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Forums Payment cards Barclaycard Avios Is anyone getting their £5 per month Dual Avios Reward credit?

  • h1jfg 28 posts

    This week I noticed that I haven’t received my £5 a month Dual Avios Reward credit since May last year. That’s 10x months missing. I have contacted Barclays via the app and they have raised a ticket with their IT team to try and resolve.
    Just wondered if anyone else has had the same issue?

    George K 304 posts

    Last £5 credit landed Friday March 3. No previous gaps that I can tell…

    Blair Waldorf Salad 1,164 posts

    Same as OP; git it once then never again so also missed the 25K loyalty bonus others received. Barclays IT have been useless in resolving so I’ve sent a letter requesting either the backdated £5 payments and the 25K or to proceed with account closures.

    PMG 23 posts

    I have had this issue since I got the card back in July. Apparently, for me, it is due to the cards being linked to different profiles, therefore they don’t see that you have Dual Rewards. They need to merge the accounts to sort this is what I am told.

    I have called 5 times with the customer service saying it will be sorted every time, and it hasn’t. Then actually went into a branch and they said it would be sorted within a week. That was beginning of February and still nothing.

    Really have no idea how to sort this out anymore.

    Luca M 391 posts

    I get charged the Avios reward fee the 2nd of the month and get credited the £5 the day after, no issue since I product swapped my old Barclaycard to the Avios PP when the 100,000 bonus came along.

    QFFlyer 166 posts

    OH has received the £5 reward every month since both accounts have been opened.

    dougzz99 627 posts

    When I had the card it was same for, issue as @PMG. I’d had a Barclaycard years before and that meant the new one didn’t link to my account profile. If that is a general problem they must have messed up thousands of these linkages given the number of people that would have held a B’card over the years.

    dmm27 68 posts

    DM them via their Barlcays Uk Help twitter account. I got a call back the next day, & they credited my missing dual rewards payments in ~2 days (and also sent me “how to complain to the Ombudsman if I wasnt satisfied). It was way smoother than the app chat which I had previously tired without success.

    HughR 22 posts

    Accounts opened in November. I ended up with 2 profiles and have had all sorts of issues! One of which is I have never received the £5 credit although last time I complained I did get £15 for the 3 missing credits applied to my acccount as a goodwill gesture, but needless to say the issue is still ongoing with no credits received since!

    I am not optimistic that I will get the 100k Avios as their systems don’t seem to think I have both the necessary accounts and I never got the email telling me I was eligible, so no doubt will spend many more hours complaining!

    Wally1976 202 posts

    Another thumbs up for the Barclays UK Help Twitter team (thanks for the tip on here) who have investigated my “dual profile” situation efficiently and professionally over the bank holiday weekend!

    They have said that they can merge my two profiles but all the details need to match completely and I need to go to a branch and provide ID for this. Apparently one of my profiles doesn’t have my mother’s maiden name. There was another discrepancy too but I can’t remember it now.

    Unfortunately branches are now few and far between and counter opening hours are even rarer so it’s not very convenient to go into a branch but I’ll get it done.

    They also credited me the missing fivers plus £25 for my inconvenience and were very apologetic. I will be getting back in touch with them if my 100k Avios don’t arrive on time!

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