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  • da350

    Today is the last day you can drive across Gibraltar airport runway.
    At midnight tonight a tunnel will open at the eastern end, near the beach on the Mediterranean side. This will handle vehicles and pedestrians.

    You will still be able to walk across the runway as at present. (It’s a long detour otherwise).

    Locally the tunnel has had much mocking as it has taken at least 15 years to build, longer than the channel tunnel, and despite being only about 100m long.


    We are off to Gib in a couple of weeks, though not planning on driving anywhere – one of the reasons I chose it was to be able to walk to most places!

    Is the tunnel confined within Gibraltar, or is it part of the border crossing? Thinking we might do the boardwalk promenade over in La Linea one evening and try one of the restaurants on that side.


    That brings back many happy memories of crossing from the RAF base into town, mostly a straight line going but a rather wobbly one coming back.


    Is the tunnel confined within Gibraltar, or is it part of the border crossing?

    It’s totally within Gibraltar, the border crossing points have not moved.
    You can see a map here, although its easier to understand if you know Gibraltar:

    Walking completely unaffected.


    We have been a few times on day trips but this will be our first stayover visit. Took a car in once and drove right up to the top of the Rock but I don’t think they let you do that any more!

    I am currently reading “Defending the Rock” by Ian Rankin, a wonderfully entertaining military history of Gib.

    , if you live there do you know definitively how long the WWII tunnels are closed for? OH has been trying to tour them for years and now we’ve been told they are not even open atm!

    Travel Strong

    You can drive up with GIB plates, but not any others now.

    I’ve did hear in feb that the WWII tunnels were closed, but nothing online indicates if they still are. I would give someone official a call, such as the ticket office at the cable car station.

    If you have never checked out ‘the jungle’ previously, then there’s some very cool older munitions storage/tunnels/etc with open access – including an old 17th century tunnel with windows out of the rock for cannon fire. Head to what three words “golf.torn.serves” for the hidden entrance! (takes you in to the jungle marked as Forbes batteries on google maps). The WWII tunnels are well maintained and educational. These ones are a different story! you’ll want the torch on your phone and sensible footwear.


    Thanks @Travel Strong, I’ll have a look at that. I did email the nature reserve a few weeks ago and they said they didn’t know when the tunnels were reopening. We’ve done the siege tunnels and most of the upper rock previously but not since the Skywalk and Windsor Bridge were installed. #

    Interesting times, anyway, with the current public enquiry!


    @NorthernLass – just to confirm the WW2 tunnels are still closed, for works. No date has yet been published for reopening. I’m advised there was a very specific thing that needed some attention.

    If you have not already done, and you have a reasonable fitness level, you should arrange to do ‘Lower St Michaels Cave’.
    Unlike the upper St Michaels cave which is a standard attraction, this needs arranging with an approved gudie.
    Some very beautiful sections, and bits most people don’t see.

    The jungle has had a lot of work done in recent years, and while not officially open, lots of dog walkers use it. Some tunnel sections are open as mentioned above, or at least the gate is not locked kind of sense.


    Thanks – looks like we are destined never to see the WW2 tunnels! We’ll definitely have a look in the jungle – where would be the best point to get in coming from the HIE? I tried what 3 words and it landed in a residential street! Not done the lower cave, will see if we can fit it in. People on here have asked what there actually is to in Gib but there’s absolutely loads for the size of the place.

    Colin MacKinnon

    +1 (or even plus 2 or 3!) for Lower St Michael’s Cave

    Travel Strong

    The what 3 words in the residential street is correct! There is a short tunnel entry there which you can’t see from the satellite view. Indeed you’ll also likely miss it if walking east-to-west along that street – but if walking west-to-east you can’t miss it.

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