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Moxy Platinum guarantee

  • Tracy

    I have checked in to a Moxy in Greece. I booked a rate including breakfast. I thought Moxy hotels gave $10 per person f&b credit to spend but hotel are claiming the f&b is free breakfast and as I already have it included all I can get is 500 points, I’d prefer the $200! Is the hotel correct?

    George K

    I’ve been to that Moxy as Titanium. Did not book a breakfast rate, so was fully expecting to source our own, but was offered it as part of the welcome amenity on arrival. I was as surprised as you. Have been to a couple of other Moxys where the $10 allowance won’t cover the full breakfast price, so I think Athens is currently an outlier.


    @GeorgeK, I’m at the Moxy Patras Marina, not sure if I should argue the point or not. Marriott terms and conditions are $10 credit not breakfast….going to Moxy Athens next week on a points rate so breakfast would be good there 🙂


    Looking at the bonvoy terms and conditions says the following

    United States, Canada, Europe: 500 Points per Stay or U.S. $10 F&B credit per night of Stay for Member +1**

    Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa: 500 Points per Stay or F&B amenity per Stay or U.S. $10 F&B credit per night of Stay

    So in Europe you should be getting the $10 per person per night (don’t forget you don’t get a $200 credit but $20 per night). Although in the Middle East and Africa the welcome gift is a F&B amenity.


    @bruinbrown, that’s how I read it too but hotel adamant breakfast or 500 points and they have already posted the points… 🙁


    In that case, I would find out what the walk-up rate for breakfast is and query why that amount shouldn’t be deducted from my final bill.


    @WaynedP, funny enough the walk up rate for breakfast is €10=$10 😂 I’ll be speaking to the manager today so will ask if they can deduct the walk up rate, think I’ll get a flat out no though. They are trying really hard to resist, even offered me a better upgrade this am….


    Lol, just spoke to the manager. He says they do not participate in the f&b welcome amenity, opted out. I could have a better room upgrade or nothing….trying to figure out if I can complain and who to complain to. As it’s 10 nights, 2 people, it’s $200….

    Lady London

    Now is the time to call Marriott and have them fix it while you’re on phone or at least same day

    You booked a breakfast imclusive rate so you shouldn’t lose a benefit that’s in Marriott’s ts and cw for your status. I’m sure you were logged in when ypu booked and if hotel claims to be nonparticipatimg then the system should have said so, I am sure it didn’t or you’d have noticed and booked a different hotel. At the latest it should have been on the confirmation.

    Hotel is just trying to get cash
    I’d have none of it.

    If Marriott can’t get it sorted immediately ask them to move your reservation free of charge to an honest hotel inatead – or try and check out anyway. For 10 days the hotel should have been more accommodating. Right now the hotel thinks you haven’t got any leverage. I’d do everything I could to leave and go somewhere else if Marriott can’t sort it pronto.


    @LadyLondon just phoned Marriott and they sided with the hotel. Any hotel can opt out of the $10 amenity and provide points instead, if they are unable to provide the f&b amenity. Marriott cannot make they comply. Not sure how they are unable to provide it as I ate breakfast here today and they are open for food and drinks all day……

    George K

    I agree that this is poor form, on the basis that it’s not disclosed anywhere, either at the time of booking, or on the hotel website.

    I’ve recently challenged Marriott on a completely separate matter which involved a hotel acting outside the Bonvoy T&Cs, effectively leaving guests to guess what they’d be getting. I got 20k points, but no admission of fault. I could have pursued this further, but didn’t.

    I’d say start a conversation with Bonvoy on email. I had to peel a lot of layers before my case reached someone with authority, but in the end I got there.

    I know everyone’s different, but in your case I’d settle for a good upgrade.

    Lady London

    I wouldn’t settle for a so-called “upgrade”. Let’s face it in a Moxy that’s not going to be much.

    I would now leave the hotel and stay somewhere else – hopefully you’re not locked in. Then follow George K’s suggestion to push it higher in Marriott. But hotel has to learn shortsighted policies, without warning to the customer so they can decide ahead if they want to stay there with that policy, actually lose them money.

    I simply wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel that treated me that way especially on a 10-day stay. I would endure considerable discomfort elsewhere to make the point (with a poker face and a bright breezy manner when I say nothing as I check out tomorrow morning). YMMV.


    Unfortunately I have prepaid for the 10 nights, don’t fancy my chances of trying to get a refund from the hotel. Other than this issue I quite like the hotel, location etc…. I have started the chat with Marriott twitter and have filled out the online complaint form too. Will see how that goes 🤞

    Lady London

    Do a $h1tty review on Tripadvisor (so around a 3stars) right now and then a few other sites if you’re stuxk there then? The hotel has you over a barrel. I’d make good on this sleazy policy (as it’s not disclosed upfront) and Marriott’s supineness on this.

    I guess it’s a warning to avoid prepay

    PS find somewhere else you could go and ask for a refund anyway. It will help make the point regardless of whether you are able to escape or not. And don’t spend a penny in the hotel – if you’d been treated fairly I am sure your spend could have exceeded the status credit.


    @Ladylondon, you are correct, I will not be spending any money in the hotel. I’ve been getting my coffees from a local coffee shop and sitting drinking it in the hotel 🙂 I will review once I’ve left but will definitely call them out on it, essentially to advise future guests. Going to just forget about it for now and enjoy the rest of my stay…

    Lady London

    You’ll have to do better than that. Bring a full, stinky, obviously expensive meal in from somewhere else.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Make sure Marriott sees you cancelling any other booking you can so you can point to it as a cost to them.

    Harry T

    Marriott always sides with the hotel. I have Ambassador status and even the apparently super special Ambassador team will never challenge a hotel, they just try and buy you off with some points. So I keep being given 20,000 points instead of a premium travel experience – needless to say, I am not spending $20,000 this year at Marriott 🙂


    @LadyLondon, I have 2 Marriott stays coming up. Moxy Athens on points next week, then ritz Carlton Maldives on points, not keen to pay cash for the Ritz or an alternative 😂
    @HarryT, if Marriott offered me 50k points I’d take it happily. That covers the €200 I’m losing….


    I see nothing to make me think Marriott is super to Hilton, Hilton is nearly always cheaper and the brand standards while sometimes lower are compensated by being cheaper. I couldn’t care the lounge has a better wine if its cheaper to be at the Hilton as I can spend the difference on actual food and drink.

    A secret opt-out list of benefits? What a load of sh1t.


    Hilton hotels can also opt-out as do IHG hotels. Bad hotels will always be bad no matter what chain w
    they belong to.

    I have checked-out on prepaid stays and initiated a credit card dispute and won the argument on the basis that they haven’t provided all contractual benefits. I would just check out and say that you will be disputing the charge with the credit card provider. Don’t get drawn into any further argument. But obviously, if you can’t afford to wait or book new hotel it’s difficult.

    Another option is to blast social media and Tripadvisor while you are staying. Don’t leave it for after. It’s too late then. Things need to be resolved during the stay afterwards it’s easy to forget and not respond.


    @meta The problem is I want to stay here 😂 and I’m not great at confrontation, hated arguing with the hotel manager. The thought of blasting social media while I’m here gives me anxiety, I’d be worried every time I walk in the hotel….might have to put my big girl pants on and do a Tripadvisor review 😱
    Could I do a chargeback on my credit card after the stay for the benefits I didn’t get?


    Just an update here, after a lot of toing and froing, Marriott have issued me with a $50 gift card for the hotel not giving me the choice at checkin and another $200 gift card to match the loss of benefits. I’m happy with this outcome…

    Lady London

    Yeah, good one Tracey. I hope the hotel had to pay for that… but I am sure you want to enjoy ypur holiday and forget it now.


    Thanks @LadyLondon, it did feel nice for the hotel manager to apologise and offer 2 night refund or $200 gift card. Off to another Moxy now and expecting the same argument 😂

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