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  • Hilda M 51 posts

    Has anyone any experience of dealing with the Smarte Carte database for lost property on a BA flight ? I left an iPad on a flight to Spain and Iberia have suggested it might have gone back on the return flight as not amongst the items logged with them for that particular flight.

    Who knew so many of us abandoned their iPads ?! I can find at least 5 that fit the description/date range and that’s without a case – many, many more with cases are logged.

    So, do I fill out a form for each one of the 5 items saying that could be mine and give the colour and flight number ?

    I’m not particularly hopeful to be honest so not even sure it’s worth the effort

    QwertyKnowsBest 300 posts

    Worth a try. Or an insurance claim?

    In any case remote wipe it if you can.

    I lost earbuds on a VS flight, emailed Virgin, lost property and the agency VS use for such, completed the required lost form, but got nowhere. Like you many the same showing up on portal.

    Frustration was I could see from the find my buds locater, that they had returned from MIA to LHR T3 and remained in the same location for 3 weeks, presumably the lost property store. Nothing I completed would produce anything other than ‘not found’.

    Good luck.

    djb 7 posts

    I used SmarteCarte for a pair of AirPod Pro’s I lost on a BA transatlantic flight.

    You only need to complete 1 form for the item lost, the main thing they will attempt to match is the serial number. If you don’t have a copy of this, it should appear in your Apple account or in the Support app if it was registered against your Apple ID.

    Also, if it was turned on, as the poster mentions above make sure to wipe/lock via Find My.

    The process with SmarteCarte took about 3 weeks, so if there is a time-limit with your insurer you’ll probably want to raise a claim in the meantime. Also from memory it was a £35 admin charge, plus mileage from whatever terminal your item was found to SmarteCarte at T3 plus postage (approx £18) to get my AirPod’s back.

    djb 7 posts

    I lost some AirPod Pro’s on a flight in May and had to go through the SmarteCarte system. Just select any of the iPad entries in their database and fill out the details, the key thing they will match (if they have your item) is the serial number – you only need to fill out 1 form.

    You can get this from your Apple account if you log-in (or, if you have an iPhone via the Support app). Also make sure you’ve marked as lost / locked via the Find My app (hopefully you had this turned on).

    The process took about 3 weeks end-to-end for me to get my headphones back, there is a £35 admin charge, plus postage (£18 ish) plus mileage from whatever terminal your item was found at LHR to T3.

    As the poster above says, I’d get a claim in with your insurance at the same time though in case there is a claim / notification time limit.

    Hilda M 51 posts

    Thanks for the replies Qwerty & djb. Never thought of insurance – doh ! Looking at the long list of Apple devices, no location is shown for the last 3 iPads (bar the mini from ages ago I just found – so slow! I really need to do a clear out)

    I’ll fill out one of the forms as djb suggests now and see how it goes.

    Thanks again !

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