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  • ThriceForgiven 64 posts


    Not sure if this is the right forum or if the Bonvoy one would be better, but essentially I have the £100 off £400 offer saved on my card which expires early next month, but won’t get a chance to stay at a hotel before then.

    I’m ~70% certain that I’ll be staying at a Marriott in Spain after the offer expires, but this is irrelevant because I’m using a corporate rate which means I cannot prepay the booking. Extra context, I’ve stayed at the property a few times already, not sure if it counts for something.

    1) Has anyone made an one-off prepayment to a Marriott property by reaching out directly? I’m wondering if this is feasible, ideally adhering to the same cancellation policy of the booking (e.g. free up to 2 days before the start of the stay). To minimise FX charges I’d look to pay the minimum amount (£405 in EUR or so to be on the safe side) which may be another conundrum – how would you approach this?
    2) How else can I trigger the cashback in a way that doesn’t leave me bleeding on FX charges?


    NorthernLass 8,260 posts

    The offer works on normal pre-paid bookings – could you use it for a future stay you know wouldn’t be cancelled?

    ThriceForgiven 64 posts

    That’s my issue. Even if I wanted to prepay, I get a decent discount through my Company’s rate but there’s no way to prepay it.

    George K 303 posts

    I think your best bet is to call and ask to be charged. I’ve done this a couple of times, and it’s never been an issue. However, I was not on a special rate like you. I can’t imagine a specific reason why they wouldn’t want to take your money ahead of schedule, but they’ll tell you, of course.

    I wouldn’t complicate things with part payments personally, unless you’re physically there on the front desk to hand out two different cards.

    Matt 352 posts

    Agree with the advice given – call to pay, and don’t try to mess around with part payments. The only way to avoid FX charges is to either forego the cashback, or book a hotel in the UK within the next month.

    ThriceForgiven 64 posts

    Ah, it makes sense. But the total outlay will be EUR 2k or so for the hotel which I definitely will not be paying with the UK Amex as the FX would negate the cashback.

    I’ll give them a call to attempt the part payment. Will let you know how that goes.

    BBbetter 773 posts

    Or split the bookings to one per room or one or two nights per room.

    ThriceForgiven 64 posts

    Reporting back – mission accomplished. Wrote to the hotel, asked them to part pay a few nights on my booking and received the credit. Doesn’t hurt to ask so give it a shot if you’re in the same boat.

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