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  • Mel TS 82 posts

    Please could I just get some advice as to wether I have things straight.I’ve read the wiki guide but I’m still a little confused.

    We were due to LHR – AUS in July next year on Virgin. They’ve pulled that route now and I just spoke to them to see what they are offering.
    As it’s so far in advance these are my options I have been given.
    I can have a refund, or as it was reward flight, be routed somewhere else only that Virgin fly to, then I have to fund myself getting to Austin.
    This is confusing as I thought they should get me to their destination, or as it is so far in advance this doesnt apply.

    Virgin will not take responsibility for any other costs I have incurred for accommodation – yes I know I was stupid to book an only partially refundable place but the place books up so quickly I took a risk. Majorly regret that now.

    I have travel insurance through my nationwide account and they say I am not covered to claim the accommodation back as its the airlines responsibility.

    My next step is the credit card Section 75 associated costs route I think.

    I see a lovely round the houses set of phone calls in my future.

    dougzz99 638 posts

    Don’t see the relevance of points. Ask them to rebook you via say Atlanta at a time to suit you, as per your 261 rights. Do not concern yourself with accommodation costs unless you’ve decided you’d rather have the flight refunded.

    BA Flyer IHG Stayer 2,397 posts

    Does s75 apply to the separately booked hotel and other arrangements?

    One presumes it’s still open and running and still available for you to use?

    I tried my credit card to get a refund for hotel I couldn’t use at the beginning of the pandemic. Despite not being allowed into the US and the flights being cancelled since the hotel as still open at the time it wasn’t covered by either s75 or chargeback.

    dougzz99 638 posts

    Yes, a fuller reply to quick one earlier.

    Don’t confuse things here, you booked accommodation that is not fully flexible, that’s entirely on you. You may get joy with insurance, but not with S75. If the hotel is open and functioning it’s not their concern you can’t be there.

    The real crux of this is that 261 means Virgin must rebook you. The easy option is Virgin to another destination, and they book you a US domestic connection from there to Austin. I suggested Atlanta as it’s Delta’s homebase and will likely have the most options. You can tell Virgin you still want to fly direct and you’d like to be rebooked on the BA direct flight. I’d guess that’ll be much more of a battle.

    Don’t accept any refund, that will negate your rights.

    Leave it a week or two so the route cancellation is in Virgin’s systems and they’ve made agents aware of rebooking options. I know it’s against the nature of many of us, but jumping on these things 5 minutes after they happen, when the flight is months away, is not the way to go.

    Mel TS 82 posts

    Thank you , this is what I’m doing and the second lovely lady has sorted it out, phew. Was tempted make the holiday a bit longer 🙂

    Silver linings only a HFPer would appreciate – new airport, new lounges and a new plane layout (hopefully) – we can be nosey at the ‘retreat’ suite now!

    Had a scare with the insurance though as I assumed that it would cover so I will look at that.

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