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  • minnie2010 3 posts

    Apologies if this has been asked before, but I have just joined this site and getting my head around how it works.

    Me and my DH are just stating to collect Virgin points. We have both been FC members for year, but never really made use of it. We both have just over 2000 points in each account. We have applied for the fee paying CC in husbands name. We should have around 65,000 points in his FC account within the year, with the bonuses, points accrued on CC and next months flight to Orlando.

    We also have some Tesco clubcard vouchers, which we are now thinking of converting to Virgin points. Is it best to transfer them into husbands FC account, so we will have around 76000 points for flights, or transfer them into my FC account, so we have some in both.

    Im struggling to get my head around it all.

    Also Is there anywhere on this site that gives you an idiots guide to collecting points

    Many Thanks

    AL 571 posts

    Welcome, minnie2010!

    Generally speaking, you will earn your own points when you travel with an airline or accrue spend in other ways. As an example, your husband’s credit card will earn points in to a Flying Club account in his name (including any points you accrue from your own spend on a supplementary card). When you fly with an airline, you either credit the points to an account in your name – or you forfeit them.

    It is generally best advice to start an account in your own name and, where possible, include that as the account to accrue points to. Clearly, that won’t be possible for the credit card in this situation, but it will be possible for your flights to MCO.

    Many airlines have the concept of a Household Account (regularly referred to around these parts as an HHA). This allows you to effectively be treated as one big account for the purposes of spending, but still accrue individually. Virgin Atlantic has, theoretically, the notion of Household Accounts, but their presence is a little up in the air due to some long-running changes in the background. If you did want to use points from multiple accounts to book flights, then you can do this – subject to availability – by calling Flying Club and asking them to process the booking for you. The only caveat is that each sector (i.e. each individual flight) can only be paid for by the balance from one account. For example, if you’re booking LHR-LAX and you want to use points from two accounts, then you could pay from your own account for LHR-LAX and your husband for LAX-LHR. Taxes, fees and surcharges (as quoted on the website) would still be payable in cash.

    You can also, often, transfer points between accounts, but do note that there is sometimes a less than favourable rate for doing so, or high charges.

    If you’re new to collecting points, Rob’s guide to the best credit cards is probably a good starting point. Aside from that, get signing up to accrue everywhere you spend. Start basic, and learn as you go – it takes time to work out what you want to do, based on your goals, but there are likely to be others here with similar goals in mind to give you friendly advice along the way.

    Does that make sense? Happy to answer more queries, should you have them!

    minnie2010 3 posts

    Thanks for the reply. So if all the points, ie credit card points and Tesco clubcard points, all go into my husbands C account, he will have around 75, 000 points by this time next year. Will he then be able to book a flight for both of us using his points? This is the bit I’m struggling to understand. Or would I have to book my flight with my points (in which case I won’t have any where near enough as I only have 2200 points currently, then will accrue points for flight in July. Hope that makes sense. Thank you

    BuildBackBetter 705 posts

    Your husband can book for both of you using his points.

    AL 571 posts

    Your husband can book for both of you using his points.

    And, to expand on this, in your circumstances, your husband can book for anyone using his points.
    You could not call up and book with his points, since it isn’t your account, but he could call up and book for your friend’s neighbour’s partner’s child’s friend’s uncle (etc.) and that would all fine.

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