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  • Sam90 5 posts

    I recently purchased some points using my partner’s account as I had reached my limit for the year. I did this thinking I would be able to pool them with my account (I have gold status).

    I “pooled” the points using the online contact form, but was told the points that are currently in my partner’s account will not be pooled. Only points she accumulates from now onwards will appear in my account. I find this strange as it seems different to the definition of pooling used by other loyalty programs.

    Worst case scenario I can refund the points as they were purchased less than 14 days ago, but I’d rather not do this as I don’t know when the next sale will be. Is there anyway I can get the points into my account?


    SteC 34 posts

    If you phone up to book the flights the person you speak to can use your partners points as long as they are flying as well.

    Ash 620 posts

    AFAIK They need to have enough points to cover one leg of the trip, whether that’s one seat or both I don’t know.

    BA Flyer IHG Stayer 2,169 posts

    This is how VS does it.

    Only points earned after the HHA has been set up get pooled into the the head of the HHA account.

    Ash 620 posts

    Have they reopened HHA’s? Few months ago when I checked for silver members, HHAs were suspended.

    The workaround above seems to forego needing a HHA. The CR just takes the other person’s points, if sufficient amount to cover one leg of the flight minimum. Eg you can’t utilise the odd few thousand orphaned points in their account.

    dmm27 60 posts

    A recent redemption booking we did, my wife had 70k ish points, and they took the exact 16,147 (or something) from my account and emptied hers to zero. So you can empty an account, but probably not the one with the fewest points. However you dont need all the points in 1 account.

    Based on my understanding of the maths, by definition, you will always have sufficient points in 1 account to cover at least a one-way redemption if using a 2-4-1 voucher. This only works if you are pulling points from 2 accounts. I’m guessing it may not work if you are trying to pull points from 3 accounts.

    09R 49 posts

    I submitted a request approx 6 months ago and they quoted the famous IT issue. Sent another email last night and it has been processed this morning. As reported above, they said only points earned going forward will be pooled. I’ve referred them to my original request and asked them to pool points from that date. They said they have referred to the relevant team. Will report back if positive outcome.

    Mart 39 posts

    i added my daughter to my household account and received notification of being accepted, then she did a amex transfer and the points ended up in her account? is there a delay on them ending up in the household account?

    Mart 39 posts

    To answer my own question after contacting virgin customer services
    Amex transfers don’t go to the household account just the card holders account

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