviously the longer it goes on, we may need more, but hopefully they will be delivered home within the week all being well. Makes total sense what you’re saying thank you.

    martin m 8 posts

    We have had a notification that bags found and collected by courier Saturday 0929hrs, so thought they’d be here yesterday although we live in York. No further updates. Anyone know if they deliver on Sundays, or we better off trying to forget about them until Monday?

    martin m 8 posts

    Ignore my last question as I have found the answers thank you. In a nutshell our bags are in a warehouse in Heathrow still and remain there until Eagle Aviation contact us for delivery, so no point in staying home waiting.

    SamG 1,686 posts

    Quite possible they’ll come via DHL in which case you’ll get a tracking ID as if it’s a parcel and likely they’d arrive Tuesday

    BA don’t have a set limit but since you’re home as you say likely to be less forgiving as they’d reasonably assume you didn’t take all your clothes with you for example. But something like a shaver would be OK

    martin m 8 posts

    Thanks for your help folks. Bags came back 5 days later on Tuesday. We spent 148 incl swim shorts, flip flops and P20 sunscreen then justified it in the comments box. We’ve already had confirmation they’ll pay out so despite them delaying suitcases, their response to it is decent enough.

    Joseph 7 posts

    Hope someone can weigh in regarding BA reimbursements. I flew on BA from London to JFK yesterday and despite checking in 3 hours before my flight my suitcase didn’t make it to JFK. Foolishly ALL my clothes and essentials (medication etc) were in there. The help desk at JFK said my bag *should* follow sometime the next day ie today but no guarantees as it sounded like a big backlog of bags due to some issue at Heathrow. She said she assumed that BA would be ok with cost of ‘essential’ toiletries etc but my more pressing issue is that I flew from London in shorts and sandals as it was pretty hot. New York this morning is 15 degrees and windy. I can’t see myself managing even a day without trousers, socks & shoes. I also have a meeting to attend and shorts & a sweaty T-shirt wouldn’t go down well. Has anyone claimed for clothes for a delay? I’m assuming these items are going to cost around £200 with footwear and I don’t know if that might seem like I’m taking the proverbial. Especially if my bag turns up tonight or tomorrow morning. Any thoughts gratefully received.

    Joseph 7 posts

    Sorry, just saw Martin’s comment above with his amount claimed so maybe that helps my situation.

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