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Refund to a card that has been cancelled.

  • pbcold

    Advice if possible please. What happens when an Amex refund is paid to a card that has already been cancelled? Many thanks in advance.


    You’ll eventually get a statement showing the refund (or if you leave the card attached to your account you can see it online). You’ll need to contact Amex and arrange to have the money returned to you by cheque or bank transfer. You don’t get penalised for any points or offers you benefited from by making the original spend.


    Perfect, thank you very much indeed.

    Guernsey Globetrotter

    I wouldn’t wait to receive a physical account statement and Amex accounts that are closed fall off the online statements in my experience, even if you don’t delete them. Just ask online chat to see if the refund has hit and they will also be able arrange to issue you a cheque or pay it to your account.


    As long as you don’t remove the card from the account it’s attached to, you’ll still be able to see your balance so you’ll know when the refund hits.


    I couldn’t be bothered to call or chat to Amex. After 4 months they refunded me to the account from which I had had a direct debit set up, and sent me a letter in the post saying they had done so.


    From my experience, they will only do that for sums under a certain amount (possibly £500 but I can’t remember). But at a certain figure they ask for documentary evidence and again I can’t remember whether that’s just ID or to prove that you’re the account holder for the DD account.


    I find getting the refund transferred to a current account works most effectively and without any hassle via online chat.


    NorthernLass is correct. Anything over £500 and you either need to prove your identity for a Bacs transfer or you request to be sent a cheque. Under £500 and they will simply Bacs it straight to you. As others have mentioned, chat works well for this.


    That used to be the case. However, the last refund I had, which was around £90, they wanted to see banking documents, which I find to be a right pain, so I asked for a cheque.


    Had two agents take over half an hour to process refunds earlier this year. Fortunately, my latest request was processed in just a few minutes just like the old days. Like Anna, I keep all my cancelled cards on the account, just a quick cluck on each card in the app shows if a credit balance is avaliable.


    Seems to vary how much they will refund without documentation now. I had to get a refund of just over £200 a couple of weeks ago and I had to upload banking documents for that. Annoyingly as the £200 was made up of two refunds they asked for two bank statements covering each payment I’d made to cover each purchase relating to each refund. Wasn’t just proving my identity generally with statements.

    Michael C

    I did one over the phone about 10 days ago and they asked for the new card details and refunded it to there.

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