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  • AnotherUser 192 posts

    Got a newborn baby, and hoping to visit Spain in June/July for around a month’s break/change of scene. We don’t drive and like towns/cities. We’d also like somewhere that won’t be blazing hot (much more than 25C in the day can feel uncomfortable). We’ll be renting an apartment, as we’ll definitely need washing machine etc! We’d like somewhere that’s quite walkable (with pram) with plenty of baby-friendly places to go for food/coffee, and some interesting places to walk around and visit (museums, architecture, waterfront/river etc).

    We’ve thought about San Sabastian or Leon, but any suggestions we haven’t thought of would be welcome! Somewhere reasonably affordable would be good, but to be honest most of Spain looks pretty reasonable compared to many UK cities (and a month’s Airbnb in Leon or San Sabastian looks doable for under £2k).

    NorthernLass 8,270 posts

    Spain is very affordable and very child friendly. Consider Galicia (especially the Pontevedra/Vigo area) for lush scenery, exquisite white beaches and offshore islands reachable by ferry. You’ll need a bit of Spanish to get by, though, as it’s quite far off the usual tourist route. Villas and apartments are much more reasonable in June than July/August. Baiona has all the things you mention and a trip over the border into northern Portugal is a nice day out.
    Google “Cies Islands” and you’ll be hooked …

    Michael C 710 posts

    Not that Northern Lass is biased or anything ;o)))) but her recommendations
    are of course spot-on.
    Also being biased, I’d also suggest Asturias next door (although to be
    fair, Vigo etc. has better weather). 7 June is a big fiesta in the parks
    of Oviedo, and 29/30 June (Day of St Peter & St Paul) are, logically enough, big in a lot of
    fishing villages (Cudillero is fabulous for this).
    Bear in mind that, over a month, the day-to-day expenses in Galicia/Asturias would
    be far lower than S Seb.!

    Tony1 8 posts

    You will need air con, most will have it, but some will not. Check before you book. Nights can be very “humid”

    AnotherUser 192 posts

    Thanks for the suggestions, and sorry to be slow replying – family stuff has been keeping me busy, and a summer trip likely won’t be an option now 🙁 We likely will be able to do a month away in October, though 🙂 Would suggestions change for that type of year (apart from air-conditioning not being needed then, ofc)?

    NorthernLass 8,270 posts

    Yes – if you want sunshine go as far south as possible! The north will be rather cool and damp in October. Andalusia is beautiful and will be relatively quiet after the summer. You’ll be spoilt for choice for reasonably priced accommodation as well, and it’s very family friendly. To cut costs further, try to avoid flying over the half term break (usually around October 20th to November 5th) as prices tend to skyrocket at that time. We had a glorious week in Mijas Costa in February, temperatures were in the low 20s, it wasn’t too busy and we hired a VW T-Roc for 154 euros for a week from Malagacar!

    AnotherUser 192 posts

    Thanks – good point! We don’t drive, but Seville might be somewhere fun and easily accessible. Not sure what Granada or Malaga would be like at that time of year

    Roberto 297 posts

    Thanks – good point! We don’t drive, but Seville might be somewhere fun and easily accessible. Not sure what Granada or Malaga would be like at that time of year

    July in Seville?
    It’s roasting..
    I live 90 mins from Seville and would never go in July. Its mid 40’s (and more)….

    NorthernLass 8,270 posts

    @Roberto – OP is now travelling in October! Probably just about bearable in Seville then lol.

    – Malaga area in October is usually nice and warm, at least mid-20s. It can rain as well then but if you’re there for a month you should get plenty of decent weather. Granada probably a bit cooler as it’s higher up.

    It’s a shame you don’t drive as we visited some stunning places this time off the usual Brit tourist route – especially the Menga dolmens and El Torcal national park which had views over to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada.
    *Though there are plenty of coach tours.

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    GillyDee 95 posts

    Public transport is pretty good, particularly rail.

    ChasP 178 posts

    Seville, will be nice
    Barcelona – lots of cheap appts in Barceloneta – queiter than the main city but close enough and with a nice beach

    Valencia lovely old town

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    Michael C 710 posts

    Another vote for Malaga, especially because you could travel
    to so many places by local bus/train. Think a coastal base would be more kid-friendly?

    if you’re adventurous, pop over to Melilla – easily the best price/quality ratio for food in Spain!

    AnotherUser 192 posts

    Thanks for all the suggestions – will shop around for apartments. Airbnb is still a good bet in these areas?

    StillintheSun 136 posts

    Cadiz. South of Seville on the coast. Beautiful, great seafood, cheap. Limited international tourism. Cold sea but great sandy beaches. One of the oldest settlements in Europe. Always sunny with a balmy sea breeze. 28C max at that time of the year. I ran away here in 2016 and have returned every year since, sometimes for months at a time.

    AnotherUser 192 posts

    Thanks – does sound tempting!

    memesweeper 1,299 posts

    “ Valencia lovely old town “


    Underrated gem

    Chabuddy Geezy 34 posts

    Any recommendations for a Valencia Hotel with a pool area suitable for keeping a 8 month old baby entertained?

    AnotherUser 192 posts

    Think we likely will spend some time in Cadiz @stillinthesun Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll rent a flat – any recommendations of areas to stay?

    StillintheSun 136 posts

    Cadiz is pretty small and so anywhere in the old town will have plenty of bars, restaurants, supermarkets, playgrounds etc and you will be 30 mins walk to the best beach, Playa Victoria. There is also a “City beach” closer to town.

    Of the old town the area around the main cathedral, Plaza San Antonio and Plaza Candelaria is the more upmarket side. The area around Bar Manteca was traditionally the working class side but as time moves on the differences are becoming less and less. Great kids playground by Taberna Casa Manteca (Google it) with tables full of parents having a drink and a natter whilst the kids have fun.

    Alternatively, stay nearer the beach and have the walk to town which in either direction is along a very pleasant paved walk with beautiful sea views and another playground!

    As you probably know the Spanish love kids and your baby will be welcomed at every bar or restaurant regardless of the time of the day or night.

    For a month Airbnb is probably your best best. There are also apartment hotels as well. It might be worth asking about the quality of window glazing before booking, city living is noisy in Spain!

    StillintheSun 136 posts

    In October the weather will likely be t-shirt beach weather the first half and then sunny but chillier. I love Cadiz in early October and indeed Seville in October as the temperature is no longer 40C. Visit Jerez de la Frontera by train. Home of sherry making and a pretty, small city.

    AnotherUser 192 posts


    AnotherUser 192 posts

    @Stillinthesun Found a nice looking place in Cadiz near Taberna Lucio on C. San Francisco. Looks close to but just outside of the old city. Should be a decent enough location?

    StillintheSun 136 posts

    A great location 😃

    AnotherUser 192 posts

    Thanks! Looking forwards to visiting:)

    AnotherUser 192 posts

    @stillinthesun I’ll resurrect this thread, if you’re still around or if others know Cadiz… I might have to move my stay in Cadiz to another flat. Would near La Caleta beach and the Gran Teatro Falla be a nice area to stay in in November?

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