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  • Walker 5 posts

    Apologies if I’ve missed information on this (a link as an answer is fine).

    I’m flying long haul soon and there will be a sporting event that I’d like to try to listen to during some of the flight. I’ve never bothered with the wifi before as I’ve never needed or wanted it.
    What I have read from reviews on other sites (not very recent ones) has given me a very mixed impression so I thought I might ask here.

    First – I’d only be listening to a commentary, not streaming the event. I assume I would still need the streaming package for this?
    Second – Is it worth it? As I said, many of the reviews I’ve read have left me wondering if I’m going to get any service even if I pay.
    Third – Is it secure to pay on the plane? (I appreciate that the wifi is shared and that itself isn’t secure, just asking about the payment for the wifi.

    Many thanks,


    SamG 1,728 posts

    You’ll need the streaming package. The other one is just for messaging.

    I haven’t tried to stream anything but I find it works pretty well vs some other carriers generally so I think you should be OK

    What I would say is I’ve taken 2 long haul flights that didn’t have functional WiFi recently and not all their aircraft have it- not sure if it’s just some or all 787-8 for example so you may just not be able to get any WiFi at all but doesn’t sound like it’s too critical!

    Walker 5 posts

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m on (at least should be on) one of the 772s and from what I can see they all have the Wi-Fi fitted.


    AY 27 posts

    Having just flown to Vancouver and paid for the streaming package (£17.99). My thoughts would be although it works for general browsing, I could barely load social media apps. I tried loading Netflix and wouldn’t even load more than a few seconds. It is patchy at best and often disconnected and, I would say of my 9 hour flight at least 2 hours were without wifi connection. Completely different experience to Emirates, which was faultless when I flew to Dubai and I did stream.

    Walker 5 posts

    Thanks for the response AY.

    Sounds like it could be too intermittent for a sporting event so I make just take an extra book.


    TooPoorToBeHere 264 posts

    It might work but it’s likely to be intermittent and frustrating.

    For some years now browsers have (correctly) put up blood-curdling warning messages about invalid SSL certificates, or transmitting forms on unencrypted sessions, so it will be an SSL (encrypted) session between your device and wherever the payment site is hosted – which I believe is onboard for performance reasons.

    If it concerns you, use a card that isn’t mission-critical (ie not a debit card linked to the bank account from which your mortgage payment is collected).

    It’s the practice of some airlines to have quite a lot of restrictions on what cards and card types are accepted on-board, because the transactions are bucketed (there’s an industry term for this which I can’t remember) with no authorisation/checking of the card until hours later. Otherwise you could present an expired/stolen/barred card, or a pre-paid one with no balance left, and obtain goods fraudulently. I **think** that wifi purchases on BA are processed on-line so any valid card should work.

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