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  • supermac 48 posts

    I have read that the easiest way to get Star Alliance Gold is to get Gold through Aegean through 4 flights or 70,000 Tier miles with other Star Alliance members.

    I have booked Lufthansa first class London to Sydney return how do I find out how many tier points that generates? Are tier points just miles multiplied by the booking class (not easy to find)?

    Unlike BA this scheme is dependent on the miles flown and you do not benefit from breaking up the trip?

    davefl 1,476 posts

    Read this

    And number of miles earned depends on the booking class of each flight. Use the information here to work it out when you’ve found the booking class for each leg from your ticket

    Pangolin 118 posts

    LH First codes as A or F and this generates 300% miles on Aegean (A3).

    LHR-SYD RT even nonstop would generate over 21k miles via a great circle (shortest possible distance) so add on a stop and the fact you can’t overfly RU and you’re going to be very close to qualifying even without the 4 A3 segments.

    John 1,101 posts

    Basically when crediting to A3, on all Star flights, you earn the same number of award miles and tier miles. On A3 (and maybe OA) flights you can get additional award, but not tier, miles if you have A3 status. Tier miles expire after each qualification period, award miles don’t expire, and award miles can be pooled if you have a multi-member account (only possible when you have status).

    If you are starting from nothing, and not flying A3, it’s not 70000 miles you need but at least 105000 miles – you need to get to Silver first and then you start qualifying for Gold. The excess miles from the flight that takes you over 35000, may be lost (not sure) which means you may need more than 105000.

    Here is the Lufty earn chart with A3:

    If this is a full paid booking in first class, the flights from London to Germany are probably going to be full-fat business, meaning you get 2500 miles each way. Then the flights from Germany to Asia will get you 300%.

    However what airline are you flying from Asia to SYD? In Star Alliance, the operating airline matters for earning. If it’s a non-Star airline such as CX, then you will earn nothing with A3, you would have to credit that to a oneworld programme or possibly M&M. If it’s a star airline then you would earn according to the earning chart of that airline on A3.

    Furthermore if your Asia to SYD segment is a codeshare with a Lufty code, then it depends on what that booking class maps to on the operating airline. If you are flying with say SQ, TG or NH to SYD then as you are in First class it should be OK, as I think all first booking classes will earn something – although SQ earns only 150% not 300%.

    But in business, it is quite possible that a Lufty ticket in a booking class that would have earnt 200% with A3 on a Lufty flight, may map to a non-earning booking class on SQ and therefore earn nothing in A3.

    It is also close to impossible to find out what booking class your ticket would map to on a codeshare, and even if you think you are sure because you can construct the same fare on the operating airline directly, you may be wrong. No airline will commit to definitively telling you what your booking class maps to on a codeshare.

    You won’t be getting to A3 Gold with this trip unless you’re already part way there.

    It may be easier to get to Star Gold with TK.

    John 1,101 posts

    the fact you can’t overfly RU

    I don’t think this is affecting the miles earnt, it tends to just be something close to the great circle distance.

    Also Lufty does not necessarily fly over Russia. When I’ve flown FRA-HKG in the past, they would often go down to Arabia and then over India – although I see that recently all their HKG flights are using a route that would go over Russia if they could.

    Anyway I did do LH FRA-HKG a few months ago and I got the same number of miles as I did in 2018 (which was definitely the India route).

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