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Loganair flight cancellation – now previous day, any compensation?

  • RonnieB

    Had an email today from Loganair below saying that a flight on 14th June is now flying on 13th June – the day before! So not technically a delay. They also blame their customers, which is unbelieveable. They have basically cancelled this flight.

    Is any compensation due for this? I mean I can take the day earlier flight but I will incur an additional hotel night – should Loganair be liable for this?


    The impact of Covid-19 and it’s variant Omicron have meant that many customers are unable to travel as planned. This has meant that many flights will now not be operating to their original schedule.

    We apologise as we know this will have an impact on your plans but we hope you will understand this action is out-with the control of Loganair.


    Not for the cancellation as you’ve been given more than 14 days notice.

    Lots of similar threads in this forum that cover thr duty of care rights so I won’t repeat any of the info.

    Michael C

    Had 2 Loganairs cancelled/”swapped” in last few days: looks like they’re simply
    condensing passengers into fewer planes.


    Had 2 Loganairs cancelled/”swapped” in last few days: looks like they’re simply
    condensing passengers into fewer planes.

    Yes that looks like exactly what’s going on, ridiculous that they try and say it’s outwith their control. I wonder if there’s any sort of criminal practice here under CPRs (Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Practices Regulations)?

    Lady London

    It’s “too much explanation” they are clearly trying to avoid EU261 claims.

    Claim for compensation of £220 anyway if they ever do this under 14 days ahead. Whether you also qualify for compo or not, advise them whichever you choose out of a refund, or your same or later date on which you wish them to reroute you. If you want or need to stay on Loganair (perhaps because no other airline is flying on the day you need) then obvs consult their schedule befoee you name a date. If another airline is flying the route on the date you need and Logan is not they are obliged to either book you on that or, provided you asked and they refused, they will be obliged to reimburse you if their refusal forces you to buy that other ticket yourself.

    EU261 and its UK equvalent – do provide for compo if advised less thsn 14 days ahead – if you take a flight more than 1 hour earlier. However @JDB has told us that UK courts have not been giving compensation for “earlier delays”, unless the arrival delay sufficient to qualify for compo is still there also. Despite the wording of the legislation which says they should since EC261/2004 came in and the same law text was tranposed into UK law upon Brexit.

    I do not believe they can get away with saying it’s a schedule change if they now want you to fly the day before. To absolutely exclude this argument from them I think it would be game set and match if they previously had a flight wuth that same number previous day proving they’re cancelling and consolidating but I think they’d lose anyway.

    It’s cheeky of them to try to move you to the day before as for most people this is likely to be impractical or cause severe disruption or expense. They should also pay your extra hotel night under duty of care – however I have a nasty feeling for a reroute accepted earlier the wording of the legislation means they can escape this.

    Also taking JDB’s info into account it would be best to travel no earlier than booked but to advise them you can travel, say, on their next available flight but no earlier. If that means you will need an extra hotel niht to make their new time I’d tell them upfront you will be claiming this under duty of care (guve them the chance to provide it and note their refusak).

    Some might say Loganair is a struggling little airline with nice people that provides a needed service and let this slide, not claim compo and try to help them out by fitting in with whatever flights they are now running.


    Super response, and I’ll probably just have to go down day before, it makes little difference to me other than the extra night and extra parking arrangements at ABZ which is a hassle. ABZ to Bristol so no other airline to be routed on.

    Just so ridiculous to try and blame it on their customers and Covid and claim it’s outwith their control.

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