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  • CJD 75 posts

    Myself and my fiancée are booked for a long weekend in March in advance of my 40th next year.

    I had considered booking on a guided tour of pintxo bars for the first evening to find our feet in the city, however it seems like it’s a bit over-priced.

    Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a Michelin starred restaurant in the city?

    strickers 720 posts

    I’ve only been once but I’d say it’s not the place to seek Michelin star restaurants. Just go with the flow, wander and enjoy the food and atmosphere. It’s a great place.

    Erico1875 144 posts

    Ive watched a lot of youtube videos on the pintxos tours. The Devour ones look really good

    tootsci 75 posts

    I’ve not been to San Sebastien since 2018 but I agree with @strickers there’s so many fantastic places in the Old Town you can’t really go too wrong. I went to a number of the bars/restaurants recommended on a blog called “The Boy Who Ate the World” and enjoyed them all. There blog was from 2014 and there’s 2 or 3 posts to read, but I imagine many are still around. I still remember the plate of mushrooms I ate in Ganbara…

    Lady London 2,141 posts

    Gotta say it sounds like it’s been totally over-media-ized and ruined since I was last there, from the above.

    Erico1875 144 posts

    I hate this, “oh its been spoiled since I went”
    (as a tourist ironicly)
    By simply going, you are part of the so called problem.
    A bit like the greenies who dont want a wind or solar farm over the fence in the field at the bottom of the garden

    Lady London 2,141 posts

    I used to go there and nearby regularly Enrico1875 as I was in the area in a normal way quite regularly, but I wouldn’t go now based on the above.

    jlo 13 posts

    I used to go there and nearby regularly Enrico1875 as I was in the area in a normal way quite regularly, but I wouldn’t go now based on the above.

    Genuinely curious – what was mentioned that make you not want to go, @Lady London? The existence of pintxos tours? A blog where they went in 2014?

    I would be surprised nowadays if you can’t find loads of youtube videos on anything…

    Lady London 2,141 posts

    for a start, yes 🙂

    A bit like Prague was an interesting restful place to visit if you happened to be near, but then got ruined and overrun.

    tootsci 75 posts

    Has anyone been to San Sebastian in the last couple of years? I really enjoyed my trip there and would love to go back some time so I’d be interested to hear what it’s like now, and particularly post-pandemic i.e. have many places closed down etc.

    Places get popular when they have something special to offer be it food, culture, nature etc. (people even write blogs about them, or make you tube videos…). And yes sometimes the local authorities don’t help in the way that they manage the increase in visitors and the effect they have. But I wouldn’t imagine it’s now ‘ruined’ just because it’s more popular than it was previously. Unless of course it’s now rammed full of stag dos getting lashed on txakoli and guzzling goose barnacles…..

    kelliea1 97 posts

    I went in 2022 and went on the Pintxos tour which was great. Here are some of the bars.

    PACO BUENO (C/Mayor,6) Tell Fernando or Javi that I send you there:)
    fried shrimp
    fried calamari
    cod fish omelet
    potatoes omelet
    shrimp omelet
    chorizo omelet
    CASA UROLA (from 1956) C/Fermín Calbetón, 20
    scallop with almond and garlic cream and coffee vinegar
    wild mushroom tattletale with Idiazabal cheese
    Octopus with bacon
    t-bone steak with red pepper and potatoes cream
    Artichokes with ham
    Txakolí (white wine from this area)
    NARRIKA (C/Narrika 16) Ask Rafa to make one for you:))
    setas (mushrooms)
    LA CEPA (C/31 De agosto) Ask Gabi to make the pintxos fresh for you.
    ham and goat cheese
    octopus with paprika
    ham croquette called Gavilla
    mushroom with egg
    Green peppers called guindillas
    BAR MARTINEZ (31 de Agosto,5) Ask Alfonso to make the pintxos fresh for you:)
    Smoke salmon with anchovy and onions
    Red pepper with tuna
    cheese croquettes
    Fried artichoke with ham

    GANBARA (C/San Jeronimo) This is the bar that is in Anthony Bourdain´s show
    white fried asparagus
    ham croquette
    chicken croquette
    pig in a blanket
    Crab pastry
    TXEPETXA (Arrandegi Kalea, 5)
    Anchovies with see urchin
    Anchovies with foie
    anchovies with vegetables
    anchovies with pepper
    anchovies with crab
    ham croquete
    TAMBORIL (near the Constitution plaza)
    Fried meat ball with red pepper
    ham croquettes
    fried anchovies
    BORDA BERRI (Fermin Calbeton,12)
    Kebab (pork rib)
    beef cheeks
    False risotto with “Idiazabal cheese”
    ravioli with shrimp and bacon
    Pigs ear
    Txakolí (white wine from the region)
    ATARI (Calle Mayor, 18)
    Torrija with ice cream
    creme Brule
    cheese ice-cream
    LA VIÑA (31 de agosto)
    1/2 Cheese cake
    1/2 Pedro Ximenez, Rioja Red wine and Txakolí Gaintza
    Sukaldean Aitor Santamaria

    CJD 75 posts

    Thanks for the recommendations 😀

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