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No response to BA complaint for almost 3 months!

  • cska

    I submitted a complaint to BA regarding a booking back in August this year and have had no response whatsoever. I have submitted follow up messages using the online portal and also had no response. What can I actually do in this scenario? Is there a phone number or email I can get this escalated to? Seems an utterly ridiculous timeframe to handle queries!

    I should add I have raised the matter via DM on social media and been unhelpfully advised there is nothing that can be done other than waiting.

    Lady London

    It would be useful if you could state the nature of your complaint.

    It may be it’s landed in an outsourced call centre’s queue and who knows, if you’re complaining about one sock missing from your amenity kit perhaps it keeps being superseded by other complaints coming in at a higher priority.

    Try Twitter


    It took me six months to get a reply from a complaint earlier this year (and I’m still waiting for the refund they agreed to give).

    Lady London

    OK this does seem to be BA keeping money in their bank account longer quite deliberately and cynically to aid their own cashflow when it should be earning interest in yours.

    Why not calculate statutory interest that’s now due to you, it’s still at least 8% (not sure if it’s reached an upward review yet that would take account of recent increases in interest rates). Formally advise BA that as your refund agreed on [date] has still not reached you, you now require them to pay you a total of not less than £x as of today, increasing daily on a compound interest basis, at the rate of statutory interest now payable by law?

    may be along to say why this isn’t legal. I’d be very inclined to do it as BA won’t stop this deliberate abuse of customers until it costs them money.


    It isn’t a matter of whether it’s legal or not, but the statutory interest to which you refer is something a court can order (but rarely does in these sort of cases), and not something you can just award to yourself! If you seek interest on an MCOL claim, BA’s defence will say something along the lines – the claim is not a claim for debt or damages within the meaning of section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 and the Court therefore has no jurisdiction to award interest. In the alternative, they will say the 8% rate of interest claimed is manifestly excessive.

    I don’t think there is any attempt to use this to boost BA’s cash flow which is currently very strong. It’s a combination of incompetence and making the process as painful as possible to discourage claims.


    Same here – Missing Tier points from qualifying BA holiday and flight from Sept – Sent formal complaint with a reference number …tweeted it and sent it to the suggested BA emails shared on HfP at BA – nothing at all from BA – nothing! Normally I would let it go but its the Tier points I needed for next Tier on executive club. Last resort is to send a letter UK First Class Signed for to BA CEO – this works as I got a response immediately from his office last time – But should I need to do this again ? Its a very poor experience yet again. Anyone got any new BA email addresses to try please ? And no sarcastic comments please! Thanks


    I dont know how they prioritse them as i had a case i submitted 3 weeks ago and they already replied whereas i have another case i submitted over 13 months ago and never got a response even with following up ( could someone send me the sean doyle email as i may try that). My assumption is the agents take on the easier cases with preformatted responses and leave the hardee cases to another team who are hit and miss. For tier points i was given email from contact centre amd found the tier points were then added quickly.


    I had a similar issue recently, after 5 months with no reply I then emailed my complaint to, and got a response within a few days. They gave me an £800 travel voucher as compensation. I’d suggest giving that route a try, good luck.


    Well…i’m waiting for an Avios refund since 1 June and nothing from BA. Raised 2 complaints on the website, contacted them via live chat and again once on the phone 3 weeks ago. After the first complaint, i got an email from BA saying I will be refunded in full, but on the phone i was told that was a generic email. I suggested BA should compensate me for waitint such a long time for Avios refund and I was told it can’t be done.
    It’s only 20k avios, no cash refund.


    My complaint from January still has no response – I’ve given up


    Same situation here for compensation claim, waiting since Aug. Friend I was travelling with on same flights submitted claim exact same time as me and had money in bank in less than 6 weeks. Makes no sense!


    Hi. For fear of being boring – me too.
    My wife flew the same flight with one grandson on a companion voucher and I with our other grandson on a second companion voucher. Same flight, same type of voucher. The flight was delayed 6 hours due to an aircon fault. My wife got a reply within a week and payment of just over £1000 a few days later. I am waiting 3 1/2 months later without any response apart from the initial acknowledgment email with reference number. The telephone says not us. The Chat line says not us. Twitter says nothing they can do. An email to has had no reply after 1 month. I have done a case update asking for an update 3 times. Not even an acknowledgement.
    Should I take it via CEDR? Has anyone any further advice what else I can do?
    It is over £1000, not a missing sock from an amenities kit. And they have already paid out for my wife, so no argument that it is due to me.
    Thanks guys.


    @chrishors – just checking, were you on separate bookings and did you submit separate claims?


    Yes. Separate bookings. Separate claims. Hers was dealt with quickly. Mine wasn’t.


    You seem to have tried to contact BA by every means available, I think your only option is to email or write to them saying that if you don’t hear back within 14 days you will assume that their failure to pay your compo is their final position and you will be going to CEDR. With such clear grounds you may as well use CEDR which is very straight forward. I claimed for the exact same thing in 2019, BA tried to deny there was an issue with the air con initially but caved and paid up as soon as CEDR got involved.


    Thanks. They would have difficulty trying that on with us. 1st, they did not manage to fix it and it was 35C until we took off. 2nd, they already paid out for my wife’s claim.
    I would try that if I knew how to email them. The CEO again?


    Who would I email please?


    You can’t email. You have to send a letter by snail mail to BA Legal:

    Legal Department
    British Airways Plc.
    PO Box 365
    UB7 0GB


    Thank you. I’ll do that.

    Paul B

    Is there any theme or reason as to why some complaints they respond to promptly, and others are kept waiting for months if indeed don’t receive any response?

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