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  • Jonathans

    I made a points redemption booking for 2x adults and 1 x child at Tamarind by Elegant Hotels – All-Inclusive a year ago. We’ve just returned and had a lovely time but upon checkout they tried to charge an extra persons fee every day for my six year old daughter. I have tried to tell them this was all paid for with the points redemption but they are not having it and suggested i email who would confirm the rate structure. The booking confirmation makes no mention to the extra person fee and besides – why would i pay for 2x adults with points and 1x child with cash on the same booking?

    The fact they suggested i email Marriott directly and so quickly feels very dismissive of them. Who would be the best person to email\complain to about this please as the hotel at standing firm and short of doing a charge back on the credit card once it posts not sure what or where else i can go?

    HfP Staff

    This is not necessarily wrong.

    Most hotels, for example, charge a nightly fee for putting a rollaway bed into a room for a child. You would pay this fee whether or not you were on a redemption.

    If a cash booking for 2 adults and 1 child leads to a different price (for the same room) than for 2 adults then I would expect to be asked to pay the extra.

    (For similar reasons, if my elite status gets me free breakfast for two and I turn up with a child, I would expect to pay for the child.)


    If that is the case, should they not advise you of this before just sticking it on the bill at the end though?


    Was the original booking confirmation for 3 people (I always hang onto these)? I agree with Rob that you need to be prepared to be charged for anything above what the points booking would normally cover, and any extra charges, or lack of, might have been flagged when you originally booked. For clarity I would always check with the hotel before arriving with a party that differs in any way from what I booked if any extra charges would be substantial (so for example, I wouldn’t enquire a possible small breakfast charge, but would ask about AI).

    Did your booking clearly state that you had booked for 3 people – many standard room award bookings only accommodate 2 people, did you book a room sleeping 3 or add your daughter as an “extra”?

    Incidentally, did they charge for a child or adult? I can’t imagine a 6 year old would be eating and drinking a lot!


    The booking sites are often not set up for this and they put the fees in the small print for the extra person but I can’t see it written anywhere so I’d take this up with both the hotel (try find the GM email online ) and marriott corporate

    It seems like on their cash rates only 0-5 is free so they’re either getting muddled up or they intend to charge but they haven’t added the detail on (which isn’t your problem)!


    Assuming you booked a Junior Suite or other suitable room type listing 2 adults and 1 child then I believe they charge $69 per night extra person charge. While it is not showed on the initial Marriott page it is then shown on the breakdown page as an extra person fee along side the points.

    Overall I am not surprised by the fee as considering points rates are always based on up to 2 people sharing then having a 3rd person in an All Inclusive resort would add an additional charge. If you have the original email booking confirmation and it clearly doesn’t have an extra fee listed then I would think you would have a strong case, also depending on what you signed on arrival and agreeing to any relevant fees there.

    It could be when you made the reservation the fee didn’t show and they have corrected this now, but if this is the case they should honor what you booked, however if your confirmation lists the fee then I am afraid you are on the hook for it!


    I have stayed at a Hilton all-inclusive on points and they always charge something for the children. 2 guests seem to be included in the points rate. Any additional guests have to pay. I don’t know whether the charge is based on room rates those days or a fixed amount. Your experience doesn’t surprise me.


    Oh yes, very obvious once you click through so unless that’s something that’s changed since you booked seems like it’s fair enough

    As an aside, haven’t checked cash prices but that seems quite good value on points!


    It’s rather a strange thread as unless it is a ‘children go free’ AI it seems absolutely standard that something extra is payable if there is a child and I’m quite sure that would have been in the terms.


    Not that its going to help this scenario, but I always email the hotel as soon as I’ve booked, stating I will be with traveling my children. I specifically ask if there are extra charges and keep a copy of their reply. More often that not, the hotel offer a roll away bed for free. That said, I have been charged for breakfast and other things, but I knew this in advance

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